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Gorgeous in every way. Only criticism is her hair is in the way in too many shots. Style it and keep it up or back I would suggest.

Gary's absolutely right. Candice is gorgeous. On several occasions the only difference is the amount of zoom used. She doesn't even move a finger in between, wouldn't this been as good with only 80 shots. Pic the best of them and stop repetition. This is becoming the regular complaint. We love your models and respect your ability. Why keep this up...

because different zooms put the 'focus' (not the focus, the attention focus) on different parts of the picture and subtly changes the composition.

So different pics with the same pose and face but slightly different zooms make total sense.

Candace is very beautiful. and Luca has found the exact background to showcase that beauty.

Candice is beautiful and very photogenic and Luca captures and presents that very well in this set. Kudos to both.

Candice, you are scrumptious, born to have your picture taken so that mere males like me can squirm. There is nothing about you that couldn't be improved by a kiss or two or ten. (Still, I'll be a happy man when navel piercing falls out of fashion.)

"(Still, I'll be a happy man when navel piercing falls out of fashion.)" - I'll gladly second that sentiment. Oh, and of course I agree with the first half of your comment as well...

A truly gorgeous woman. That stunning shot # 109 would look well in Vogue magazine. I love those perfect, perfect nipples, too.

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