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She really needs a haircut.


I could look at her long legs and sweet pussy all day!

beautiful bush .

Caprice should be the poster girl for Met Art. She embodies all of the qualities that this site is all about. Sexy, erotic, sensual, hot...need I say more? We love you, "Preecie."

Love her!

She is a beauty!! One of my favorites.

I find you get a mixed bag of various quality photo-shoots with this photographer ranging all the way from very good down to very bad. This though is one of the photographers better results, a few varied poses only but as nearly all shots are in focus then this makes up for it.

sad about the pornslut business.

Care to expound on that thought?? What exactly do you see as "sad" about the porn'slut' business?

I'll expand on it. The reason why it's sad is because it's degrading. Sure Caprice looks sweet and innocent in this set, but how does she look in her other sets where 25 dudes are pulling an anal train on her and using her mouth as a high-volume sperm receptacle?

But hey, some people consider humiliation, degradation and depravity to be "art"...right?

Good question, rockhard.

They make pretty good money -- and as work goes -- it ain't all that hard.

She could be pushing cheese at a Burgerking! :->

Nice set, Caprice just gets better and better.

We should each get to award an "11" once a month. I'm using mine for June, right here, right now.

And it would still be an 11 if it only included pic #73.

She looks like a female Justin Bieber. No thanks.

Your name "thrill ho" I guess is why you say what you say?

If you are thrilled by "hos" then Caprice would not turn you on in the least!

For all the gals pushing pussy on the planet, Caprice has done a damn classy job of it and I for one thank her for giving me hours of fun and pleasure jerking off to a fantastic looking gal who has kept an air of class while standing before the world nude. But of course that is only my opinion, but still you could learn a lot by following my advise and get a life! :)

Just the mention of that name here should qualify you for suspension...
And you obviously haven't "looked" very far into her work to come up with a comment like that. OR she just doesn't appeal to you... In which case... you're still full of shit!

I don't care about her work, I just think she looks like a female Justin Bieber. Like, if you cut her hair the same as his, the two would look identical: same face, same eyes, same nose, same mouth. I actually laughed when I first saw her because she looks so much like the little punk.

Anyway, enjoy, guys. Great model for those secretly into the Biebs.

LOL Good one! You found us out...;o)

I guess you should know.

  • 2 years ago:

Don't be deceived by Caprice's boyish face thrilho.

What's below is beaver ... not bieber.

Sorry dude.... I don't think the biebs is anything NEAR as pretty as Caprice.

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most beautiful.
Caprice. You just more and more beautiful with each passing day. It's surreal.
Thank you.

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