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Caroline is a pretty girl and this set is not all that bad for a "debut" set. But then ALL your work looks good to me Catherine...;o)

There's not much wrong with this set except the usual thing - not enough pussy and ass.

She's a cute girl, and perhaps Catherine can persuade her to be less shy.

I would love to see more of this model. She has a beautiful face and expression (shot 72 and 91). Catherine's style is seductive and unique. I love 49, 50, and 102.

I don't know why this set is scored so low by members! It is decent photography and a nice fresh model. The only thing I can see needed is possibly more variety in poses. A few standing and a few from behind would've been a plus, not to mention a nice closeup or two. Still, I feel it should be scored higher.

Hi kilroy)) I is grateful to you for your assessment. It is beginning model, it herself very uncertainly felt in operating time. Thanks))

I agree with the first comment about how Catherine interacts with those who write to her. As to this set, it is again a spendid example of Catherine's work. Caroline B is a wonderful model with a great attitude. Her breasts are her best feature. I hope to see more of her. It would be nice if she would grow her underarm hair and pubic hair. That is European and on beautiful women it is erotic.

Hi Gary)) People write sincerely and kindly, I try to answer the same. Thanks of Gary for your praise) I wrote that it is difficult to me to decide on presence of hair at model, but I will surely decide on such work.

Nice new model.I think she'll do great.

I too so think)

Nice model but she needs to relax more. Close ups really help and more open pussy shots as that's what makes a sexy gallery. Hope to see more of her, and more pussy shots, wet and sexy look. She has a pretty face and pretty eyes like marbles. Hope she does another set soon!!! all the best!

Thanks tranzen)) I Hope, I with it I will work. In any case, see you soon. And to you all the best))

I agree with Dissent, I don't think this is a terribly bad set, even if it's not Catherine's best. Anyway, Catherine is a seasoned professional who can take critical commentary. But I feel for poor, gorgeous Caroline. Don't be discouraged, sweetheart, come back soon!! Dosvidaniya just means "until we see you again."

Hi Myshkin)) I Hope that we will meet soon))

Catherine, I don't think this is one of your better sets due to too many of the same or similar poses.

I like the model's unique body shape and would like to see her poses the way you posed Beatrice C yesterday.

Thanks for reading and responding to my comments.

This set isn't so successful, you are right. I hope to me so it isn't necessary to write any more)

Thank you looking forward to your next set of models. I am sure they will get better and better as you incorporate suggestions of members of metart. Thanks again.

See you again))

Catherine, POSE your models. 19 pictures of a girl in a semi-fetal position is NOT sexy.

I will consider it. Thanks)

Catherine is the only photographer who so kindly interacts and responds to the utterances here. I wonder if other photographers read or take any notice of what is written here.
Bravo Catherine. Love you .xx

Catherine is one of the world's 5 or 6 kind people. The rest are all nasty.

So you have met all the people in the world, have you?

I have met several thousand, but almost all were too intelligent to make a comment like yours.

Hi Ouchstopit) Thank you)) Among members of Met-Atr too is a lot of benevolent people. I consider that kind the vast majority and my communication with members of Met-Art in comments it proves people. Ouchstopit thanks that you about me so wrote)

Ergo, thank you) This communication)) Is very interesting to me))

Catherine. You do such great work! This model is inexperienced and you have to work past that obstacle. This subject will be more relaxed next time. Also, when you give an ample display of anal and pussy shots, doggie, spread, hands spreading her buttocks, the set will be great. Thanks for your stellar work. I look forward to your next presentation!

Hi Davey Boy))Thank you for your words, I will surely take your advice)

Hi Catherine, no further comments are to be made, practically everything I wanted to say was said already. However, I would like to ask you whether you have used a red spot light together with the other lighting when shooting? We could see the reflection of the red light on the cornea of the model. What was the reason behind it? Thanks in advance.

I in this shooting used not the radio synchronizer for studio light. In this set I used the infrared synchronizer. When I work with it, I usually send its radiator to a ceiling. But in this shooting I probably forgot it to make therefore there are red patches of light in eyes and on skin. I am sorry.

Thank you so much for your explanations. I am trying to learn from you.

Art photos can learn a lifetime. And I'm learning))

I have to disagree with many of the negative comments. I found this set beautiful, both the model and the photography, from start to finish.

Hi dissent) Thanks for the good attitude to my work)

I wanted to say thanks for sharing your Beauty and Charm. I hoped to see you again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks chaswcar1) you are very kind)

When reading the comments here I think that people are being quite harsh. I am sure that it is quite a task working with and getting the best out of a new and what I assume is an inexperienced model. Caroline while not in the same league as Amelie B or Valeria A, is pretty. The set of photos are well executed.

Monkeryma, thank you kind relation)

Catherine: I echo the comments of Ingoodtaste as they relate to you taking the time to reply to our comments and seeing the model's entire body. Thank you.



