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Candy, you could be dressed in rags and still be fabulously sexy! Or, you could make any piece of clothing sexy!


In Met-Art's own Photo Guidelines there is a sentence which they themselves have underlined, which states -

"NO more bathroom or shower scenes". That sentence is one of the few they've underlined. They finish by saying "Be Creative."

I for one, am delighted that the "Water Torture" too many models are subjected to, is to end.

Can we hope that steamed-up and water-stained shower doors and mirrors, both of which distort and distract from the model's natural beauty, are included in this tenet?

Another example of question that was sent to wrong address. Please ask this kind of to MetArt management.

But I see real useful point. If you want be useful and help to improve our work (photographers + models) about locations - please describe locations you think we need to find and work more, but be sure thousands of members will be happy with your choice.
Locations must be variable, easy to find and free for booking and not far away. The weather must be what we want it for working comfortable if it is with outdoors part.

Ok, be my location avisor. Contact me, but PLEASE use email, not public galleries.

If you have read Met-Art's Photo Guidelines, then You read it all.

And of course you must be sure that members will vote for model and make her topmodel. If you not sure - you can't rent a good house for 2 sets.

I've already read for about 7 years that people asked us for:

- "nomore bedrooms, this model was on a bed 20 times already"
- "more bedrooms. it is so sensual and comfortable"
- no bathrooms nomore
- "this bathroom is great location"
- nomore brickwalls
- more modern interiors
- more luxury iteriors
- more simple furniture
- nomore real life
- more reality-like sets
- nomore "clean paper sheet" backgrounds of studio
- more "simple paper backrounds" because nothing but the model visible
- nomore forests, grass, rocks, sand beach ("it hurts for models skin and makes it dirty and not silky)
- "more open air please"
- nomore water sets
- more water sets
- ...

- too much explicit
- make more spread-eagle-wide legs
- be creative in poses
- let them pose comfortable
- nomore funny faces
- let them be playful and funny
- let them look to camera
- don't let them look to camera
- more "unshaven bikini area" models
- only shoot "shaved bikini area" models
- more closeups
- less closeups
- more portraits
- less portraits
- nomore wet hair
- more wet hair
- ...

- no shoes
- more shoes
- "undress her quickly, we can't wait"
- "tease us longer, don't start sets with full nude body"
- "we love upskirt"
- let the model be naked from 1st to 120th image, "this is NUDE SITE!!!"
- "what a good makeup"
- "please no makeup"

- make it darker, now it is overexposed
- no shadows please
- ...

LOL If this does not make your point Rylsky, I don't believe anything will...)))) Very clear 'picture'...;o)

Greatest vulva EVER.

I am a Candy and Rylsky fan through and through. Candy certainly has a great vulva."Greatest vulva EVER" is up to the eyes of the beholder, or the number of vulvas those eyes have seen. From the currently active models I think Dominika and Antea/Altea also possess great vulvas (as do many more). If we board the way back machine, there was a lady from the 60s and 70s with the stage name Lotta Topp, she had a Lotta Flaps too.

There could never be a consensus. Just like picking the most beautiful woman. There are as many views as there are viewers. Some like protruding labia others do not. Some like big breasts others like them small and firm. Fortunately there are more than enough to please us all. Every vulva is different just like faces and personalities.

We should simply be glad that mother nature created such beauty and allowed us the joy of seeing it as it was created. :)

Ah! Yes! You've hit the target, bull's eye center - that I posted! Vulva la diferencia! Ooops, or should I say "Viva la diferencia!" (;

NO. You had it right! ;o)

I suggest that we start a roster with ratings for "Greatest Vulva Ever" of course the women possessing those very special, large, beautiful "Labios" selected, should be exceptionally beautiful also! Would Mila M. from yesterday's updates "qualify" for nomination to this very special group?

I would think so. Caballo, I like your idea. Candy Rose is certainly on my list, as is Dominika, Semmi, Nicole-A, and possibly Gisele.

