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The Teddy is the finest piece of lingerie ever invented... and it is off Caprice in the first 25 shots. Slowly, slowly. There is a snap crotch for a reason...

Another photographer with a broken tripod leg! Why all the crazy angles...I'm getting a bad neck trying to twist my head around. the 19th on page 3 is just ludicrous.

I really don't think that this Beautiful young women could ever have a bad pose Caprice is in the top 5 beauties that have an incredibly Beautiful face and a perfect body as well

She is Deliciously tempty:-D

Love the body suit.

I do not like the way some of the pictures were shot. I hate it when the photographer rotates the camera away from level and square. This distorts the perspective and forces me to rotate the pictures. Please hold the camera level and shoot straight like the better professionals do.

I can only imagine that they think they are being "artistic" by being out of square. Gives me crossed eyes and a sore neck.

Right on Frankie!! Me too!!

Little Caprice mmm petite and sweet.

hardcore or Met-Art Caprice makes my day period.

Seriously this girl is a super skank hardcore slut! Not hot, not sexy! Why are you going hardcore Met Art? When Penthouse decided to go full hardcore it destroyed them now your doing the same! I will stop my subscription if hardcore is your new way!

StreetGlide seems to have a issue with a woman who has sex on camera, but not with ones who show every inch of their body to the camera. Seems like a rather arbitrary line to me! If you are looking for a vestal virgin to gaze upon, why are you here?

Easy now, remember she's somebody's daughter.

You must be looking for Cosmo... Or Glamour... Or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition... THIS is not "hardcore" unless you're a devoted 'believer' in which case you must be lost or thought this was a site for 'Art at The Metropolitan Museum'... And I didn't hear that Penthouse had been destroyed! Hmmm

there is nothing "hardcore" about this set...

Considering that Caprice is the number one ranked model here on Met-Art, your opinion obviously represents a tiny minority! There is nothing even close to hardcore here on Met-Art. The comment feature here should reflect your opinion of photo set or video posted HERE, not a model's work elsewhere! And if you don't have anything positive to say, please do us all a favor, and don't say anything!

Caprice is the number one girl for a reason...she is the most beautiful and sexy girl here!!!

I couldn't have said it better. Caprice is the ultimate sex kitten! Absolutely stunning beauty! Anyone who had her attributes would probably do the same things she's doing.

This set is below average for this beauty.

I must have been in a foul mood yesterday. My apologies... Upon closer examination, this is a fine set! Caprice looking gorgeous as ever and some really nice shots of her.

We do see a lot of Caprice on the net which is not surprising because she is extremely beautiful and staggeringly sexy!

She will always get my 10 vote!

"She" will always get a 10 from me also, but some of her sets are NOT 10's in my opinion.. And the "hardest" work I've seen from her is on Twistys, but I don't get around much anymore...

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