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Caprice is a magnificently beautiful and sexy girl. I have admired her from the first moment I saw her photos on Met Art. She is one of the all time great models. We can never get too much of her.

I often have issues with outdoor shoots, but I thought this was great. Caprice still has IT, Beautiful girl. Any lots for sale on that beach? :-)

COuldn't have said it better Topnife. I totally agree!

Beautiful woman, striking scenery, creative posing, clever photography, exceptionally good series!

I didn't sign up for all this drama, I signed up for viewing beautiful ladies. Who gives a shit about there history. Hell, everyone has a history. Just enjoy the scenery.

Oh, I forgot to metnion. There is a program you can download that automaticaly removes sand from met-art models ass pictures and makes glass vases out of it. You can sell those vases and make enough money for met-art membership. If you are concerned about the global beach errosion situation, you can configure the program to put the sand back into the ocean.

Cprice is always beautiful, but not my type. More attention to beautiful girls, and less US daytime TV drama please. Thank you.

A fantastic set. What could be better than a beautiful girl with the sun sea and sand in the background. Bring on the sand and next time maybe some mud at an inland location ha ha. Dirtier the better. Well done Caprice and Ivan.

A note to 5seadog: Met Art is a nude site. Top rated and I enjoy it. If you do not like it; then do not subscribe. There are 1000's of porn sites you can subscribe to. Many free ones. For you to think you can psychoanalyze some girl on a porn site based on her expression makes me wonder how your clients did with you as their social worker. Go away and find some other site to bitch at.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

He doesn't like Caprice's expression. That's not the same as not liking this site, which he obviously does.

And you'll note that at least he's not telling anybody either to shut up or to leave.

Unless I missed something :-)

I don´t care if she doesn´t smile, if she has sand on her body, if she has done porn before...I just love her and it´s an all time favorite for me

You may be interested in her work at Twistys. She does a LOT of "ear-to-ear" grinning as well as plenty of smiling and laughing...;o) And it DOES make a difference in the appeal of her sets. They're so much more fun to look at when the model is having fun with it... But all her sets since she's come here are very "collectable" too... She's just a great looking girl!!

Thanks for the information!! And I will check her work at Twistys for sure..I try to collect all that I can of her, and yes, it´s nice to see when the model is having fun. And it´s interesting to see the diference appeal on the sets of many sites of the same model, and I never get dissapointed of Caprice...

You are quite welcome. Enjoy!!

Always a pleasure to see Caprice. I liked yesterdays photo shoot with Mango on the white sandy beach more than this brown sandy beach. The thing that did make it nice was the beautiful blue water and Caprice on the rocks; to me, she's always been a sweetheart. Anyway, this makes two days in a row that I went to the wrong beach for "sand removal" duties, damn.

...do you even HAVE a GPS?!? Damn, maybe me and the boys need to pass a hat around and buy you a unit... ( ;

Hows about in all this load of argument somebody just says thank you Caprice and Ivan, I enjoyed the set? Because I did, so thank you.

And, Seadog, you say, "...anal Queen of the Internet..." like it's a bad thing.

Well at least I didn't find another whole page of sand antagonists today, which I was expecting. Instead I got a plethora of analysis. Hell I was expecting Doctor Phil to pop up because Oprah ask him to intervene. Professionally I dealt with sex workers of all ilk as both a prosecutor and a private attorney the one thing I learned was never make assumptions. A couple of IMO valid points were made, even thou most were speculative bull shit. First of all our American experience is totally different from what our models faced and still face in their part of the world. I truely believe that our Artist respect their models and about as close as they ever get to abusing then is "sand" on their asses. That alone makes a big difference. Actually the "legitimate" porn business here in America has also move in that direction. That business still has a lot of scum involved and the internet just perpetuautes it. But on to Caprice yes she was an intenet hit as "Little Caprice" and that shit still is available years later, but none of that was after she joined our family here at Met. These Ukrainian and Czech girls are forming a community, true friendships are developing between them and in APF they have a role model. Emily is a close friend of Milena, Lauren is a regulat house guest of Delta and his wife Phi. The younger ones already look up to Caprice and her success. Catherine is a Mother image to many, Ry their protective father image. For them this is an accepted business that gives them an opportunity to succeed. Hell Jon over at Sex has given them a way to still suck dick without it being smut. The business is evolving as are our models. Met has played a role in that our Family sites have offered them an entry into this market and the money it brings, which to be truthful is why most got involved. IMO opinion Caprice has matured and is now one of our most classy models. She deserves better than crap posted today.

Leave it to swlpf2 to put it best. Thanks!

Well put, SW!

