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These two ladies are sensational request more.

These two girls are great together ,there is a real bond .10.

In these kinds of shoots, the models should NOT be looking at the camera; it ruins the whole effect and defeats the whole purpose of having two of them pose together. They should be looking at EACH OTHER.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Nobody is listening.

The stuff that dreams are made of......

I have never been a fan of multiple girls shoots. Especially when it is so obviously a staged, uninspired set. These two wonderful girls deserved far better than this sorry shoot!

One of the worst series I've seen on Met-art! Just ask two models to take poses in front of a camera completely fixed! No imagination! Is it that a real photographer?

Candice is definitely one of the hottest women around here, completely awesome in each and every respect, but she should learn more than two (or more one and a half) facial expressions - maybe one that's not so artificial and uninterested. The set here with Mia is also too stagey, and it shows two girls who give the expression, that they happen to meet here accidentally and really don't know what to do with (and to) each other. Missed opportunity (and I am no big fan of g/g-sets).

Yes, pretty girls, but too obviously staged and posed with no sexual interest between the two.

I do realize you put your more explicit content on you other Met websites like Errotica, and you want to keep Met-Art for non explicit nude photography. But some of your other girl-girl pictorials on Met-Art with models like Liza B they can look much more real, sexually explicit and passionate.

Example of a sexy Met-Arr girl-girl:

However, many of you same models are doing explicit hard core on other websites, I think you should have your own well photographed Met style site with explicit girl-girl hard core. That would be a huge hit!!!

While your site Erotic Beauty looks to be a dumping ground for models and pictorials not good enough to be on Met-Art and Errotica. I wouldn't miss Erotic Beauty if it went away.

"I think you should have your own well photographed Met style site with explicit girl-girl hard core. That would be a huge hit!!!"
~ That's SexArt.com.

I can't remember the name of the set,but this is the second time these two are together and I have to agree, It's Not Good! Or at least it's not as good as it could be. The good sets are on SexArt now.You go back in the archives to say "Krilus " starring Sharon E and Ira A or "Domina "starring Ira A Ulya A and Shaton E both by Voronin, These were some hot sets,like when Sharon rips Ira's clothes off and starts doing thing to Ira's body. and of course when Anna goes downtown on her sister Tanya in "Pure Fun " another movie by Voronin. And never forget Flora's sets of Nastya K and Susanna C on SexArt.I mean Susanna barely (pun intended)comes up for air.I am aware that these sets are sent to SexArt,or Viv Thomas productions (MetArt bought out Viv when he retired last year.) And don't forget Danae and her special friend Antea doing Öil "on EA they forgot there was a camera and just went for it. Erro, being a gentleman turned the camera off after Danae had both legs and both arms wrapped around Antea, who was busy.(you never say love in Russia unless you like labor camps above the artic circle according to two models I know who left Moscow in a really big hurry and now live in Praha.They had been lovers since highschool.)You don't have to be madly passionate or anything to display at least a little friendship.And looking at the photographer is a no-no I had to give this a 8,the models are beautiful the photography good the set lousy.

P.S. Candace has good update on EA where she is known as Felicity.

Absolutely gorgeous. Mia and Candice are simple two of the best Met girls. Give us more of them. A video of their together and more reunion of two more astonish girls from MetArt.

What is the point of 2 girls posing together like this? Yes they are beautiful women but I don't get it. Girl girl photo shoots should have a little action at least.

Candice and Mia - two Met favorites that do certainly hold their own individually. One might think that together it would be twice as hot. Sadly, not the case, IMO. With no apparent attraction, we are left with only a set of two beautiful ladies posing together on Leonardo's familiar patio setting. Technically good photography and excellent subjects, but not very exciting.

I think all "duets" should go on a separate site for those who are into that sort of thing... I don't see them as appropriate for the content here...

Appropriate, I suppose, being that it is erotic photography. But Provocative (or effective in the way G-G sets are intended) - definitely not.

I'm not sure everything that falls under "erotic photography" would be a good fit here. G/G if shot and 'acted' correctly, fit better with 'solo/dildo' and it's ALL considered "erotic photography"... Is that going to show up here...? Getting AWAY from that is what brought me here! Even if shot "hot and steamy", which DO get high ratings here (i.e. Katya's work), G/G sets aren't what I expect to see here... But!...I'm totally amused when they're this lame!! ;o)

I posted this before seeing all the other remarks.... Will any of it be "heard"? I'm actually surprised to hear that these sets get low ratings... If that's a fact...lol

They usually get lower ratings from me, with the exception of a few from Catherine that did actually push the envelope. As for the membership's ratings, I'll have to do some research on that. For now, I'll take trickydick's word for it.

Does anyone listen? Do you see the numbers of the two girl sets, they could give a shit about each other. Smile and stupidly look into the camera!! Give it up. Get rid of the two girl sets and the videos.

Amen tricky!!!

These 2 ladies are really beautiful and they can really excite everyone who looks at the photos. But, this set is some what a disappointment to me. To have 2 really beautiful ladies together, there seems to be no chemistry between the 2 of them. There mainly looking to the camera than each other. It's about time that sweet Mia and Candice both decide to get a little bit naughtier than they have in there photo sets here. Lets see them get really hot and naughty on sex-art.

Amen, Cane!!!

LOL ;o)

Two amazing women impeccably photographed. But while a photo like #107 can get you thinking about joining the fun, "MA-style" g/g sets are mostly a waste of time and effort. Really pretty but not really hot.

Very nice to get a double dose of these two beauties in one set.

I love this set! When they look in our direction, it is like they are inviting us to come into the pic with them. I would love to see Candice B & Mia D in a bedroom scene. Not just in my mind, in reality! I meant at Met Art, not literally. "OK!" Literally.

Two very beautiful women. Neither of them seems the least interested in the other. What is the point of getting them together?

I appreciate Mia and Candice very much.

Ordinarily girl / girl sets aren't my favorite, but this many pictures of two ladies that I appreciate very much is a treat.

Kudos to all involved.

It is silly! They have a beautiful partner to play with - but they look constantly to the photographer!

A truly gorgeous photoset, with an impeccably beautiful pair of models. I sincerely hope that Nedenle and Nalista are not the only time will will see these two together.

P.S. Candice, your modelling outside of MetArt is super awesome! I love your work!

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