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There are models who don't seem to trust us to see everything... Jenya?... and then there is Candice... who clearly relishes sharing herself with the camera. Just WOW.

Fantastic photos and a fantastic girl. Thank you, Candice.

Candice. I'm gonna be blunt, babe. You're hot as fuck. I just want to get you naked, suck on your sexy toes, eat your pretty pussy and suck in your clit, make you cum. Then stick two fingers in you and finger-fuck your Graphens G-spot, giving you a squirting orgasm, then bend you over, fuck your brains out and cum all over your pretty feet. Mmm, mmm. Good!!

By the way : does anyone of you know where Candice is from ?

Leonardo ? Maybe ?

Thanks in advance !

After my comment a few minutes ago : Candice, I'd like to put a VERY SOFT KISS on your pussy lips, too....So soft that it would make you shiver...

When Erotic writes : "This is the style Leonardo excels at and he couldn't go wrong with the gorgeous Candice as subject material. A definite 10 for both model and photo style.",I FULLY agree with him !

So: 1) CANDICE, if you can read me, just let me say you are a gorgeous girl,with a tender look,moreover, and ,apart from anything else, I would be very glad to have you for a 2 weeks' vacation here in Southern France on the blue shores of the Mediterranean, taking you in my arms and hugging you as often as I could.....That would ALREADY be a lot ! Best of luck for you,anyway, Candice ,with a soft kiss if you let me do so...

2) LEONARDO: just drop all criticisms ! I have already seen quite a lot of pictures made by you, and YOU ARE A CHAMPION !
Thanks for all ....

You have to separate the artist and his work. Candice does not seem comfortable working fully nude with anyone but Leonardo. Many models are like that,touchy about who they trust.

Ah, Candice. The only thing rarer than the Loch Ness monster is the sight of your smiling teeth. I've been patient. I've been vigilant. I've suppressed the urge to email MetArt to ask you to release your full smile from its' lipsticked chastity belt (as I posted to Adam's blog once upon a time). Now you give us a brief glimpse in image 25. You have teeth!! 😁 I can finally exorcise my aberrant fantasies of a Candice with no teeth. Thank you, thank you.

Candice is a beautiful woman! Great body! Beautiful photography! Just wish that the only photo that you could've seen how wet and excited she might be is blurry, because the depth of field is so short and centered on her face. come on guys give us some of both. Face, Full body and in-focus close-ups! I'd love to see her come back, have her lie on the bed, keep the camera rolling and let her get opened up and wet...I'm sure she'd know what we like to see! Blondes on white sheets...now that's an amazing color combination!

you are so damm gorgeous, so I just dont understand, why you aint here. I would like to rest in Peace inside you :-P.... please, make some pic. playing with a dildo or fruit.

I agree with s999784....Dominika has it all over this model. Dominika is a goddess, perfection...

Dominika, no tits, no smile...just big labia.

Another great set from this gorgeous girl. Candice is stunning. So many shots of her totally naked with her legs spread wide apart. She seems totally at ease showing off her gorgeous pussy.

This photo set should have come with a warning to buckle your seat belts. It damn near knocked me out of my wheelchair. What a woman. Candice can sit on my face any day of the week! Love her! Great job Leonardo.

Very nice set....especialy pic 51 and 52 with her beautiful clit peeking out from under it's hood.....YUMMY!!

Candace is very beautiful and I could look at her all day. This is good, because Leonardo is a very good photographer, but he can't edit. My Art profs (I have a 4-yr degree) would give him an F. Someone like Luca Helios would do this in 4 pages and get the same effect

Gorgeous blonde with a perfect body!!! Mmmmmm!!! One small criticism--I dont like the way her make up artist extended the lipstick over her upper lip--no need to fake perfection!!!

I agree,I prefer ERRO's make-up girl Suzie. She also does model care,so girls who are touchy about working nude will work for ERRO

Urbitorix says it all, and says it perfectly.

Thank you Met, Leo and Candice (you are beautiful)


What a killer body, love the way she poses, her perfect pussy and flawless anus are both mouthwatering and extremely arousing

I would take polaroids of Dominika over this. Pretty yes, not the best by far

What I love most about this gallery is the eye contact. in the majority of photos Candice looks directly at the camera. It may seem like a small thing but having a gorgeous woman like Candice looking right at you in each photo is a wonderful thing to me. I believe eye contact is important in erotic photography.

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  • 3 years ago:

Candice B is without a doubt the most beautiful model in your line up / list of models. If possible could you start photographing her more often?

This is the style Leonardo excels at and he couldn't go wrong with the gorgeous Candice as subject material. A definite 10 for both model and photo style.

Candice B is a fine looking woman, but the photographer applies about as much imagination and creativity as my old dad on his point-and-shoot holiday snaps. Leo's balcony has become tiresome.

The scene and set was vaguely familiar. Check Mia D.
For me it does not discount the Beauty of Candice, She is a treasure with many treasures.

Take off your hats, guys -- this is a work of GENIUS! Anyone appreciating first-class workmanship and fine art will LOVE this beautiful set!
Pic quality amounts to "12"....and this may pretty well be the best MetArt set ever published!
Use your opportunity to download the high-resolution zip-file of this set (630.4 MB)!

Says you! This is far from her "best" and above average for him. "Not bad" for an outdoor shoot... And "best MetArt set ever published" is, to me, laughable! You MUST be new.

The best set featuring Candice is without "Pearl". In my opinion Leonardo is an average photographer at best.He also changed his name any Met-Art vet will know that he used to use the name Vornin he changed his name a few years ago now in 2009 or 2010.

Of course his style did not improve any.Leonardo has the benefit of working with several very attractive and very expressive what shows through in his sets is the models beauty through his average style.

The Candice set "Pearl" was created by Albert Varin -- all Candice sets by Leonardo has higher quality!
Voronin started to use the artist name "Leonardo" in the autumn, 2009.

Wow I screwed that up what I get for typing late a night when I am tired anyway my point was clear.

Leonardo brings us another fantastic gallery featuring the gorgeously cute Candice,.

Candice delights with natural charm and some nicely relaxed and completely uninhibited shots exhibiting her gorgeous cunt, with some particularly nice close ups.

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