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I had to look and see this and have downloaded it to make a point ( I'm writing this in 2014 ) Caprice is totally lovely here. Too bad she's totally ugly inside now.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

A blast from the past. Just for the heck of it perusing this old set. Came across a telling image -- 119 -- a "beautiful" example of an "air-brushed" "photoshopped" painted-over underarm. Wipes out all that nasty hair. The last thing we want to see on an erotic model!
I hope things have progressed around here since then. Otherwise there'd be no chance of you ever hearing the end of it from me :-)

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

BTW, what's the point of that pose if not at least in part to show she shaves under her arms -- that she's a grownup?
Someone pleeze enlighten me :-)
The IQ is notably poor overall, too -- another photog with skills not up to his camera...

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