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She is a flawless beauty. The most beautiful woman on this site, I think. I also appreciate that she looks like a woman instead of a little girl as many on this site do. Absolutely perfect!

One of the most beautiful women on the planet and you can't find somewhere more fitting to pose her. I'm sick of that goddamn distracting balcony. Is she chained to it or what?

Familiarity can breed contempt; and while that is not quite true here, it strikes me that the photographer has become a little lazy with his subject! There are some good photos, but Candice is one of the most stunning models in the world and she needs to work with people who are constantly pinching themselves at their good fortune to work with her.
She is absolutely divine - and should be immortalized every time she poses.

She is extremely well built.

She is indeed... Perfectly designed! Best sex toy on the planet.

Very nicely done. Lovely model with cheerful confident attitude. Gorgeous breasts, lovely face. Nice hair too, and it is managed well.

I'd ❤ to try out her landing strip!

So would I. Her trimmed bush frames her delicious pussy so beautifully!

She is irresistibly gorgeous!

Superphotos of a supermodel shot by a superphotographer!

Candace is pure beauty,no other way to say it. Unfortunately Leonardo is totally out of Ideas, he has been since Jenya D left, and was re-doing some of Jenya's old poses from her Katie Fey site before then (Be warned, getting into the site is well worth it but EXPENSIVE) Jenya was milking the Net for all she could get, smart girl that she is)

I'd have to agree with you, seadog. I simply love Candice, and what guy (or gal or so inclined?) wouldn't. But I think that it's time to see something a little different from her. This set seems a little more on the softer side, and it is a very good set, but as you say, Leo needs more ideas.

I'm not attracted to girls prosperous,
I'm not attracted to large breasts.
Candice is a gorgeous, olympic beauty.
"Vive la femme."

It's nice to see Candice's awesome body in this set.

Candice is such a beautiful woman! I just can't understand why her photographer is so uninspired! This would be a mediocre set, f it were not for Candice's beauty.

Nothing brightens my morning better than seeing a new set of Candice pictures. Bravo Candice and Leonardo.

I always download anything by Candice, sight unseen.

Most often I am well satisfied; sometimes. . .

Candice is Candice, shortcomings in a gallery I lay at the feet of Leonardo..

met art do u check the work high res unusable

Candice is delectable, as always.

Candice, looking good! Leonardo what is happening to your skills? Look at the quality of the photos at full size. Are you kidding me, horrible.

Candice can do miracles and she needs to do one in finding a new photographer. I guess even Leonardo has bad days but I think that staying with just one photographer can get stale and in a rut. I would like to see some more sexynest from Candice.

Candice is a beautiful woman and has the body of a goddess.

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