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Got to buy myself a boat.
Not sure it's a good idea wearing such an expensive looking ankle bracelet like that near water.

Candace is a perfect 10, and Mr Helios has done a perfect job. I specially like her pretty feet, and her butt is within a hair of being as good as Altea's (who is on EA as Antea)

Ooops I meant Leonardo. It's way too late at night and I'm too old.

MetArt's Undisputed Best Breasts belongs to Candice.

Candace...if there is any such thing as perfect breasts....you've got them....exquisite woman...

Best tits on the entire website!

Stunning Blonde! I'd love to go motorboatin' with her!

Justa (; 'n everytime I look at this set!

This girl always delivers, a true gem. Perfection!

A new highlight in erotic photography!
Unbelieveable set!

Candice is as stunning as always. Beautiful looking and a perfect body, who can ask for more.

It never fails. This beautiful woman appears on MetArt, and my trousers instantly shrink. Candice is incredibly sexy, invariably perfect. Thanks again, sweetheart—and thank you Leonardo.


Candice is beautiful, classy and perfect. As always. This is a really gorgeous set, though I would have liked to see a few more long shots, better incorporating the surrounding environment. I did really love Candice's anklet but, sooooo pretty :) Thanks Candice and Leonardo.

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