A-fucking-men!! Thank You!!

"Life's a beach"...

and then you die

No....then you become a head-shrinker and start analysing people based on pictures of them... Sorry dog but you seem to be having a breakdown... Also I believe your past experiences are coloring your judgement.

Hi guys-I am not down on Caprice because she is trying to be the anal Queen of the internet, I am down on her because of her F--- You, I got paid sex worker's attitude.I have never denied she is physically fabulous,but fabulosity does NOT make an erotic model. I point out that some of the girls in the met universe are former sex workers, like Angel who was Angel Dark and Was the anal queen of the internet,and of course our beloved APF.Porn is a losers game, that's why I never got involved(and I don't mean a roll in the hay with your girlfriend,)I mean B/G hardcore.I was a psychiatric aocial worker for many years and about half my caseload was sex workers. I also have a friend who made over 400 movies,she has psychiatric probs out the wazoo and just went into A.A. cause she's cross addicted (alcohol and pills) and has kids she totally adores. Caprice is a loser,check presenting Caprice when she was an erotic model and you'll see


seadog...we're here to enjoy ourselves, not to read shit like this!!
I know I don't "have" to read your comments, but just try looking away from a train wreck! It's difficult to do...

You got that sh-- right!

I'm here to look at pretty young girls that provide us with a great deal of pleasure on a voluntary basis.

I'm not William Gladstone or JP Morgan. One wanted to save women from the evil world and the other had enough money to do it. Nor am I a social worker, but four years of psychology and two wives taught me that women do what they want to do.

And -- the Army taught me not to spoil the beauty of a thing with too much analysis.

Let's leave "Dr. Phil" out of this site. Oprah owns the smarmy GIT -- and she can have him !!!

And YOU "got THAT shit right"!! LOL ;o) (the last part that is....lol)

As to what I mean by harmless,check out Danae and Antea doing "Oil"where Antea is going to rub suntsn oil on her friend Danae's back and rubs a few other things as well(It's on EA) or "Wanna "on RA where Taissia explains to her friend Jenelle that there other things you can do in a wading pool.P.P.S. Jenelle loved it.

  • Mr B
  • 4 months ago:

5Seadog, what I don't understand is why you belong to this site and others if you think the girls are so hurt by what they do, if there is not the market they would not be doing it. I personally think most just are making money,they need.Your belonging to this site and others is very hypocritical, to say the least. Also you are one with commnts almost very day

So whatever YOU enjoy is "harmless", but everything else is "toxic"..!!?? With all due respect...and from me, that's not a lot, you SOUND like a social worker... That sort of work produces a certain amount of superiority complex and self-righteousness.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Pile on the dog time because he says what he thinks, and sometimes it's not pretty.
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone :-)
Be very careful what you accuse another of, lest you accuse yourself...
Etc... :-)

I know this applies to yours truly as well :-)))

And I'm not tryin' to shut you up.
It's just that when somebody speaks, their mind is on parade :-)))
For better or worse :-)

I'm not "piling on the dog." I usually agree with most of what 5seadog says. It's just that in this instance, he is being narrow minded and harshly judgmental, about someone he doesn't even know. Based on really flimsy logic. I'm pointing out the lack of logic in his assertions today and also pointing out that Caprice is the one in Caprice's head, and Caprice is the one who knows what Caprice is thinking ~ not 5seadog, not fer_realz, not Doug, not any of us.

Sympathize with him all you want to doug, but anyone that calls one of my favorite models a "loser" is gonna get both barrels!!

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

That's chivalrous of ya! :-)
I would guess he's taking a longer view.

Good luck proving him wrong, Caprice!
I mean that sincerely :-)

Problem is, he's already got his mind made up ~ without knowing her in real life, just from looking at pictures of her, and knowing what she does for a living.
That is no way of judging a person's character. You have to have significant one-on-one experience with them before you can make the judgments he's made about Caprice.
He has worked with other sex workers, so he assumes she's just like the (bad) ones he's worked with... that's flawed logic.

Prove him wrong!!?? LOL You think she would give his babble a second thought!!?? I'd be totally amazed if she reads this stuff at all! She has nothing to prove to anyone! And I mean THAT sincerely!

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I don't know if she would or not, Rock.
But I wouldn't be amazed if she reads this stuff.
At her peril! :-)))

That's how we learn, tho :-)

Study a bit of Freud --

He'll tell you that social workers usually end up hating what they most tried to save.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I've studied a bit of Freud -- more than a bit, probably -- but missed that.
And of course I don't think seadog is *that" old! :-)

I would imagine most social workers today know a bit of Freudian thought :-)

I'm sympathetic to seadog in part because I'm not a fan of Caprice's or any MA model's "sex work."

