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Total waste of time.

26? Wow, shes a cuty, Id have guessed 18

Pretty Girl,.... but kinda a boring first outing, .... where are the shots of her legs and bottom open to show off what's hidden beneath a girls panties, ... maybe its just that she's new and she needs abit of coaxing.

A truly delightful experience for me. Immediate add to my favorites.

I love all the girls.. wanna lick on them ;)

Another R rated set and in a sand box to boot. If you are not going to show the pink bits then why bother. Beach sets are bad enough but fake beach sets are worse! The looks like early 60's playboy shoot.

Total fail for me.

Why is it that a woman's got to "...show the pink bits..." in each and every set, especially her first one? Can't she be just getting acquainted with the process of modeling nude in front of the camera for her first set? I'd much rather see an initial set like this and have the model/photographer progress along to something more revealing in later sets then to see a debut set where she throws her legs up behind her head just to " show the pink bits" right off the bat.

So I take it you're not buying into the idea that she's a "pretty famous nude model"...? Or did you miss that assertion by 'Cheburator' down below on this page...? Because if she IS a "famous nude model", we should have at least gotten a glimpse of that "famous" pink...first set here or NOT. One thing's for sure....she IS "gorgeous" and I want to see more of her!!

Pardon my recent brusque response to you. When I posted my original reply to hipshot131's osting, Cheburator's comment hadn't appeared on the system (or possibly I hadn't scrolled down far enough.) Apologies.

Maybe it's my monitor, but why, in your reply to my response to hipshot131's original statement, are you quoting me as saying "pretty famous nude model"? Nowhere in my original response did I say "pretty famous nude model."

If you're going to quote someone, please, make sure the person actually said the phrase you're quoting before you go jumping up and down with your response.


She'll never do it. I refused to work with her because of that. You have to feel the "scent of the woman" in the set. Otherwise this is boring. Not my style :)

I 100% agree, If she is to good to show it then she should go elsewhere no matter how good she looks!

I find this attitude utterly pathetic.

Thank you, That is why you are one of my favorite Met photographers! she would not have too do the splits but you must at least see that she has one! New or not, this is an erotic nude site and we have the right to expect the whole woman. Any model that comes to Metart knows that this is a nude site and she will be shot totally nude.

That's a shame....I would like to have seen more sets of her by you... Do you know if we'll see her again here??

I'm sure Ivan did more sets, this is plain economics. No one shoots only one set with great model, if not amature of course.
BTW, she is beatiful woman and will meet her fans here - thanks to Met-Art broad auditory. But not in my site unfortunately.

Appreciate greatly on Arkisi's skills, great artistic work for us, and also great insightful comments from inside.
Because of appreciation, I am life time member of Arkisi site Eternal Desire (ED) as well as metart; just to let you know the appreciation

You do not need her. You have so many stunning Ukrainian women that are happy to show all for us. If a model thinks she is to good to show everything then IMHO she does not belong here. Some of your new models have been breathtaking.

That's good news to me (in part)...thank you.

Also thanks for reminding me that Ivan shot this....lol
When I saw your comment, I thought you were the "artist" because I did not notice up until then who the photographer was...;o)
Now I'm sad knowing that I may NEVER see those "pink bits" of this "famous nude model"...lol

Beautiful, she's just absolutely beautiful, all 5'9"! What a face, what a sweet butt...did I just die and go to heaven?

I literally said "Wow" out loud when i saw the color of this girl's bush.... Her hair is beautiful. Her eyes are beautiful. Her body is phenomenal. She is phenomenal....

Gorgeous model...try again.
A sandbox is NOT the place to photograph her imo!

Sand is my pet hate but with this beautiful young lady I can look past the sand. A fabulous debut.

Glad you think so...

Camilla is an excellent addition to the site. Great body and absolutely perfect face. You might have a problem with this set if you're only interested in certain female body parts, but for fans of beautiful women this is very good stuff.

Nikia, Valeria and Camilla - that's a real good day.

Wanting more revealing pictures, wanting to see some close-ups does NOT constitute being "only interested in certain female body parts"! I agree Camilla is "very good stuff", but anxiously await a more intimate photo shoot.

You misread my comment. I didn't say "If you have a problem with this set, you're only interested in certain female body parts".

Reading comprehension: it's fundamental!

My reading comprehension is fundamentally sound bibblefuss. You are nitpicking; it's true you said "might" have a problem, but my reply remains the same. Semantics is not really what we are here for anyway, so it's all secondary to our appreciation of beautiful women.

Anna thanks you from the bottom of her foot up your ass!!

Who's Anna?

Anna AK, the woman in today's forth set.

Yeah, I know, I was just tweaking the troll.

LOL You're "tweeking your troll" alright!! Put it away and pay attention to what's going on here!!

All the girls, that I met, named Camilla, had auburn hair and green eyes.
You add to this a perfect body and soft , sweet face and smiling.
Your naked body is beautiful and festive.
Welcome, new treasure in the safe of MetArt.

Ivan, I think, you could avoid soiling yourself with sand.
For his debut have chosen a setting anonymous and attitudes seen a million times.
Really poor, very poor.
The sparkling Camilla deserved more much more.

Pardon my English.
I wanted to say that Ivan could save Camilla to get dirty with sand

Beautiful woman.

I don't want to get in trouble...but this girl is a pretty famous nude model.

How could telling us that, get you in "trouble"??? Is this a secret??

Also....she looks pretty shy and reserved in this set if she actually IS "a pretty famous nude model"... You don't get "famous" by being this conservative.


In her country.

Yes..I'm not sure to but I believe each of the female models here represents their country..and posse naked...lol

I'm there!

Hi, Camilla, welcome to the Met-Art family. You said you were a little shy, and for us it showed. You have a beautifully formed nude body and Ivan shot it very well. As a NUDE set it was great. Some will bitch about the sandbox aspect but if you were comfortable playing in it fine. If you can get online and join us here in comments and tell us how you felt about your first nude shoot and how it differed from your regular work. The main bitch will be those here that "demand" explicit shots of your lower lips,etc. As gorgeous as you are IMO it just leaves more for you to reveal when you come back, which I hope is soon. Good start....

Camilla, if I had known about you, I wouldn't have presented you to anyone. I'd have kept you to myself. You are wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous, adorable, cute, perfection, yummy, lovely and other adjectives you'll be hearing a lot from MetArt members from now on. Welcome.

Camilla. listen to Sailor he is a great judge of beauty and while he didn't say it I am sure he gave you a ten. And most here respect his judgement, so good luck...

So glad you said "most"...

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