Have a look at Hegre-art, especially the anniversary year 2012. You will know then what's really "boring". What you're looking there is the transfer of Henry Fords assembly production in photopgraphy. Seems he had/has problems with regular grade of service.

Hi Hello)) I isn't so satisfied with this set. Thank you for your kindness and support))

If so, we hope for many further attempts with Caroline.
I'm unable to condamn the set en bloc. Many successful pictures.
Maybe I would have asked for some variations of img 096, perhaps some more distance because of sharpness?

You are right.

Caroline is a very attractive lady. I like her ample, Rubens-esque body type well presented in 19, 49, and 50. I hope you two work together again and achieve ease with each other.

Thanks a lot Baggy36Pants) Perhaps, very much at a distant day, I will want to work with it again.

Catherine, it is nice that you are taking the time to write comments back to us. In my opinion your sets seem to have the same poses, and the girls seem up tight. When a set is in the planning stage, who chooses the setting and the mood of the set. I love to see the woman of MetArt in natural poses that easily leads to a man's imagination to desire to be there with that model. I do not mind some close-up shots, but I enjoy seeing the woman's entire body. If someone likes the extreme close-up, let them zoom in on their desired focus. I enjoy the softness or the gentleness of your photos. Just a thought, Ingoodtaste

I have to agree. She looks for feedback and takes criticism well. Her skills will definitely improve with time.

Thanks) At me good teachers)

Hi Ingoodtaste)) Thanks a lot for your kind comment. You brought a light note in my today)

Not one of the best sets I have seen by a long way. There were just not enough varied poses and the majority of pictures were just too bland.

Unfortunately, I agree with you.

Pretty girl!!! I would have liked to see her with her hair loose, and not in a pony tail. I think some additional poses would have helped: some more stretched out poses showing her full body and the length of her legs, some laying on her back with her legs in the air, some classic doggy poses. See Patsy A's set from a few days ago (photos 68, 74, 78, 93, 94) for a few examples of what I mean. Caroline is a little too curled up here.

Hi luv_lickn_clit. Thanks) When I did this set, didn't think that it is so bad. I don't want to consider it. Certainly, it is possible to tell that the model was very clamped during shooting, but it doesn't remove my fault. I will try not to allow such works in the future.

In looking at the set again, I would add that I think there are too many cropped photos. I agree with Ingoodtaste, at 21 megapixels, we can zoom in, so maybe its better to leave a majority of shots showing her full body. It doesn't take too many closeups to round out a good set; 4 or 5 each of her face, boobs, pussy, and butt would be fine, as long as the focus is good.

Now I try to remove new works as you speak. I try to remove that there was a big zone of sharpness that the viewer could enlarge photos randomly.

Caroline seems to be relaxed and really enjoyed posing. That's a great achievement for a first set, so apart from high key lighting and the green tone in the shadows I think this set is fine.

Hi unguent) you are very indulgent to me))

I don't understand what either of you are looking at. While there's clearly green lighting and background (perhaps an undersea motif?) nowhere do I notice this reflected on the model's skin tone. As to her make up, it looks relatively minimal to me compared to say how Leonardo likes his models tarted up. Composition wise, I'm not fond of "fetal" positions, which is a tendency that Morenko has pretty bad, but it seems pretty standard for a first set, neither great nor bad.

Hi Carmagen) it isn't absolutely clear to me about what you speak.

Tad harsh Revlis . I agree this is not one of Catherine's usually fine work. It lacks imagination and variety .I think every photographer has an off day and I hope Catherine's is this one only. Caroline B is stunning and deserves a better set than this.

YES YES, Too harsh certainly. Had I thought for a moment that the ANY of the photographer submissions were actually going to be reviewed by the photographer I would have have toned my language and opinion down a bit. Used my inside voice if you will.

Hi Revlis335)) It is good that you openly express the opinion. It is useful for me)

Hi ergo) Thank you for the support. Really turned weak. I was very uneasy with this model.

Horrible pictures of a pretty girl. Simple as that, Catherine let this one get outta hand. ANY background/lighting that is turning your subject green is a fail... Just sloppy, certainly it could be argued that it was artistic expression, but that would make the failure much worse. The make up, the error with the models age, capped off with the horrible lighting, is just poor photography, would be ashamed to put my name on it.

Poor showing for a very pretty girl her first time here.

Love the model, pretty, natural, and would be fresh looking if not for the horrible green cast.

)) Hi Revlis335 . I think, this set isn't so successful. It objectively. Looking at this set, I see as it isn't necessary to work. This set for me a lesson.

Catherine, I apologize for my rather harsh words. I had not yet found any of the Met-Art photographers actually posting here. Had I thought that you may actually see my comment I would have been far more gracious, chosen my words more carefully and expressed an understanding of the huge amount of work that goes into any shoot.


Hi Cheers) you wrote that thought, without trying to hide behind words the thoughts. For me it was valuable to read the sincere comment. I will be glad to read and respond to your comments)


Hi a2m2) Probably, you are right))

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