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The good Count Headlopper roamed castle Headlopper and retired to the library to read a book. As the snow fell outside the warmth of the fire in the library warmed the room. There was a knock at the door and a tall princesses entered. Count Headlopper beckoned the beautiful princess of the Roses to join him by the fire. Dear princess, would you like to hear a story of the past. Her beautiful green eyes glowed by the warm fire as Count Headlopper told the story of Prince Moses and the time of the Pharos. The Pharos built large temples to their greatness of stone, brick and mortar. They used slave to build these temples but soon noticed that the slaves were becoming ill and dying. The Pharos sent the temple priest and magicians to investigate. They soon learned that the reason the slaves were dying was because of the sounds of the stones moved and the sounds of the quarrymen and there chisels. The Pharos order the builders to use grease and stood off afar to watch there temple rise from the desert.. But the slaves and the task masters where still dying. Then they discovered that most all the deaths were the men, the women were sick but still able to make the bricks. Then they discovered why, the women had fine body hair and the men didn't. The sounds that were killing the slaves were be adsorbed and transmitted to the slaves brains by body hair. The Pharos order the task masters to remove the body hair from themselves and try to cover there ears. The sounds of this building the temples were killing people but the Pharos kept on building without regard. Prince Moses learned of this and besieged Pharos to soften his heart but was betrayed and banished.
As Count Headlopper told the story to the Princess of the Roses she failed to noticed that the mysterious and magical Count Headlopper had transported her to the future. Now as they sat in castle Headlopper her cell phone rang, and the fine hair on her arms stood on end. The count looked at her and asked her to put the phone away, it was interfering with thoughts of dinner. As the Count continued to talk to her he told her about heavy water, dear princess do have heavy water in you. She replied that she wasn't sure and would investigate this mystery for Count Headlopper. She looked deeply into the Count eyes and asked a question, are the Pharos here with us in the future. The Count voice turned hard as he told the princess they have been with us thru the ages always trying to enslave us. The Pharos of the new world are like the old world and come from all lands of the kingdom of the good Shepard.
Count Headlopper has done battle with them thru the ages of time.
Now in this modern world Count Headlopper has noticed the new enslavement programs of the Pharos of the past ages. There is no profit from dead slaves, they don't buy grain from the market or new chariots to travel the Kingdoms of the world. They consider them commodities to be bought and sold and scrapped when they have served there purpose. Count Headlopper and many good people don't like this idea of being thought of as a commodity. The Count reminded the beautiful Princess that human beings are volatile, subject to explosion and can get very loud when they want you to hear them. The traders in the human commodities market should be carful. Commodities like the beautiful princess of the Roses are very sweet but can still remove your head by sword if necessary. Go head my dear princess, you can use the sword of Count Headlopper anytime you need. I'll also by you a real nice naval cutlass if you want one. Do you remember the cutlass dear. And as for the commodity brokers who want to trade in Count Headlopper stock, please come to the market place and we will barter. Which market place would you like to meet ?? Number 5 or 1600

WTF. This is a comment section for the photo set not some place for a short story. What a cheese-dik!

Candy: I know it, and every time is more beautiful than before.
Her lithe body, exotic face, and the beautiful eyes framed by a witty bangs. "Bella".

Photoset perfect.
A turquoise background to make a counterpoint to
the fair skin of Candy and his dark hair.
"Bravo" Rylsky "Brava" Candy.

Watching this set, I get the impression that
Candy is made to wear a 'toupee' of fake hair to
the need to cover her breasts with her hair.
In fact, before and after she has hair of normal length (see # 002, # 116).

NO fake hair, Gaetano. It's just 2 parts of set was made in very different dates.

Candy is simply the best! shall we ver see her in a GG shot/video?

No gg. She thought when you see her on your monitor - no other girl can take your attention.

Pretty girl, enjoyed the initial outdoors shots, those were fun. Simply horrible haircut, but otherwise quite stunning.

Haircut? Question of taste at it's hardest. Always impossible to discuss.

If Candy ever gets rid of those bangs, our engagement os off!

That's "is" off. The mere idea of a new do unhinged me.

Candy is a living doll. Her name could be none other. I've always enjoy looking at her beautiful face. With those bangs she reminds me of a "pin-up". In #11 and 12 she looks as cute as ever. Never realized she"s 5'11". That's runway model height. Hope she doesn't jump ship...I'd really miss seeing that gorgeous butt of hers!
I guess I'm going to have to join RA just to see more of Candy; she alone will make it worth it.

Candy is my dream girl. she has been from the very first set. I absolutely love the hair style. I think it is as perfect as you can get for highlighting her wonder smile and amazing personality. I have only to look at that face and I am in love. The body is wonderful and oh so sexy but the face and that seductive smile are what holds my gaze and makes my heart pound. As I have said before, as beautiful as a rose and sweet as candy.

