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Kate Mara lookalike.

A couple of observations that go beyond the typical "she's hot" comments. For one thing, I noticed in her close facial shots, her makeup is impeccable. If she is doing it herself, she's really good!

The other minor quibble for Koenart and others- when you do a close-up shot, as you know the depth of field is VERY shallow. So you focus on one area and it gets blurry not far away. My observation is the photographers almost always focus at the top of the labia, in the clitoral area. This is fine, I love it, but once in awhile I'd love to see another shot done focusing farther down, around the vaginal entrance. Hey, I'm a homing pidgeon, what can I say? My mind takes aim as if I were there. 'Nuff said...

Makes sense to me, Red.

Caprice has done like 40 sets here, so what distinguishes this one from the others? Not a whole lot, sorry, but I always enjoy Caprice anyway.

I like the clothed shots at the end. I think Koenart was listening in when we suggested to DeltaGamma a couple months ago to include some shots of his subjects in jeans and a tank top. If you are reading this DG, you see how hot Caprice looks in that attire. Wow!

Damn, She looks even hotter in jeans and a tank top. I could feast in a set with just her out and about in that outfit!

I can't get enough of Caprice. She's gorgeous. I greatly appreciate all of her work, whether it's softcore or hardcore. If she's in it, it's ART.

This my definition of perfect breasts.

I'll take Caprice any day. I think I have downloaded every photo of you but I would love to have you in real life. I love your tongue.

Caprice and Anna AJ on the same day!


And, a Tracy A movie, too?!?

Awesome, Met-Art!

Just awesome.

Beautiful model and average photography. Both the model and the photographer were a bit lazy in choosing poses and proper light. The model only reluctantly got nude and quickly dressed up. The ugly shoes were a distraction. Overall - a disappointment.

Caprice continues to be one of my favorite models on Met-Art. She's cute and sexy beyond belief! I, too, like the pictures of her with clothes on at the end of this set. It kind of lets us see how she would look, if you met her in public. I'm still in love with you, Caprice! Come back soon.

where's she been you ask? taking dick on porn sets!!! she should be done here. and hey, i didn't know justin bieber had tits?

WTF is that all about???

I knew Bieber didn't have boobs --

And I'm relatively certain he hasn't got a dick.

But you do know that there are places where you can go to get help for this puritanical hang-up you've got.

And if you're on the Affordable Care Act, you can get a subsidy for the therapy!


You're disgusting.

I agree, manuel.

Ya , this set not like Caprice . Almost like she was forced . Who was the photographer ? Oh Koenart , well that explains this messed up set . Which is not caprice's fault . She is 1 of the top best here . It was the photographer who screwed this set .

I also thought this was just an "Okay" set. Didn't break any grounds or anything. I was waiting on this, because of Caprice. I also like the normal clothes at the end of the set. That exposure is always nice to see. If I was to rate this set, which I'm not going to; 5 for creativity, and 8 for photography skills. Over all not a bad job, just monotonous? I think is the word.

Respectfully disagree, this is not a great set, it is not a good set, it is an "ok" set. Caprice is always beautiful, however, I think this set was a wasted opportunity!

Gotta love Caprice's personality coming out in this set. I totally dig that irresistible mischievous smile of hers! I'd love to be the guy peeling her orange and feeding it to her...

Caprice is ageless and as beautiful as her first sets. This woman has the ability to project powerful sexuality and yet present a look of innocence. It is no wonder the she has been a perennial favorite on Metart and several of the other sites too. As long as she keeps on looking like this I'll keep on downloading her sets!

Environment, dark colors dull, black dress.
Not just a beautiful model with great professionalism to make
brilliant a set.
Without colors best B & W.

Damn, gaetano, that's twice in a day I'm disagreeing with you! That is indeed a first.

Ah Caprice, As playful as always. Good set. Loved the "dressed" shots at the end. Into explicit on the first page and delivers all the way through. I never get tired of her, either here or on Sex.

Good to see you're still around:).....glad to see you're back swplf2:)

Thank you fer_realz and sailor:)

Let me be the second to welcome you back, swplf! Browning's really worried about you, I hope he sees you're back really soon!

Welcome back, old sock. Were you catching up on your sleep?

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