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The look she has in photo 83.... Dear God

Very nice set of this stunning beauty

Caprice is so close to sexual perfection - she really has the lot...

we don't need pornosluts on a quality site like this!

"OMG, I can't stand it, there are porn stars on my favorite porn site!"

You might want to do some background checks on Met's girls at "theNUDE.eu" before you make too many comments like that.

I think you'll find that a good many of them have done some XX and XXX material.

You know what they say in "The Theatre" -- "There are no small parts -- only small actors".

All God's chilin' gotta make a livin'.

P.S. --

Besides -- they make us very happy.

Who are we to judge??

I used to feel the same as hammertime: I didn't want to see pornstars on Metart. You are right Dreadnought; the porn industry is the porn industry and many nude models have done or will do hardcore at some point in their career. I have given up being judgmental; as long as there is no hardcore on Metart itself I am happy.A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman regardless of what she has done, though I do have a soft spot in my heart for those models I have never seen advertised on any of Metart's hardcore sites.

Agree with all homer's comments, especially the last. I acknowledge how difficult it must be to get fresh faces with fine figures who are enthusiastic about exposing themselves in the name of erotic art. But isn't this the MetArt claim to fame and the reason we are subscribers here and not on one of a thousand mainstream porn sites?


Just really cute compared to Mila M's really beautiful.

No complants here what a beauty

Caprice - the more of her, the more she grows 'off' off me.

Seriously, I don't know why so many people are so enthusiastic about her.

Another set by Caprice, we are blessed!

A very uninspired and out of focused collection of photos.

Pretty difficult to put together such a bad collection of photos of one of the most beautiful nude models in the world but somehow Luca managed to submit this less than adequate pictorial.


Attractive woman! Nice puffies, pussy, and butt.

This little lady must have a blast at Victoria's Secret. I'd LOVE to be the fly on the changing-room wall....

Caprice A is one of the most exciting model on Met-Art, yet the poses this time seemed boring.

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