Of course Gisele, but I have to interject that "Greatest..." does not necessarily mean largest labia. There is MUCH more to consider regarding the "greatness" of a 'pussy'. And as it has been pointed out...it's ALL in the eyes (and mind) of the "viewer". The absolute beauty of so many models here makes it impossible for ME to pick "one" that truly stands out from the others. Quite a few are as beautiful as a pussy can be..to me. But I love them ALL!!

Let us old farts unite!


World domination for a start?

Well if all us old "farts" cut a big one at the same time, it would definitely dominate the world!! Talk about yer greenhouse gas!! Twitter'd be the best way to pull it off but I ain't a twit...;o)

Oh, that's a relief to hear. I thought that it might be something more dangerous or sinister! (; !!!

That depends on how we do it....;o)

This is Candy's best set so far. She's beautiful and relaxed in every shot. Her breasts were never lovelier, her pussy never yummier, Besides, at her height we can probably dance cheek to cheek. I'm in love.

P.S. That rose still looks like candy.

Eye candy for sure.

My "10" for today --

My 10 for any day!

A "RylskyArt" reject no doubt! No continuity and some very bad posing. Very disappointing for what I've come to expect from Rylsky and Candy. My guess is that this set was pulled from the archive...and shouldn't have been. ;o)

This one was made 3 years before RA launch online.
It was 3rd set we made


Then, ouldn't the 'age when shot' for this set be less than 23?

Are you Detective? What is reason to find "real age" or any personal info?

LOL :o))))))))

That's one of the few things I don't like about MET. It seems that sometimes they pull something out of the closet from who-knows-when, dust it off and post it like it was shot yesterday.

I'm not sure when RA went online, but three years before that means this set could be four or five years old, yet all the bio's for Candy's sets posted this year say age 23 when shot.

Regardless, any opportunity to see Candy here is a real 'treat'. I'll take the good along with the not-as-good. Even when Rylsky has an off-day, it is better work than some other photogs here.

Thanks for explaining... The later sets are so much better, this is first one I will not keep. Also, saving my lunch money for RA membership! ;o)

Very wise investment rockhard.

The problem is my 'uncle' takes my lunch money every day!!

I'm sure Ryslky Art keeps him very busy.

I've been examining some of the sets from RA and find a different type of atmosphere on those shoots. I imagine that if I put my name on a website, I would, naturally, go out of my way to do my best.

Either way -- I like the lovely Candy -- so it won't keep me from downloading both sites!


And I didn't even mention the "decapitation" in no.88...

Even through a sweater, (pics 61-63), you can make out the shape of Candy's wonderful derrière and breasts......now that's a body!

Green is absolutely Candy's color.
Bravo, Mr. Rylsky.

If I understand Rylsky's philosopy, Candy selected that green number and Rylsky made it work for her. In rylsky land, it is all about the models vission of her personal bueaty. I may be wrong, but I doubt hi grabbed it off the rack and odered her to put it on as he started shooting. That is just not rylsky.

I downloaded this set sight unseen. Candy and Rylsky never fail to please me and it turns out that this set is no exception. Candy is beautiful with fantastic hair, an amazing pussy, and a beautiful big butt. Rylsky always captures the beauty of those components, and the entire Candy, often enough to give me many pictures to add to Candy's Ne Plus Ultra folder.

I can't remember ever seeing a Candy set I didn't like. Some are better than others but I am never disappointed. Simply seeing those bangs and those gorgeous eyes and smile is enough for me. Like many of the really popular girls the photographers take multiple sets when they are together. It's simple economics. Most of the girls have to travel to the artist or visa/versa and travel in eastern Europe is not as simple as it is for many of us. There need to be passports and work visas for every border crossed. So the girls spend several days with Rylsky and he does as many sets as he can. Some sets are sold right away but may not be screened for many months. Some sets are are stored and then used when needed. It is a bit unfortunate because things change over time and this may be noticeable but on the other hand it allows us to enjoy models that have retired and are no longer available.

Very sexy tall girl.Beautiful breast and labia.Thank you.

Which breast was of particular beauty? The right one, or the left one?

Excuse me to leave out the details.I meant both breasts.Anything else Rockwell?OOps again I meant Rockhard.

