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Too much pussy and too little of her magnificent boobs.

Candice B will always be a 10 vote for me! What a sweetheart! Flora you should shoot her in 50+ MPX as soon as possible! She is DEVINE!

Oh yes, absolutely phenomenal, Candice is always gorgeous but Flora just makes her look so damn fresh and delicate, great set!.

Here's one for the "Gipper" -- 10 !!

I thought it was one for the "gripper"...;o)

Hopefully not a vice grip.
See "Savage Love" by Dan Savage... ( ;

Easily one of the hottest bodies on the planet... If this girl wasnt built for sex then I dont know who is!

Every other beautiful girl...??

haha... well ya thats true...:)

Girls...just say no to .....ohhh forget it.

Flora does great work... Candy looks delicious!!

Thank you, Flora, for washing away the treakle & brown sauce Candice has lately been drowning in. I like the astringency of this set. Thank you Candice for stepping up -- I knew you had it in you.

Thank you, Flora, for washing away the treakle & brown sauce Candice has lately been drowning in. I like the astringency of this set. Thank you Candice for stepping up -- I knew you had it in you.

Wow - this has been that little extra sparkle that has been missing from Candice's sets recently. It goes to show what a fresh outlook from a photographer with a stunning subject can be like. The combination here is excellent. Candice is always stunning, but here she is back to her brilliant and vivacious best and with some wonderful extra touches that I had missed before like her wonderful shapely legs and calves. This is a partnership that promises to please!

The best sets are the ones that leave you feeling disappointed when they're over and this set does that. I just wanted more and more because every picture seemed to build on the one before it. Beautiful model and exquisite photography. This is the kind of set that defines MetArt, in my opinion.

This is only the second time Candace has done a set with a photog other than Leonardo.Flora has set up a masterpiece with Candace. This is the reason we need to heve seta done by other photographers. Unfortunately, models do their best work with photogs they are comfortable with. They just insist on being human beings. I gave this human being a 10++++

And don't forget,Candace and Flora have an update on Errotica Archives, where Candace is known as Felicity.(I think she was trying to duck the drooling hordes of fans)

Oh, my God! What a bod!!!

Though Flora, free from flower and fruit. +1.

Burn the poster. Otherwise, a variety of color, pattern, and texture without clash or clutter. Pleasing to the eye. And suitable canvas to showcase our subject.

94. One of my favorite poses. Why so seldom seen? So quick to pull the knees forward and lose the line. Placement of hair - Very nice. Placement of pillows. Distraction from the purity of a simple classic pose. Lose them both. Or lose the top one and go for it. Have the model cradle the pillow between her legs.

36. Feet! Calves!

Generally, a variety of poses, angles, hair placement (49 and 50 for good hair examples). Some odd cropping choices. Especially about the face. Keep the edge of the photograph away from the eyes. Still, I won't drop my 9 for 110. A tiny shift to the right would move the eye slice out and the whole boob in. Hmmm. 9.5.

I do love butt views. 104 and 107, thank you. I especially like butt shots when I CAN SEE THE SMALL OF THE BACK AND THE TOP OF THE BUTT.

I just made 110 my wallpaper.

It is refreshing to see another photographer's presentation of Candice.

Candice is still beautiful, and Flora does not exclude any of her features that I appreciate. I love a picture like #49 where the model can tickle her bum with her hair.

Thank you to both Flora and Candice for this nice visit.

It is almost scary when we all seem to agree! You and Sailor both hit it on the head that sometimes the vision behind the camera can make the flower bloom. Today that is very true, Candice is definitively a sight to behold better than ever.

Candice, you do make me weak in the knees—and you have never been more beautiful.

What a difference a photographer can make. This is Candice's first set with Flora, after a dozen or so with Leonardo, and she almost seems like a different woman. There was nothing wrong with Leonardo's take on her (beyond a certain sameness in all the sets), but Flora has brought her inside and found a softer, subtler side to her beauty. The result is perfection. 10 doesn't begin to tell it.

Well said, Sailor. Personally, I find Leonardo a little scripted most of the time, though he's a very good photographer, and his approach often seems to me to submerge his models' personalities, like fashion photography. A lot of his sets wouldn't change a lot if you substituted another model with the same hair color and body type. Flora, on the other hand, strikes me as softer, more spontaneous, and more engaged, and she really communicates a sense of why it's special to be with a particular woman in a specific place.

And Candice, wow. She's suddenly acquired the power to becloud men's and women's minds. It's not that she wasn't beautiful before, but under Flora she's giving much more to relate to.

Sailor, she is almost like another woman, seeing Candice from Flora's POV is refreshing. I agree, Leonardo was doing fine, but the new perspective adds depth to Candice's portfolio here. That is why I love it when we can get different photogs to shoot the same model - something you can't get at most other sites.

Sorry, Baggy, didn't intend to leave you out. We also agree.

Agreed, Sailor. I very much like Flora's take on Candice as well.

...in fact, upon reflection, I have to say that this is my favorite set of Candice so far... she seems so much deeper and more real in this set than in the previous sets that have been published here.
I'm not really sure WHAT it is that Flora did differently, but it's almost like she added a 3rd dimension to a woman who was already stunningly beautiful.
( :
Nice job, Flora.

She really is, just, flawless...

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