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That was erotic and fantastic

She's just so very fine and hot. Her lesbian scenes are so hot. Hope she works herself into doing a few dudes.

The rules here seem so antiquated. A model can't touch herself, but she can have another model suck her nipples. Not allowed to have tats, but some sets/models have tats in them. I just want some kind of consistency with the rules.

Perfect. Just perfect. The best pair of chicks to arouse a man`s desire.

This set is absolutely breathtaking. The 2 ladies expressed a lot more desire between them this time than the previous set they did together. A lot of teasing between them was so hot and can only make one fantasize more of what could be.

Please have these 2 ladies get a little more naughtier on sex-art.. A set there would be a dream come true..

Seeing these two beautiful women together made me feel like my heart was going to explode. As previously stated "Lucky Leo"!
Nice set...Mia is the icing and Candice is the cake, yummy. I love icing!
#129, my favorite.

Can you ever have too much of a good thing? Today, here, yes you can. Mia and Candice are beautiful women and favorites of mine!

In this gallery, having so many good images deprives us of some great images. Just one example, we don't see any standing ~ viewed from behind ~ full length images of Candice's superb butt cheeks.

The gallery still is quite nice, and I appreciate that Leonardo did not allow anyone to digitally remove Mia's downy hair.

Thanks to Mia, Candice, and Leonardo for this pleasant visit; and to K for scheduling a gallery containing some of the decreasing number of un-published images of Mia.

Icing on Candice B sounds great.abd MiaD sounds good too. I do wish Leonardo would stick to these shots outdoors,he can't handle sunlight. Chicilate cake sounds good. I never thought of sunbathing after dark, but I never had Candace or Mis to help out. 10++++ to everybody

Damn, can't spell again.

The nice thing about sunbathing after dark is that you can use chocolate cake as sunscreen, which your bestie will promptly lick off your body.
Summertime... life is good. After dark. ( :

I love these two together, very hot. Personally I would have liked to have seen a few more shots with both girls spreading their legs at the same time, but I do understand that there is a more limited scope for such poses when the models are interacting, still a very nice set overall.

two of the most beautiful women in a perfect set -
fantastic - incredible - glorious

Lucky Leo!

The seller

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