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Luca is a photographer that hasn't quite gotten the hang of taking porn pics yet. He consistently focuses on the model's face and her genitals are always out of focus. Perhaps you should consider portrait work Luca.

This girl is so insanely hot. Stunningly beautiful face with a body built for sex. Wow!!!!

Now all that need to happen is for Candice Luka, to get with Dominika Chybova, or as Met Art refers to her as Dominika A don't know why. Anyway, a photo shoot with those two beauties together would be a real treat. Both are Czech and smokin hot. Quick Luca Helios get with both of them and make it happen. OMG!!!... Make all of us followers happy. Just a thought.

Here's another thought....speak for yourself. "I" am a 'follower' and I don't need that to make ME 'happy'! OMG!!! have another toke stoney...;o)

Très jolie modèle, tous ces orifices béants, ouverts (anus...) sont bien photographiés.

Vous avez le droit mon ami français! Pouvez-vous imaginer clouer le cul de cette belle position de levrette et atteindre autour et jouer avec ses seins pendant que vous êtes prêt à exploser à l'intérieur de sa chatte!

How can this gallery be rated anything less than a 10! It is the best one I have seen in years. I always believed Candice was truly underrated; only lately have we begun to appreciate her true exotic and genuine beauty. Well done with excellent photography!

Candace is fabulous! I want Mr Helios to make a movie of her soonest!

Candice is a real beauty with lovely hair a superb body, and wonderful dark nipples. The tight white panties look so good against her tanned skin - would have liked to see a few more panty shots especially from the rear.

The close ups, from front and rear, of her beautiful pussy, and tight dark anus are almost too much to bear....more of this sexy girl please

I have to agree. a girl in skimpy white panties and a T top is just plain sexy and I would have like a few more shots and yes doggie style from the rear.

Candice is gorgeous. She looks so much like Demi and makes me wonder if they are sisters .They are both from Czech Republic and have same delicious rear .

I almost forgot! Candice may we see some butterfly pussy shots soon? I see they are showing on sexart site, would love to see them fly over here! :)

You know as well as me that you will never get this on Met-Art. You may regret or not, but it is like it is. I agree with you, but as long as I get so beautiful girls here, I stay.

And Candice is one of the finest ones. I adore her body, but I love her also for her archness.

Treat yourself to her work on Twistys. Lots of butterflies there. And you don't have to put up with blurred pussy.

Yes yes yes!

This is one lovely woman and she has no fear of showing us everything in detail. Of course she has every right to be proud of that wonderful body. I have to envy the guy that put an engagement ring on that finger. One lucky guy for sure.

Beautiful model, love the doggie poses with her beautiful breasts in full view, and not blocked! Thanks :)

The more I view this set of Candice, the more I am in love with this creature! :) Her smile, face, and breasts, not to mention her fabulous pussy, just keep me cumming back for more!

Thank you Candice for your williness to pose and your attitude with the camera, you are great!

One last comment, Candice I noticed a tattoo on your neck. Please don't spoil your beauty with lesser forms or art! Your body and personality are pure art in its highest form without the need for some ink spots spoiling what is already perfect. IMHO :)

what do you know about her personality? Do tell!

Agreed !
A gorgeous creature such as this should be displayed in all her pristine beauty.

That's right..."ALL" her pristine beauty, including anything that SHE thinks is "part" of her beauty! All you tattoo haters crack me up with all your "spoiling natural beauty" dribble. Get over it. It's the wave of the future!

Get stuffed !

Ahmen my friend! Candice is so lovely that as a guy who has seen more than his share of bagged out old tattooed bitches, I can only pray that this product of nature will avoid making all the same stupid mistakes that I made when living only for the moment!

My Dad had a tattoo on each forearm done in blue ink at the Texas 150 year celebration in Dallas right before WW2 and told me as a young kid, " If I ever came home with a tattoo, just keep walking past the house, I was on my own!" :(

He said his two tattoos were so that his buddies could ID his body parts if he was blown apart in combat! :) He was a tough guy but I loved him, still think of him everyday...

By the way, I don't have any tattoos! I was too much of a moocher to give up free room and board for a little ink! :)

Good eye, I would have never seen that! She made sure it was well hidden throughout the set.

Only because they told her to!

Lovely model, shame about the wedding ring on her finger!!

What's the shame about a wedding ring? Does it spoil your plans to date her??

Hey Sparky, this is obviously some guy's wife we're talking about. Sure, he may be cool with what she's doing, or he may not be, but that doesn't mean every guy in the whole wide world is going to be cool with the idea of fantasizing about somebody's wife. That's why photographers have models remove their wedding rings. Think about it.

I think it's an engagement ring. Look at #17 in large size

All the good ones get taken sooner or later. Of course that my not be for real either. We can dream anyway.

"Dream"?... Of what? Dating one of these girls?? That's pretty funny...;o)

Enjoy it while it lasts.

You think marriage will stop her career? I think MOST of these girls are either married or engaged. Beauties like this don't walk around loose for long.

I think there is more reality in the world than you think.

She'll hook a guy with deep pockets and she'll be outta this business faster than your brain can fathom. She knows her looks won't last forever, but if the marriage goes south on her the nice judge will make sure she gets enough money to leave this business far behind her.

And -- they WILL walk around single until they find deep enough pockets to qualify for the gold ring on the merry-go-round!

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