I always download her videos without even looking at them so I can savor each and every photo again and again.

always and forever a 10 plus for me

"I always download her videos without even looking at them"
Yes, Hipshot, without looking... You know that we have no vids of C.Rose

It is a very sad thing that she has never done videos. I assume it is her choice not to do them. I am sure you have tried to get her to do them. It would be marvelous to see that lovely face in motion.

I love everything about Candy. Her smile, her height, her bangs and her "rose."

The pure blue background is simple and makes the set all about her. I also liked the clothed photos for a nice ending. Good set Rylsky.

I agree. Nice comment.

The blue background works well. I think a few photos of the model clothed always helps a set, to me it makes the model more "human", more "real".

Instead of just looking at a photo, I can see the actual person as they are in every day life.

Very nice set!

I like candy, but I love CANDY ROSE, from her beautiful chocolate candy hair to her pink cotton candy nipples and lower lips. Candy Rose is one sweet woman. She is simply DELICIOUS!.

bon appetit, monsieur!

I've never been a fan of Candy's hairstyle with the bangs in front, but the rest of her is quite lovely, indeed, and she always has a nice photo shoot.

As I said in your previous set, Candy you can make anything look sexy! And Rylsky you do a great job of bring that sexiness out!

I could look at her ass for the rest of my life...

Great work as usual Rylsky!

Oh no, I am not a creator of this "a.."

Typical Rylsky bullshit!!!!.....just kidding Rylsky, I only wanted to get your attention:)

Actually this is a very nice set. Candy Rose looks fantastic.
Rylsky, this is a "typical Rylsky set".....as always, excellent photography!

Thank you.

thank you very much, Browning, it's so great to read this kind of kidding

You are welcome. Thank you for this fine set of Candy Rose.

You must have been very busy lately, I haven't seen any comments from you during the past few days.

I wanted to get your attention to be certain that you are still alive and breathing:)

Thanks Rylsky.

Please show me comments that needed to be answered. I am sorry, i cannot just wirting "thankyous", it will take all my day.

Yes, team was busy these days, but now I can announce 5-8 new models for RylskyArt.com and MA (maybe) for updates of next 2-3 months. Most of them are exclusive. I hope it is good reason and excuse, right?

Yes!...the best excuse! I'm anxious to see these new models.

I will need to become a member of RylskyArt very soon to see these exclusive models.

You are working very late into the night (early morning), do you ever sleep???


BTW, let me hope that RA have some very nice "exclusives" already. I didn't said it, my fault. We just can't say "NO" to new girls who want to work for our site. Because beauty is never enough, not because we don't like those who already online on RA.

Melissa Ray
Daisy Gold
Sable Sharp
Oretha Mars
Ella Moro

anв don't forget Sandra Lauver, Taissia, Norma + Jeff Milton started their way on RA as well before she became top model of MA.

How do you know that my time is night now? World is open our days, no borders, jet airliners, Internet, even language is not a border anymore. As example, this week we had an invitation to work in warmest countries of Europe, etc. It's easy and possible.

Well, I live in the Midwestern part of the USA and it is 8:24PM as I start this comment, if you are anywhere in Europe/Africa/South America/Asia/Australia.....it is either late night of September 26st, or early morning of September 27th:)

That is how I know you are working late (or early)!!!

Have a good night Rylsky:)

Thank you, Mr. Detective.


Candy Rose is just fabulous! I love her outdoor shoots, they make her so beautiful! However I'm glad she only did a few of them, her beauty is a world treasure. I know she's a healthy young lady, but I always worry about the model on these. Candy Rose gets a 10++++ from me.

Shame on you, 5seadog! Why onlu 4 "+"s ? gave her "+++++" as "Real 5seadog"


Just stunning!

The incredibly beautiful Candy Rose, what a wonderful treat. Candy is so very pretty and so cute.

Thank you from her!

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful model - like she !
Hear, body is well.

Great set of the beautiful Candy. Particularly loved the photos #99, 100 and 102 where her raven hair is wrapped around her breasts.

Good input, Byron!

Maybe some poetry for her?

That is a stunning set maestro. Simply breathtaking and Wow !! :-)

Candy could wear that parka for the entire set, and she'd still rate a 10. She's SO goddam beautiful! (And she has the most appropriate moniker in MetArt.) I long to wake up and see that face next to mine on the pillow. Besides, she's 5'11", and I probably wouldn't get a backache when we dance cheek to cheek. xoxo

Great job Rylsky. The more beautiful the woman, the more inspired you seem to be. I also love the winter exteriors. They're a pleasant change from the plethora of beach settings we've had lately.

The color of background is classic "cold" and the exterior - classic "Siberia".
Thank you!

Candy warmed both of them.

Candy, Candy, Candy, you are looking so beautiful in this set, you look good enough to eat.

Rylsky, fine job sir! I like the clothed shots in this set, they give a little context.

I always liked dressed shots, I hope you know it. I also like when we can make some upskirts or voyeur shots. It makes me feel like we really see our girl, not professional model.

Thank you, sir.

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