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No clothes, high heels, long blonde hair; instant 10!

Candice is absolutely perfect. She is undoubtedly one of the very finest models on this site. Gorgeous all over. Breasts to die for.

Supreme portrait of womanhood is Candice B. Would that we all could be attached to one so lovely as she.

There are beautiful girl and there are sexy girls. Then there is Candice. She's in a class all her own - giving her a 10 just doesn't seem enough.

I have to second everything said about her super sexy body..BUT...I must point out the fact that photo's quality i.e. resolution is too low. And in fact this is a dilemma with all photo shoots of this particular supermodel. It's real pity to see that over the years her photographer doesn't seem to wanna consider improving the resolution. May be he/she thinks we don't notice or care, well here is my respectful news flash: "YES WE DO CARE A LOT" Low resolution photos actually takes away from the erotic value/effects of the photos!!

I might add that in shot 39, the focus is on the hairs at the top of her "landing strip". WTF? And leave everything else (all the tasty bits) out of focus? Seems like an odd choice to make, doesn't it?

Candice is the goddess of abundance soft as cream.
Nice escape of the balustrade of the scene.
The Hitler's mustache on the pubis of Candice is unpleasant.

a lil nip tuck on that beek and she's a 10!

This seems like a testeless and rude comment to make. How does your assessment of her nose have any bearing on the quality of this set? By the way, it's spelled beak.

Candice stands on her own just as she is. Any man would be blessed to spend time with this woman.

Ha ha, now MY spelling is off. I meant *tasteless

Perhaps you were subconsciously aiming for, "testes-less," Red?
( ;

Or maybe you meant "without teste"?

It's ok Red... Candice makes it hard to type, especially one handed... :)

Shame, shame. :D

LOL, you got that right! :)

Candice you are so beautiful and you have such an awesome body. I like the small patch of hair down there.

It is a very good Monday here. Some great sets and now we come to Candice, a fine lady in her own right, but exceptionally brought to us today by Leonardo. I started off slightly skeptical on this one, since it was an outdoor setting. But if anyone can do an outdoor set properly it is Leonardo, and it soon became a non-issue when confronted with the amazing nude figure of one of MA's finest, Candice. I just love that #8 with her standing with hands on her hips and grinning confidently. All woman! Then it was OMG, Leo even gave us a couple of nice closeups! Overall, a great set in many aspects: Model, technical, and setting. It's hard to go wrong with Candice (pun intended) and Leonardo puts the icing on the cake. Another excellent set.

Ratings: 10 is Perfect… While Candice is drop dead gorgeous, no doubt, and the photography for the most part gives plenty to applaud, it isn't perfect. My guess is that the ratings are fair and due more to the photography than to the model. I gave the session and over-all 9 and that was generously applied.

Candice is a 10 in my book as well. My question is, "Why are the pics so

Candace is a total beauty, with pretty butt and legs, athletic, perfect skin, pretty face very petite. Leonardo has done a perfect photoset, so this is a 10/10. You discerning viewers are aware that she is on EA as Felicity, of course.

Instant download! I love Candice's downy hair when she is in sunlight. If you are a fan of puffy outer labia, and who isn't, #105 is for us. Thanks Leonardo for providing a pillow for Candice to pose on. Its too bad that Leonardo doesn't respond to comments, I would like to know about the location.

I'm not a big breast man at all....but Candice has one hell of a body!

It's pretty clear Candice's body was put on this earth to drive men crazy. Her breasts are amazing, but so is every other feature on her beautiful body. Her butt, legs, stomach, and pussy with the perfect amount of hair down there are all just as mouthwatering. If that is not the perfect body to have sex with then i dont know what is....

I'm more of a leg man, but her breasts are undeniably awesome! She does have great legs and the opening shots really show them off and make her look taller than 5'2.

It is truly phenomenal, Browning!

Now THIS is the way to start Monday right... a beautiful set of a gorgeous woman clothed in nothig but high heels and a smile.
I was a little sad when those sexy heels came off, but I gotta admit they can't possibly be comfortable to wear...

It is a good Monday here!

Don't be sad, fer_realz, we got a chance to see those beautiful feet. (Every bit as sexy.)

Oh trust me, Sailor, my sorrow and distress were only transitory. I am nothing if not resilient. ( :

To address the rating problem raised by swplf, I think the Little Sisters of the Blind voted early. As the grownup men with 20-20 vision and raging hormones begin to cast their ballots, Candice's rating will skyrocket. As well it should. The woman's body is as close to perfect as you'll find anywhere on MetArt. It's glorious. I'm more than a foot taller than she is, and she has me wrapped around her little finger. She is head-to-toe delicious. 10 forever.

Candice got a "10" from me today too, Sailor.

BTW, your comparison of the "little sisters of the blind" and the grownup men with raging hormones reminds me of an "editorial" the Onion (America's Finest News Source, just ask 'em) ran back around the 2000 election... it was "written" by an uneddicated country hick who was glorying in the fact that, "My vote cancels out you-all's."
Laughing tears here... ( :

More than one person on that staff has achieved immortality.

Oh my, yes. Indeed.

20-20 vision here ... and a 10 from me to Candice

I like that:) "Little Sisters of the Blind".
The rating system is confusing...I hope there aren't many people voting "down" certain models just to move their favorite's up in ranking.

10 out of 10 for me, but I'm a little bit bias when it comes to Candice. She is number one in my books.

I don't want to start a rating debate today and distract for the greatr comments Candice will get for this set. But I am again confused. Right now there are 8 ladies that rate at 9.21. Candice is #13 the 9.21 rating goes up to the model rated #7. How do they rank different if their rating is the same? Somebody is dumping on this set, and I don't see why, because right now it is less than a 8.00. No way, much better than that. Oh well...Since I am first to comment lets see what pop up.

I have watched the rating system with interest over my time here at MET. The rating seems to be an average of the votes taken so earlier in the day if someone marks the set down, and only God knows why they would do that, then it has a big effect on the average rating. Later in the day the average settles as new votes have less effect and a truer rating is given.

I suppose 8.85 is a good showing, but my opinion is that it should be 10 for this set.

Its 8.84 at 9:00 CST, apparently on its way up due to a course correction. Rightly so.

that was supposed to be "distract from the great"

My guess is that although they are all 9.21, if they are taken out a few more decimal points they rank in reality as 9.2199, 9.2187, 9.2176, down to 9.2101 and so on.

The numbers I gave are only as an example....but that is probably the reason.

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