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Candice is one of the very best models on this site and in stockings and heels she is absolutely exquisite. Her breasts are a phenomenon, but the added allure of nylons helps accentuate her great legs. Awesome!

Exquisite ~ and magnificent! What a woman... ( :

What a babe, what a body..

Candice is simply sensational!

Ooohhh. SMOKING??? No, just no. Ruins it for me.

did it really "ruin it" for you, or maybe it realy excited you!

Maybe it's a herbal cigarette like they sometimes use in movies and TV, e.g., Mad Men.

I too hate to see a beautiful young woman destroying her body with cigarettes... one of the few things to mar Indiana's delightful movie several years ago. Ever since then, every time I see her beautiful face I can't help thinking of that lovely skin wrinkling prematurely and her poor lungs making her hack and cough....

the cigarette seems a metaphor for female influence over the male

Cigarettes are probably the least of the worries for people in that part of the world... "Environmental protection" is pretty much nonexistent over there. They die from other things before the cigarettes have a chance to kill them.

I think our model has never been presented better.

The coherence and progression of this series is superb and should be emulated.

Tobacco is aesthetically gross.

Empathy for the ivy that reaches, but doesn't.

"Tobacco is aesthetically gross." Are you telling us that 50 million Frenchmen CAN be wrong!!?? LOL I'm betting this set is BIG in France!!
(Except maybe the size of her breasts will "assault the senses" of most French...I've never seen a French girl with larger than B's...lol;o)

Go to a mall in Quebec City.

I always look forward to Leonardo's work, especially with a beautiful model like Candace. Leonardo doesn't overdo it with Photoshop and filter plug-ins, can see the beautiful natural detail without all of the airbrush look.

She's good enough to eat. Nice set.

The Vibram soles on the frankenshoes almost made me blow my choppers!! ;o) Candice looks great. Pretty tame set.

Ya, I've never seen combat boot soles on heels that weren't biker boots. Very interesting.

"boot" type soles seem to be a fad on big clunky high heels (more like clogs with heels, actually) lately.

Very little imagination in the layout.
Too many of the same poses.

Candice is just amazing, great poses and she looks so bloody inviting in those awesome spread stores, fantastic.

Candice is a beautiful and petite woman.

Luckily neither her camel toe, puffy outer labia, superb butt cheeks, nor her appeal are petite.

You forgot to mention two more things that aren't "petite"....;o)

Oops! I didn't mean to cast aspersions on your 'memory'...lol

I would change that to "you neglected to mention"....etc ;o)

@ Rock:

Either of your statements could be, and have been, true many times.

Honestly, this time I chose not to comment on the two more things I believe you are referring to.

Ten -- schmen --

Candice, stockings, AND HEELS !!!

This babe's a "12" !!!!!!

Hows about... "Ten-HUNDRED" ?? LOL

Tf you gentlemen Want great Candace, try her movie "Minore "by Leonardo. She will only wreck your brain. This is good, and I don't mind repetition if you have something to repeat. This general concept was first explored by Voronin, back in the old days, generally using Jenya D.Leo swiped a lot of Voronins ideas, and a lot of Jenya's from her Katy Fey site.Candace is great, and she gets a 10++++

For example, shot no 28 is a pure Jenya D post,Icé seen her do it for Voronin and on her own site

  • 2 years ago:

I've been under the assuption that Leo WAS Voronin reestablished.

Is this incorrect?

shes perfection

I would have to agree with my fellow lookers about Candice. I find her mind blowing how perfect her body is. I would also agree with the bedroom or indoor shoot. The poses here were OK. Shame when you think of how beautiful she is and what this set could have been. Although, any day with Candice is a good day!

I feel that this is probably Candice's best gallery in quite some time. This has been a good month for bringing back classic Met beauties in sets that far surpass their norm, of late.

Amen, brother.

She is definitely very gorgeous and yummy.Candice needs to do a bedroom set on this site.

Monotonous poses.

Shaved (better) or not shaved but not "landing strip" that ruin any good pubis.
The pictures .... Leonardo old style : boring.
Candice forgive us, we are all with you.

Candice is one seriously beautiful and hot girl! Wow!

yeah, it should be illegal to have boobs this good ... or maybe compulsory ... hot damn

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