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I googled "ski slope tits" images and 21 pages of Candice B photos popped up.

Also,Candace demonstrates that the only way to tell a girls real hair color is to tske her pants down, something she has to do.

  • 2 years ago:

Those are some seriously amazing boobs. Every time I see a new set I just marvel at them.

This photographer, what a lack of imagination!

Gorgeous set of photographs.

The light is perfect, the location is beautiful, and the model is stunning.

Beautiful work, Leonardo and Candice.

Are the boobs natural?

Those are natural. you can tell by the way they move when she lays flat...

According to thenude.eu website, they are, and I choose to believe them

Bliss ...

Candice B truely paints a gorgeous picture perched up high amongst the mountain rocks with the ocean within the horizon in both stunning sensual sexy poses wearing nothing but a lovely golden band around her head within both the soft and dark lighting as well as the different contrasts colors of the rocks~~~The natural light casting shadows along her beautiful face long blonde hair her gorgeous blue eyes fabulous toned tanned body breasts nipples and slender legs :) :) I simply adored the stunning close ups of Candice's gorgeous face blue eyes magnificent large breasts her nipples fully erect with her long blonde hair cascading down her shoulder gently cupping her breast :) Images #79-#83 are simply stunning the way Candice sits upon the rocks spread legged within lovely different provocative poses with both the natural light shining on her gorgeous face breasts nipples showing both her firm muscular abdomen calf muscles creamy inner thighs and her lovely trimmed vagina within different views and close ups :) As well as images #60 to #72 with Candice squatting high upon the rocks with her legs wide open in both stunning close ups and sensual poses with the lovely mountain landscape ~The natural lighting of blue horizon highlighting her body magnificently !! But i have to say that my favorite images have to be both the gorgeous close up of Candice B squatting spread legged #117 and image #112 of Candice B's serene pose perched up high uopn the cliff face with the ocean's waves crashing against the rocks below her and at 5ft'2 Candice B has the total package one could ask for :) She is truely a Ukrainian Beauty !!! and Thank You Candice B and Leonardo on a truely Flawless sensual sexy landscape set I tip my hat off to both of you as well as Met-Art for posting it :) :)

I'll take Candice any way I can get her—shaved, unshaved or anything in between. I love just looking at her, and I love imagining all sorts of nifty things we could do together in the interests of furthering relations between the sexes. 10 forever, honey.

Hear hear Sailor.

Good Morning Sailor :) Hope all is well with you i hope ? and yes even myself can't stop looking and marvel at her Beauty and this latest set by Leonardo is no means dull at all and swplf2 politely explained the reasons as to why both of you as well as DG exchange amusing comments together due to the different time zone's between each other as i keep forgetting the different time zones between myself in Australian and you guys in the States and England Cheers Sailor..

DG is actually an Italian and does most of his work on site in Eastern Europe.

Good morning to you, rags. my love. I missed your comments over the past few hours. I actually had to look at the different sets and think things up for myself. As for the exchanges between DG, swplf2 and me, I think it's a scheduling accident. Swplf is part of a group I regularly spar with (you're included). DG and I hit it off when I understood what he was doing in a set with Luce and couple of months ago. That has continued—and I also like his technical talk. It's been years since I was around photographers, and I've always liked their ability to see so much more than the rest of us. Sorry our paths haven't crossed lately, I haven't been keeping the same insane hours as before. Cheers

Sailor,I assume you were only implying my "hours" were insane and not me. More temptation "fourway" today over at Sex.

swplf2, of course you're insane. That's a given; no need to dwell on it. It's one of the reasons you fit in so well around here. You're our conscience and social director, organizer of shuffleboard games on the Titanic. : )

Candtce is living proof that girls who exercise look better, because that is about the hottest body going in the Met Universe, and I have been a member since 2000,when it was MostEroticTeens and had so little bandwidth they could only run two page sets or movies, and Sharon E, Inna Q and Andrea C were little teeny boppers terrorizing the local wheat Farmers and hotel Managers, and the girls were riding dinosaurs to work instead of taking the bus. Whew, that takes me a long way back. Anyway. Leonardo has had the good taste to do a nude classic, soft curvy girl against hard mean-looking rocks. Does it for me every time. And when the girl is Candace B, its a barnburner, as we used to say in the days of yore.

This girl is always perfection. One of Met-Arts true stars.

Candice truly is one of Met's all stars. This girl is a perfect example of the female form and the beauty of femininity. She is an incredibly arousing force of sexual energy...

Each & every photo a masterpiece! Unbeatable set.

Congratulations Candice & Leonardo!

Fortunately a lot of pictures in landscape format. Thank you!

Great set. Candice is as beautiful as always.

But it is a landing strip....

Shaved or unshaved but not trimmed please.

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