I can usually sense a MA model is also on SA, etc, before confirming it.
They tend to look a little "hardened" to me.

They are diminished in my eyes as MA "erotic models."

Now why some of them choose to have sex for money on SA, et al -- that's a very good question, which I think seadog is wondering openly about.

And of course he's applying his own experience to the question -- wouldn't we all?

It's not clear to me that he hates her -- more the work she does, or how she does it.

So you agree that we have the right to judge the models based on their past?? What business is it of ours what these girls did, or DO, besides MetArt???

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Yes, I think we have a right to judge, speculate, and express those things here.
Especially when their past is somewhat documented here :-)
It's gonna hurt some people. That's the risk of Comments.
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
You can turn Comments off.

"Titans of tolerance" ---- !!!???

"Cobblers", mate !!

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Yep, I guess that's the most we can hope for on this site :-)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

And btw let's give a shout-out to narrow-mindedness while we're at it! :-)))

Let's! We're all great at it, right? ( ;

I guess I should have known better than to ask you... Of course you think we have the right to say anything here.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I didn't say *anything* :-)

But I wouldn't ban anything I've so far read here.

And some of it's been a lot nastier than this, IMO :-)

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Obviously we're already judging them with insensate numbers :-)

Comments can articulate what's behind those numbers.

Yep, I come down pretty hard against censorship.

Follow your own code -- show up people who offend you by showing them something better.

What else can you do?

What I don't like is the suggestion that only some comments/commentators are acceptable.

Where are the titans of tolerance when we need them :-?

BTW, as far as I'm concerned you have the right to disagree with vocal vehemence :-)

....thing is, 5seadog, and I am saying this with all the respect in the world for you, and for your experience as a counselor... but even you cannot read a model's mind, just from looking at her picture.
You don't know jack about her attitude, just from her pictures.
I think I see a certain amount of projection going on there.
I don't think it's a matter of a "F U, I got paid" attitude. I think she is genuinely trying to portray sensuality and sultriness ~ as SHE understands it. She has no idea that it looks bored or underwhelmed to us.
Honestly... do you REALLY think she could have been a successful model all these years if she genuinely had a "fuck you" attitude about her work?

Hi fer-realz she used to be an EROTIC model check "Presenting Caprice "done back in 2010 And I had 60 seconds to deal with suicide, to read the body language and face, and decide how to break the mental and emotional cycle of breakdown. The same goes with homicide where they shoot or drown the wife, kids dog,and parakeet. Or my last case,where I had a 15 yr old with a loaded,cocked browning hi-power with the safety off threatening to kill me,her boy friend, and herself,and I had to talk her into giving Me the gun and going to the hospital.(P.S. I did but had my first heart attack the next day)

Come on. You can't be serious. The woman is posing; it's not her real self. She's putting on an act for the camera, and you can't tell anything more about her from her facial expressions or body language than you can tell about any given actor in a performance from their facial expressions or body language. The psychology of facial expressions has been long discredited, and body language is not a reliable indicator of anything when someone is posing for a camera for a specific purpose.

The rub here is that these pics are no differnt from any of the cards in the Thematic Apperception Test where the stories a client makes up about subjects in a picture say more about that person than about the subjects in the picture. Anyone who has studied psychology should know this.

Good for you, 5seadog, and that is not a snarky/sarcastic comment at all. I'm really glad you and people like you are out there working with some truly desperate people. Honestly.
I just genuinely believe you've "read" Caprice all wrong ~ and your assertions about her, presented as knowledge about her, amount to slander.
You are aware that she was doing more hardcore stuff back in 2008, right? Check out "Little Caprice" on ALSScan.com. Incidentally, in those shoots, she's doing pretty hardcore stuff, and smiling a lot more.
I have seen the 2010 set, and I agree it is a beautiful set. I don't see her newer work as any less beautiful, and I GENUINELY don't see a "f--k you, I got paid" attitude in any of it...
Think about it... she's been extremely prolific.
Do you really think she would have the success she's had in continuing her career ~ from at least 2008, which is 7 years now... if she REALLY had an "F--k you" attitude about it?


Just to be clear, I have spoken to the many photographers who have shot her and always heard the same thing, Caprice is the sweetest person to work with and great attitude. Even with your past experiences and knowledge, you have this girl all wrong.

I never really write so much on this boards...but try to read it when I have time.
We shot Caprice in the beginning when she was brand new as a model back in 2009..and we worked with her a lot of times since then...just shot her a few days ago as a matter of fact. She is a very sweet girl as a person..sad to see that people judge her just because of her work.

