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Did anyone besides me notice the resemblance to Sandra Bullock in several of these shots? She certainty rocks that gold bikini! I love her face, her hair and those lovely breasts. I also like this setting. Luca has used it several times from different retrospectives but it works quite well.

She does in some shots as you say, but in the face only. IMO, Candice has a lot more going for her in her taller figure than SB.

Absolutely divine! Beautiful location! A gift that will keep on giving!

Beautiful model in a beautiful setting... Well done.

Mr. Helios has followed the first rule of outdoor photography-keep the sun out of the model's eyes.(Unless you Want her to look like Frankenstein's monster with a bad headache)You'd be surprise how often Leonardo for example forgets that one. Ms. Candace looks like a wonderful sun worshoper, espically nude. Mr. Helios keeps the sun on her lovely body, while moving her around to keep the sun out of her face. This set is definitely a 10+ for both Candace and Mr. Helios

There is a saying 'all that glitters is not gold', well this saying is NOT true in the case of Candice for she is truly golden. I like bikini sets and Candice looks amazing in this one. Nice lighting considering the blazing sun.

A living treasure! I hoped she would have been under my Christmas tree this year. Maybe next Christmas!

A vulva like Candice's is a treasure. Lucky Candice, lucky us!

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