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2 beautiful women, a beautiful day and fantastic setting. What bothers me is that they seem more into the camera, than each other.

Beautiful set. Sugar and spice...Mia is a living doll!

I usually don't care for the two girl sets, rarely look at them. But these two together is quite a different thing. Naked from first frame to last, two of the most beautiful girls on MA, what's to complain about. Gorgeous!

Can't believe some of the negative comments. The onlt better than 1 lovely lady is 2 etc! Oh to be in the middle or even just watching!

Wonderful set!

I'm not a fan of two-girl sets, but as one commented- they are beautiful naked women, what's to complain about? True enough, but duo sets are just not my cup of tea.

You guys are gushing about the nipple-licking shots. Really? It doesn't look like any real licking or enjoyment was taking place, it looks more like "now get a little closer, stick your tongue out... now look at the camera.. that's it (click). Geez how contrived, luscious tits to be sure, I'd give them a much better licking, and the fun would come through in pictures. I just don't see anything genuine in that series, sorry to say.

I guess when you comment on every single set you will end up being out of the popular opinion once in a while or more

It happens. C'est la vie.

Mia looked wonderful nibbling on Candace's nipple. If she had moved on to her clitoris, it would have been phenomenal.

Hot damn! 2 of my favorite girls together, fully nude with no stockings. The only thing that could make this set better is if their fully nude bodies were covered in oil.

Both Candace and Mia are fabulous beauties. I don't see that Candace being so petite hurts the set at all. I specially like the shots where Mia has Candace down and is giving her a good snogging. I'd love to do that myself. Also Candace is working other parts of the Met universe as Felicity, so check her out.

I Love Mia and Candice together!
Both have radiant smiles, amazing features and gorgeous curves.
Turn them loose on SexArt, Please!

Two of the most beautiful women on Met together in one set, it's more than moral man can take)). Awesome set.

I came within a whisker of downloading this set, because I love both girls, especially Candice. I didn't in the end because of an interesting discovery I made: When I like one girl's pose, the second often detracts from the effect by distracting me. The view might not be good enough or the poses might be awkward. Whatever the cause, the distraction was terminal.

I usually don't like duo sets, same way I don't like double lap dances. You have too much going on visually without being able to properly concentrate. And I was agreeing with yours and similar comments, but then I saw several shots of Mia licking and sucking Candice's breasts and now I think you're all crazy for not downloading this set. It's one of my fantasies come true: to kiss Candice's magnificent breasts.

The feeling is mutual. I really hate these duo sets. This one is especially bad because the two don't complement each other at all. I love Mia and always have but here she is just to tall to work good with Candice and for me Mia makes Candice look course and Candice makes Mia look to tall and slightly out of place. Add to this that there is absolutely no chemistry between them at all. It's more like a contest to see who can steal the shot.

Can i just remind both of you that you're getting to see two gorgeous women au naturel? Surely that's cause for celebration, regardless of anything else!

Agreed, Purplehaze!

I look at it differently. I thought every single shot worked because while 1 girl was posing 'boringly' the other was filling the void. Most single girl sets usually have 30-40% shots that are quickly ignored and passed over. This one kept my attention for all but a few shots.

I would totally disagree with these comments. Both girls are serving a purpose. When one girl is in a provocative pose, the other seems to be assisting her. There is nothing more arousing than two beautiful woman in this style or setting. The chemistry is obviously there in those smiles.

I agree, Ingoodtaste, I thought both of them looked like they were having fun.
To me, the emotion a model portrays makes or breaks the set.
In this case, both of them were clearly having fun (or are very good actors). Therefore, I had fun looking at them. ( :

I too pondered about downloading the set. Each lady is so attractive that she deserves my complete attention. I ended up downloading because at the end of the day each picture highlights either Mia or Candice.

What a beautiful day. Two of my favourite girls in one set together.
It`s amazing, wonderful - just perfect.

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