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Set of the year so far. Candice seems to be getting hotter by the day! Definitely in my Top 3 of Met Art girls. I'll be enjoying this pictures for months!

This is a nice set, and Candice IS getting more beautiful with maturity, but she'd be a LOT more appealing without those implants.. I came here to get away from that stuff, but I guess you never can...:o(

  • 2 years ago:


I can tell you that Candice's breasts are natural. She is a rare find that has exceptionally beautiful breasts. You can actually look at the cover of the set "Axia" and see the natural way her breasts fall to the side. Implants simply would not do this. In this set today it does appear they could be fake because of the swim suit straps pushing them together. I hope this helps :)

I am certainly glad to know for sure. Now back to the photos!

i hate fake boobs and girls that modify the shape of their boobs that mother Nature gave them. i have to believe you that Candice's boobs are natural,also The NUDE EU stated that her boobs are real. internet tells us that real boobs are pear-shaped where as fake ones are spherical. i think this caused the confusion. Candice is a lovely girl and her nude is gorgeous. please give her my regards

I won't argue the point (hard as it is to resist) because I obviously don't "know", but I can only go where the visual clues take me... And I would never be convinced by one photo...or even several, which can be deceiving and easily retouched to obliterate evidence of scarring. Your assurance neither helps nor hurts... Nor does it change my admiration for this beauty.. There's a lot more to Candice than her breasts, natural or otherwise... ;o) But thanks for the feedback...I'll consider it carefully...

@rockhard: stop this shit! her boobs are obviously real. not every girl has big boobs. but since a few million yrs some girls have. fake tits came later. real big boobs are rare but aren't always fake!! better shut up, damnit!!!!

Nice set of photos, but I found leaving the pulled-aside bra to be distracting and redundant. Candice certainly has no need for supplemental support.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

9.5..a nip/tuck on her beak away from 10.

Wow, Hammer You must be Gods gift to women. To say Candice needs a nose job.
I keep forgetting, some people always find something to complain about.

Candace is stunning,Candace is gorgeous,Candace is amazing,and Candace is not the girl in this set.it´s another boooring old glory as any other day.Big yawn.And i don´t like her face ,as i pointed out many times before.

The seller

You're absolutely correct! This is NOT "Candace"...it's "Candice"!... Sober up!! or change your moniker to "the cellar"...

I wouldn't kick her out of bed for farting!

Candice is one of those rare girls who has it all...absolutely gorgeous face, perfect large natural boobs, smoking hot ass, and a beautiful pussy!!! 10+ set!!!

"Natural boobs"!? You should take a closer look..

True.Unfortunately, these are artificial :/ but look at this case amazing ;)

Rockhard, in what photo do u see evidence of surgical scars?

Actually I don't see any scars here, but scars are not the only evidence of implants..."Natural" breasts are seldom (if ever) "perfectly spherical" as Candice's look in this set. There are many cosmetic preparations these days to fade and hide the worst of scars. Not to mention retouching when they do show...
I'll admit I am mistaken if it puts an end to this distraction...;o) (However...I have all of Candice's work and will be diligent in my search for the truth...for my own peace of mind...)

Candace gets more beautiful with every set. This proves my contention that the more a woman knows about herself, the better model she is, because beauty takes place in the brain and personality.

Candice is smoking hot in this session! The way she is towering over the lucky Leonardo in some of the poses is very erotic! How Leonardo can maintain a cool and professional demeanor and stay focused, pun intended, to keep from totally loosing it, is beyond me!

Thanks to both of you for making this set a very memorable set.

Candice is flat out gorgeous in all aspects. I really like her puffy outer labia when viewed from behind, and the three wedgies on page 3. Kudos to both Candice and Leonardo.

Candice never disappoints, never fails to turn me on. She is delicious all over—never more so than in the up-angle shots on Page 3, where that wondrous body takes my breath away. Fantastic. Great work, Leonardo.

Reminds me of the great work he did with Inga C, nice job Leonardo

Candice is stunning! As always. Too much will never be enough when it comes to Candice.
Thank you to all involved

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