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I really do love her photo sets . However I have one little complaint . Caprice is not as feisty as she use to be . Which could be the photgrapher's fault . It just seems like they are trying to limit her poses . Some of you may say I do not know what I am speaking of . I ask you to look at her older sets, also she on some other sites where she has no problems getting freaky . So I beg the photographer to loosen the chain a little an let her run free some .

Caprice showing the face and form that took her to the very top.

And who among us wouldn't LOVE to have her 'on top'! ;o)

Mmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm
( : ( : ( :

That valley between major and minor needs a name suitable poetical.

"Valley of No Return"....."Land of Milk and Honey"...."Land Between the Lips"...

s'all I got...;o)

Nice, but I just call it the "doorway to heaven."

And I don't even believe in heaven... LOL

I think there's a love song there... "Stairway to the Doorway to Heaven"...??? lol

Natural beauty that is just unmatched.

Simply Stunning...

What marvelous pussy lips!

Image 90 is so awesome. I love the look on her face.

As I've said before.Caprice is a physically beautiful model, that is why she was so popular in XXX porn. I also said the reason I couldn't rate her as a top EROTIC model was her personality which was strictly "Fuck you I got paid." That is not true of this set. Maybe she has finally figured out sex work is a losers game. I know it is, I had lots of former sex workers as patients, they were a mess. I gave her a 10+++

Most of your comments are pretty lame, but your comments about Caprice, every time they post a set of her, are the worst of the lot!! Just because she has a different attitude in this set, doesn't change who she is or what she thinks about her profession. I think it's pretty clear that you're more of a "mess" than any of your so-called patients were! Stop trying to convince any one that what's in your own head, resembles anything like reality. I give you a zero, as usual.

You were an MD or psychiatrist or therapist?

Psychiatric social worker in a welfare department

Does this judgement of personality come from personal contact In a professional capacity? Or from ESP? From being psychic psychiatric worker? Or is this prescient pronouncement of personality a projection from a peculiar psyche of some past pain onto a pictorial?

Or is this simply like scrawling insults on the bathroom wall?


She's hot !

Is she new ?

No she isn't new...one of the most photographed Czech models. Used to be known as Little Caprice. She's on many sites but as the comments above indicate...it's fascinating and breathtaking to see her smile. She is one of the most beautiful and desirable women I've ever seen...perfection from head to toe.

Jake...for bein' "inNJ", you pretty smart feller...;o)

This is absolutely the best photo set of Caprice I've ever seen. Not only is she sexy and beautiful, her smile could light up a room. I'm also a huge fan of her "Bewitched" nose. Love you Caprice!

CAPRICE SMILES!!!! Real smiles! The cutest, prettiest gal on the site is smiling. That is a good thing to see, Caprice is so utterly breathtaking and perfect, she's just simply stunning...not many models that you can get off just looking at that beautiful face.....ah, to kiss that perky nose and kiss those lips, maybe in the next life!!!

A second "10" for the day -- !

That smile is wonderful -- more would be appreciated.

❤ her sweet ass...but it's the "bewitched" nose that makes Caprice super cute!

Excellent set of an absolutely adorable girl!! LOVE it when she flashes that beautiful smile!! I too am very fond of the closing sequence...just adorable!! I think Caprice is one of the sexiest girls here!


I'd love to see a set that starts with shots #121-130.

What could be better than our little babydoll? Our little babydoll in a powder blue babydoll.... ( :
Caprice looks adorable, particularly in the opening shots with the lingerie, and the closing shots where we get a peek at her non-model personality.
What a doll... ( :

Image 121 would melt the stoniest heart!

Or # 130... ( :

Caprice: always a feast for the eyes.

So lovely ♥

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