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I like it when the models get pedicures! Smooth, round, sexy feet with colored toenails are always nice! :D

Nice real nice

I don't know what a "Motery" is, but I like it. :-P

Tragedy twixt twenty-one and twenty-two: Panty waste, Rule of Thong broken.

Candace is,as always, incredibly beautiful. She is, as well, a very skilled model, and Luca Helios has posed her against a perfect background. I reallylikt the French windows opening out over the woods mixed with fiels,but then I always was a sucker for romantic backgrounds, specially those from the Czech Republic.I gave this a 10++++

Fortune is with us, our photographer left off showing windows being doglikt.

Nice contrast between the bra and panties, Candace's skin, and the background. Nice booty. Lovely pubic hair trim.


Sweet as candy!!! Great location! Really good photos! Delicious subject!
Nice set all around!

She kinda looks like a brown-eyed Eufrat.

There is a lot of similarity in the breasts and body figure, not much else I can see.

Eufrat was one of the reasons I joined Met. I wonder if there is any more of her in K's vault?

Beautiful girl with a very hot ass

...and a PP to boot...

Vintage Czech

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