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Disappointing for one of the top 3 models here. Only about 12% of the shots are worth a damn.

Caprice is simply amazing!

My favorite Met-Art sex kitten is back! I love everything about Caprice. Words fall short of adequately describing her beauty and sex appeal. I can't wait to see her next set.

Caprice is always perfection!

Ok Guys thanks for trying to helb but this is what I get:

Bye the way in private e-mails with an artist here I am told that Caprice is a charming, and nice as she appears here and is a dream to work with. He also points out that the Czech Repubic is much less religious than say italy so their profession is not a stigma. Most of Caprice's real porn was when she just got started once she hooked up with the Met Family it is at our sites level (Erro has used her a lot), yes on Sex she is still "doing it" but so far only g/g and solo with toys etc. We do not have an exclusive contract I don't think (K. Jump in!) but for the most part she is now a nude model. I personally have not seen her in any new B/G's for a long time. And she is still #3 on SexArt.

swplf, you are not the only one, I get exactly the same stuff in both the upper bar and the lower bar.
I am on a laptop, windows, and I use Chrome.
Since I can't access the photo # in either task bar, I just count manually. There are 5 photos in each row, so I just count down adding five until I get to the row, and then count over to the specific image.
I've got my preferences set to display 80 thumbnails, so I can count up from 80 starting on the second "page."

Are you on a business network? The protected to me says you are viewing through a protected network node.

What browser are you using? Try going to http://members.met-art.com/ I checked both firefox and Internet explorer And I get http://members.met-art.com/members/model/caprice-a/gallery/20140212/MIRABILIA/image/2/low/

Are you outside the us?

I'm sorry to keep saying this, but I can't say anything even semi intelligent until I know WHAT you are viewing the images on.

Is it a computer either desktop or laptop?

Is it a tablet?

Is it a phone?

What is it?

Immediately, "protected" jumps out at me! I have never seen that as I look at these, or any, images.

My experience is exclusively with an Apple computer and a free image viewing program called Xee. For all I know, you might be using a proxy server, a VPN, or some exotic gizmo to make you anonymous. If you are, either by accident or on purpose, you are miles beyond my ability to attempt to offer a solution.

I bet one of the others who have tried to help will know what the solution is.

With our crazy rating she has dropped to #63, yet if my Hall of Fame idea was ever accepted I am willing to bet she will be in it along with APF, Carina, and (Add your own fav.) that now languish in the middle of the Top Listing.

And she does porn!! Love it

She is the most perfect girl i've see in the world !

IMHO, #40 and 41 are the perfect shots of what I feel is the perfect breast profile! For me at least this is my ideal shape.

Before the Ukrainian invasion, there was the Czechs...the gorgeous Czechs. And Caprice represented them like few others could. A perennial beauty that just keeps getting more and more desireable!! Great set, but then most all of hers are! ALL of her work is worth having!

That should be "And Caprice 'represents' them..." (Because of course, she still does! lol)

Caprice has always been one of my favorites here and this set doesn't change that. Beautiful woman.

Caprice is pretty, but pretty is what she inherts from her parents, and beautiful is what she does with it in her mind.(Remember 90% of all sex,and beauty takes place in the brain) Caprice is a sex worker, on the internet as Little Caprice and like most,does not put out more than she has to.Compare this with Rylsky's set of Flavia on this same page. Even Flavia's pipik is sexy and pretty. and she leaves Caprice in the dust, even though she is not as pretty physically. Nuff said.

Hi everyone-after thinking it over,I say look a Caprice in 2010 and look at her now. In 2010 she was very beautiful, every single shot. Now she looks like a sex worker doing exactly enough to get paid, and not an iota more. And she is still posting on the internet as Little Caprice.

I think both ladies, and both sets of them today are worthy of high marks. Caprice and Flavia each have their individual traits and strengths. I can't fault either one for what they are doing with what God gave them as I sit here and look at them nude. So Caprice has been in the biz for a while. I doesn't affect what I see here in this set. Both women are beautiful. I have found that discussing a comparison of one woman to another is bound to piss both of them off.

You also have to look at strengths of the different photogs if you are doing a fair comparison. Rylsky definitely has a talent for bringing out his subjects' personality. Not saying anything bad about Koenart, just that this is where Rylsky shines and perhaps that is part of the difference that you see.

I don't feel that being a sex worker should be held against her as you seem to be doing. I base my opinions on what I see in the set it's self and not outside information. I feel that Caprice has a great body and a very expressive face and I see nothing here that says she is holding back or is jaded in any way. I find her to be very classy. Flavia's stock in trade on the other hand is her bright outgoing personality and openness. They are two completely different personality types. I have talked to photographers that have worked with Caprice and they said she is a pleasure to work with and a genuinely nice person.

I'd say a bit too much said...dog ;o)

Majestic Caprice just keeps getting hotter, so very sexy, long may she continue to shine!.

Having a "Bewitched" flashback...I think it's her nose.

A very cute nose it is.

Pics 83 and then 84, it doesn't get any better than that

In my next life I will be born in the Czech Republic, I will find this woman and stare at that BEAUTIFUL, flawless face forever. The most stunning woman on the entire met-art site. In my humble opinion....sigh, what a way to start the day. The face alone is a perfect 10.

Welcome back, on one of the most beautiful ladies, thank you for another great set with a few great exposure of close up on intimate parts. Appreciate very much, I will be waiting for more future sets to come!

She always turns my head for a second look. The set itself did not do much for me. Love her!

Concerning especially the first half of the set:

The distance between the camera and the model is too short. So the head of Caprice disproportional big. Not just a great work of Koenart!

swplf2: With respect, "on the last row of page two second from the left " is an awkward way of describing what I believe others would describe as # 37 (if they have chosen under the OPTIONS tab to retain the default setting of 20 Thumbnails per page). A member who has chosen some different number of thumbnails per page will be directed to an entirely different image!

How are you viewing the images? What browser, device, image viewing program, or. . .do you use to view the full size images? Do you read responses to your comments?

I am such a putz!

It would be easier for swplf2 to read responses to comments if I had made this comment as a reply not a stand alone!


  • 2 years ago:

just click on the image and look up to the explorer bar. The number is there.

Caprice is a class act in every set. Here and on SA. She is a consummate pro. Never fails to seduce and delight. So many different looks from sweet and demure to hot and seductive she does them all and does them well. She is just as cute and sexy now as she ever was. A real charmer.

So cute with such a nectar little body.... arousing girl for sure!

Yet again a stunning model in a seductive setting and Caprice is with
out a doubt always been one of my favorites, and nary a glimpse of
one of the most perfect backsides in the business? Help a brother out!

It is such a joy watching Caprice grow up, she is getting even better looking as she matures. Naked before page one ends and stays that way, wow. Some explicit to die for, some teasing ones to beg her for more, and (I never have figured out he numebering) on the last row of page two second from the left may be one of the best full body showing nothing sexual shots ever. She is a true pro. Great set grown up Lil Caprice.

Hey guy, The photo number is the last number in the file name. the file name will be displayed in your address bar if the individual photo is displayed and if you are in the gallery view simply place the mouse cursor over the photo and the file name will pop up at the bottom of your screen. It will say something like http://members.met-art.com/members/model/caprice-a/gallery/20140212/MIRABILIA/image/17/low/
the last entry's in the line, image/17/low tell, you the image number and the resolution you are viewing at.

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