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Awesome, what a great pussy this babe has!

she is one of my favorites! but the waxed arm look is just creepy

explain please:"waxed arm look is just creepy"

An example of a perfect set. Photograhers take note.

I always say Caprice is perfection. Here I am again saying - Caprice is perfection.

An all time favorite, she is a super star...if there´s a picture of her just reading the newspaper, she still will look sexy.

Caprice is beautiful as always, but doesn't have her usual coy and sweet smile. :( I always enjoy looking at her tight smooth body and dreaming of what fun it would be to ...

Thank you Caprice, hope married life is working out.

8.something? Dudes! It's little Caprice! :-)

Blame the "OMG, there's a 'porn star' on my favorite porn site!" crowd.

They'd probably react the same way if they went to an NBA game and found a bunch of tall black guys playing ;)

Another beautiful sex toy... i love her landing strip and amazing pussy. great ass too....

Caprice is one beautiful girl,I thank her for sharing that with us, if you subscribe to these sites why be derogatory about how they make their money when it is us that enjoy it.

She has that awesome back and belly fuzz, then goes and ruins it by shaving all of her arms and legs!

one beat up ol porn hoe!

Poor H.time... he believes girls should be shrink wrapped for photography, and that no model HE looks at should be able to express their sexuality for anyone but him. She screws on camera. So what.

And I suppose you have some odd idea that MetArt isn't a 'porn' site... because you would never stoop to such a thing. Might ask your priest or minister if it qualifies... women showing their everything to a camera usually does.

Say hammertime, could you make a living posing nude?

I imagine your ex doesn't think so....

Go stroke it somewhere else... Caprice is erotic,sexy and beautiful...

Easy now, she's somebody's daughter!

hm, if daughters come after their mothers I might want to meat that mom. To gratulate her for her fine daughter of course.

you're an idiot ...

Oh, Caprice, can words do justice to your beauty? No, I really don't think so. You look so hot in those little shorts and sheer tank top and I just can't wait until you show me more of that trim body of yours. The play of light and shadow on your skin makes each photo a joy to look at. How I wish I could worship you with more than just my eyes.

Thank you, Luca for bringing us another enjoyable set of this exceptional beauty.

Another great set with Caprice from Luca Helios! So beautiful colors and hot poses. What a sexy girl - absolute perfection!

Caprice is simply gorgeous!!! Nice colors in the landscape! One of the better outdoor shoots I've seen in a while!

Caprice has one of the prettiest faces on the Met Art network, and can make even average sets wonderful.

Caprice is as beautiful as ever in this set! Great outdoor set. I like the scenic back drops and the framing shots of Caprice. Me gusta sobre todo los primeros planos de su asombroso, labios marrones coño! ;)

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