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I think the phtographer missed it on this one, the best picture from this shoot may be #122

I am really enjoying watching Cassie becoming more relaxed with the photo shoots. I can hardly wait until she really relaxes and opens up.

I loved the skirts you wore in your previous sessions Cassie. I would love to see some up skirt shots of you beautiful legs and pussy. Don't wait so long next time to come back to us. We are eager to see you again.

Cassie A maybe on the skinny side ( each to their own ) but i found her very sex and provocative sensual in front of Alex' camera lens within her poses...I admire both her confidence sensuality sexuality with her poses :)specially in images #12 to #14 with both a lovely close up of her with her gorgeous face green eyes sexy smile long blonde hair cascading down her small breasts perky erect nipples showing her slender thigh and legs with a magnificent distant view of her slender tanned legs in image #13 :)wearing her see-tru panties riding up her tanned thighs whilst sitting om the floor both the bedroom setting and striped rug highlighting her beauty very well !!! Image #24-#25 are magnificent shots of Cassie slender body stretched out sideways laying upon her bed within sensual poses are some of my favourite images :) Just as the gorgeous close up image #26 with both her body blonde hair sexy facial features small breasts nipples fully erected amongst the cushions and pillows with the soft bedroom lighting in the background..As for Cassie A's sexy provocative pose one can't
admire those close up pose of her sitting spread legged on the floor showing both the gorgeous face with sensual expressions breasts erect nipple creamy inner revealing her lovely vagina pink labia lips under her see-thru panties in striking poses nor image #32 to #35 showing both her facial features breasts nipples taut abdominal muscles with her tanned thigh spread open revealing the pink labia lips :)Not to forget those gorgeous rear end views of her firm round tanned derriere to Cassia squatting uopn the floor spread legged to her perched up upon the top of the bedding legs spread..As well as Alex's lovely close up images of her both sitting upon within the cushions of the bed to Cassie lying sideways with one leg over the edge of the bed with a gorgeous close up of her tanned body legs spread open in images #97-#98~~I loved the way Alex Iskan used the different lighting with Cassie A's sensual sexy poses within her nudity as a model and they way he photographed her natural beauty as a woman fully dressed out in the street :) It's nice to see and Cassie A is truely both a lovely beautifull model/woman and when she smile she does so beautifuly :) :)

Brunette all the way, Cassie!

Your brunette hair makes your gorgeous eyes come alive.

It is a pity that the beautiful and lovely Cassie comes to visit us only once a year.
Funny clothing, Cassie naked and uninhibited, a set enjoyable.

Even in jeans and T-shirt Cassie is very lovable.
I do not think it's forbidden by law to enter the model in studio dressed in clothes that had outside.
It would be very sexy to see her undress of everyday clothes.

She has the smile, the attitude, and a gorgeous face. Such a pity she's no body left. This girl's starving herself. ) :

Hi fer_realz :) True Cassie maybe on the thin side but she still has that certain sensual air about her :) Just like Anna AJ she may look skinny but every one within Met-Art i've know in the past simply adore her :) I guess it's all within one's genetic make up..I found her very gorgeous in her own ways and she does have a sexy smile lovely eyes, and a gorgeous face too.As Sailor would say A Little Bit Of Rib Cage Dos Not Hurt !!! Cheers fer_realz :)

Thanks for your two-cents' rags... sadly, Cassie is beyond "thin" and even past "gaunt" into "emaciated" territory. ) :
You're right, she has a wonderful smile and face, and she obviously has the perfect attitude for erotic modeling... it's just that she's starved her body into shapelessness. ) :
I hope she heals up and comes back when she's got some shape and definition and looks like a woman again. Believe me, I mean her no disrespect, I just don't enjoy looking at emaciated women. ) :

"Fer_realz" is right --

She's so thin her legs have no definition -- not good.

The spread shots and rear views are very nice.Cassie has a very slender sexy body.

Lovely pictures Cassie and Alex.

Absolutely love the dressed shots at the end. Gee you look so happy.

I liked the nude shots when she finally started smiling. I also liked the dressed shots. Why is her hair color so much darker in the dressed shots? Same shoot or are they pics from another shoot?


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