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Caprice is a 10, but not when her arms are waxed, hate that look.

I love her pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She got my "10" --

Bored or not -- she's currently running "8.73". Top marks for the day.

With a body like her's, bored is OK.

I can't imagine the idea behind the raggity-ass chair, but it SUCKS!!
Caprice is one of my very favorite girls, but this piece of....art doesn't do either of us any good!! Arkisi or DG should be shooting this beauty!

I agree, can not understand the purpose of the raggedy-ass chair either. she deserves better, I have some great chairs at my house.

Bored model. Boring set.

good to see Caprice again. I was cool at first but then started dropping the 10s like the old days. Caprice still has it.

Caprice wins the "Cutest Met Art Model" competition by her "bewitched" nose!

Caprice is a beautiful woman and watching her grow into a woman over the past few years has been amazing, but, yes, please at least look like you are enjoying the shoot. A glimmer of a smile doesn't work, show some personality...reminds me of a beautiful woman who "knows' that she is beautiful and is spoiled rotten, no matter what you do for her she has a bored look on her face. I think she is simply perfection but show some personality. One man's very humble opinion, probably a great gal, who truly knows?

I tend to agree with you. A woman who flirts with the camera is much more interesting.

MA needs to fire Luca Helios! That man sucks as a photographer! This isn't the first time either!

After THIS set, I tend to agree!!!

The set worked for me. Good job all around. Ofcourse, Caprice could wear a sheet covering her whole body and I would still love it.

Caprice rarely smiles and actually looks bored. I rate her a 9 overall - with a few smiles, she'd be a 10.

Frankly, I'm getting sick and tired of hearing this complaint about Caprice.
Images # 25, 60 - 63, 69, just to name a few.

Speaking as a photographer of women, there are usually very good reasons women don't smile when it's done so consistently. The fact that they don't write this down in their profile is not a mark against them.

set was meh. Caprice as amazing as ever, image 83 is particularly lovely.

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