Thanks for chiming in, Fred. I have a feeling that it is only a small minority of members who hold this opinion of Caprice... you'll notice that most of the comments here are in her defense and only a few are negative.
That makes me feel better.

His "past experience and knowledge" are no basis at ALL for "judging" any of the models here, for the simple reason that he "doesn't know them from the man in the moon"! All he "knows", it what "he" experienced. And thank you for chiming in K, that means a lot to us... :o) (to me anyway...)

Fascinating.... Is there a point to all this crap???

I mean this with all sincerity, I'm glad you survive both the situation you described and your heart attack 5seadog.

"Return of the Bewitched Nose"

"Bewitched" ~ and bewitching!

OK, now let's see the complaints begin...
"Caprice doesn't like me, so she never smiles in any of her sets, cos she knows this will ruin them for me."
Yeah, dude, a chick literally half the planet away knows YOU and that YOU want to see her smile and deliberately withholds it, just to ruin your day...

And you forgot "OMG, she's on the beach and there's sand on her!"

If you can't enjoy a naked Caprice, wherever she may be, whatever she may be doing, it's not something you want to advertise publicly.

Guys -- Let's not get carried away.

Luuuuuv Caprice --

But --

A smile WOULD be a nice little "personal" touch --

And --

I COULD do without the sand.

But -- I'm not complaining.

Dreadnought, I'll happily agree that I was ~ probably ~ more than just a little overboard in my prediction.
But ya gotta admit... some of the complaints when a model doesn't smile in the set seem awful juvenile...
Some guys just don't get that girls don't always WANT to smile, and a fake smile is so much worse than a neutral expression would be.
And sometimes, a woman is trying to look sultry or sexy... yes, I don't know where they got the idea that ducklips is sexy either. But just because they're not smiling doesn't mean they're frowning at YOU.
And honestly... how long has Caprice been modeling for MA? In that whole time, has she EVER been a big smiler? I could be misremembering, but I don't remember her ever smiling a lot.
If she hasn't learned to smile in her sets in all those years, she PROBABLY isn't going to start now...

She does plenty of smiling on other sites. I think she misunderstood when someone told her that MetArt was a "serious website"...;o)

"ROFL" !!!!!!!!!!!!

You're probably right, Rock, I've been looking at her work as "Little Caprice" on ALSScan.com, and she smiles a lot in that. So this is probably on behalf of the photographers here.
Incidentally, I suspect most if not all of her sets here on MA have been sitting in K's "vault" ~ probably all were shot prior to the comments forum, and before MA photographers got the message loud and clear from members that we prefer models to smile rather than trying to be "sultry." Before the comments, they had to rely on emails for feedback, and I don't know about you, but I've never been THAT motivated, believe it or not. ( :

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Key word: "trying." As in forced, not genuine...
She tried to smile...
She tried to look sexy...
Not gonna be a very good set if that's the case :-)))

Maybe her smiles were genuine back then. I wouldn't be surprised.
Just like I wouldn't be surprised if she really doesn't feel like smiling at this point, or whatever, later in the game.

Jeez, it's not as much fun doing this as having sex! :-)))
It's just plain tuff work! :-)))

Obviously I am no Caprice expert. She doesn't attract me. But I am interested in reactions here to SA et al models. Particularly when moral notions are fired up! :-))

And she seems to set 'em ablaze like nobody! :-)))

I've noticed that almost all the sets where the model isn't smiling in the vast majority of the pictures seem to arouse heated commentary.
I've just gotten sick and tired of the judgmental, illogical attitudes that seem to be exposed when these sets come out.
I totally understand that for most of us members, a happy, smiling woman is a heck of a lot sexier than a model who is trying to be sultry or looks like she'd like to be somewhere else.
It just rubs me the wrong way when members seem to think that the model is being unprofessional or even deliberately trying to disappoint us, or even just don't care.
I think they are as professional as we are on our jobs, and want to do a good job just as much as we do.
They may have strange ideas of what's sexy, but to me that's more an indication of the fact that they're women and don't think like guys.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

I'm looking for convincing genuineness. That's what's interesting to me.
I see a lot of girls here with smiles pasted unvaryingly on their faces -- a lot of guys fall for it! :-)
As I say, I'm looking for "real" :-)

My all time favorite girl posing nude ever. Absolutely the best breasts in the entire world. Hell the best woman in the world! Hands down!!

I love to see Caprice, but I hate to see sand all over her.

I agree but wouldn't you like to get her in the shower and wash all the sand off before fucking her senseless?

More Caprice, always a delight, she's absolutely stunning.

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