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There is simply no other model who can just command the camera with her eyes like Candice. She is perfection in female form and the only reason that I finally joined MetArt.

I never get tired of staring at this buxom beauty. One of my favorite blondes in the entire universe. Her warm smile, long blond locks, and her tendency to go completely au naturel no matter the setting make her a lot more inviting than a number of other girls who may have similarly gorgeous bodies.

female perfection

days like this I want to go to the Ukraine, sams or no sams

She is perfect!

Behold... absolute perfection. There may be others as good, but none better!

Candice probably isn't even a dancer, but those legs are GORGEOUS!!

Magnificent mammeries!!!

Candace B is always lovely. Leonardo has done a very good job here, picking a cloudy day since he never gets sunlight right. True you can't see the water in the background as well, but who cares, It's Candace(AKA Felicity in other parts of the met universe) Candace is another sweetheart in the same mould as Night A, only about 3/4 of an inch taller and 4-5 pounds heavier, as well as being lighter in coloring than Night. I gave both Candace and Leonardo a 10+infinity,this is a perfect beach set.

I appreciate the versatile use of fabric. And the the lighting used to supplement the dawn/sunset is better than usual.

I absolutely love this girl. She had the most spectacular body I have ever seen and I have seen a lot. I have enjoyed her many photo sets and movies for year. Please keep them come. Candice, my dear, you are magnificent.
(I would love it if you would shave that little bit of pubic hair.)

I'd love it if it were kept the same, bared completely, or grown and braided with bows on.

She has appeared recently on two other non-MetArt sites completely shaven, Leonardo's sets of her here may have been produced some time ago, I'd love to see her smooth here once more.

She's so damn cute!, Candice is jaw droppingly gorgeous once more.

Candice's smoking hot body is absolutely perfect, but for me it's that beautiful, beautiful face that delights the most, the cherry on top, oh but to taste that sweetness.

Another very nice visit from beautiful Candice.

Candice has many attractive physical features. My favorites include but are not limited to; eyebrows and eyes, areolae and glass cutters, downy hair, dimples, puffy outer labia, and superb butt cheeks.

Thanks to Candice for posing, and thanks to Leonardo for showcasing so many of my favorite Candice physical features ~ especially her delightful downy hair.

They don't look store bought but pretty genuine to me .
Candice is Felicity on today's EA and just as delicious .

Candice as Felicity on EA today . Both sets delicious .

Nice store bought tittys.

I'd like to own stock in that store.

I'm volunteering to help them re-arrange the merchandise, it's very hard work though.

It's so difficult placing things in such a way as to draw attention, isn't it?

Trolling?...'cause you would be wrong. They are perfect and real.

Thanks Candice and Leonardo. I am normally a very big fan of beach sets, but this one lacks the two crucial factors that make them, sunlight and water; a bikini never goes astray either. It's however always a pleasure to view Candice's work :)

On this site, surely the whole point of a bikini is to "go astray".

Who cares about the water and sunlight when you have Candice lighting up the great pics by Leonardo, Great job , beautiful girl and pictures

I do so love the glare of the noonday sun reflected on the water. Not to worry, we will no doubt see it on the next beach we see.

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