Rockwell is ok too...;o) No thank you, nothing else at the moment...lol This is why I ask to please read to yourself before posting...we call 'proofreading'...;o) However, if english is not your first language, and I suspect this to be the case, of course you are excused... "I" meant no offense...only a chuckle at your expense...;o) Thank YOU.

I was thinking of Rockwell's hit single "Somebody's Watching Me".Just a chuckle.



(;, LOL. I'd say both'em! @@!

Annnd, both'em! ~(¡)~ !

LOL Sweeet!! Lemme try that....... ~(!)~.....LOL I like.. Yours is on her knees and mine is on her back....lmao

At 5 foot 11 inches tall with a 36 inche bustline, Candy Rose is magnificent. Her waist is 24 inches and her hips , her ips measure 35 inches. That is a perfect hourglass figure. She is statuesque and slender. Candy is a force of nature, loaded to hunt bear and licecnced to break hearts. Her shape is designed to cause maximum damage at point of impact. Prooving that mother nature can be unfair, Candy is also blessed with perfect legs that start at the floor and go up to become the best bottom any woman could want. She has beautiful green eyes a radiantsmile and beautiful chessnut brown hair.

Photos? Oh yah, nice photos Rylsky.

Oops! My mistake. I see Candy's hips measure 37 inches not 35. Sorry Candy, those two more inches make you evejnmore perfect.

Near or far, wet or dry. Sweet as candy and pretty as a rose. Candy never disappoints. That coy smile and those sparkling eyes draw me in every time. This woman is pure ambrosia. Both for the mind and the body. She makes my heart flutter and my flagpole rise. I am so glad that she is a Rylsky girl so we get to see her at her very best. Beautiful colors and sharp closeups I could never tire of this seductress or Rylsky's awesome photos of her.

Only one work can describe Candy and it's beautiful.

Hands down the single greatest clitoris on the web. It literally looks like a flower. *sigh*

Candy has awesome labia for sure. The "single greatest clitoris on the web" imho is that of Denise Masino.

Candy's assests are natural looking, rather than steroid-side-effect. As for the figure that surrounds the feature, if femininity is part of the equation, Candy is champ.

Candy's clitoris is not visible in this set. It is tucked away under her clitoral hood. The body part you are refering to which looks like a flower is the lady's labia minora or. Minor lips. The women in your life have a lot of headaches ar bedtime don't they? For what its worth, the cltoris or the part of the clitoris which gentlemen might see is the clitoral gland. It looks like a little pink or shiny white pearl. If you have done your job right, by the time it comes out to play, it will be full of blood and therefore it should be more pink than white.

Yes! You are correct. And when the "pearl" comes out to play, that's when the "fireworks" really go off!

Anatomically incorrect term used widely, interchangeably, as I have here.

"Interchangeable"!? As the words "arms" and "legs" are!! I hate how the language is being adulterated, mostly by ignorance. A clit is a clit and nothing else, and misuse of the word should always be corrected! I just had to do it myself, two days ago. Don't be offended when someone corrects you...be thankful that someone cares enought that you get it right...before making a fool of yourself with the wrong person.

Well said rockhard. That you. If you go to Rylsky art and check out his most recent set, released early this morning you wilI find the very lovely Sandra Lauver presents a thorough view of herself. If you know what to look for, and where to look, her clitoris is vissible. At my age it is a bit more than I need, but it has its place. I believe it is important to remember that these models are real people. The very least we can do, other than pay our membership fees, is to make comments that support the young women's self esteem.

Just a thought from an old man.

Speaking of "membership fees", I can only afford this one (barely) so it's not likely I'll be visiting RA... Which is ok cuz I get what I like right here...for the most part..;o)

Yer only as old as ya look!! LOL ;o) (i'm 117...)

Yo, Neil --

From one old duffer to another --


And from yet another old duffer, the most important factor on this site, is "maintaining the young woman's self esteem." Thanks for the use of your words Neil. She is, after all, putting herself "out there" for us to appreciate, and not be critical of.

Thanks mr dreadnought.

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