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I wouldnt mind coming home after a long day of work and finding her and her sexy little body waiting for me...

Those aren't toes, those are talons. Interesting.

ok, posing? Nothing to complain. Girl? Cute, as far as one can tell with those pics.

Seriously, can the quality scaled down a bit? One is still able to deduce the skin colour...

What has happened here? ISO 6400 or worse - because as long as you can make out shapes it is good enough? It is a noisy, corny mess. And I don't like that.

Cassie looks so little and cutie!! Would love to see a lot more please.

The expression "breathtaking" may be trivial and too much used, but in the case of this set it describes the truth. Her mouth is sexier than
much open spread pussies!

I loved seeing her check her phone while her privates were exposed! Very cute model with delightful expressions.

Sorry to disappoint viewers but Cassie is NOT Chinese. She is Ukranian, and undoubtedly a member of the Tatar minority that still lives there. The Nogai Tatars ruled the Ukraine for several hundred years until they ran into Ivan the Terrible, who removed the tribes from Russia unless they converted.Cassie is very beautiful,and I agree thet Artofdan should be here more often. this is very good for a first set,and I would like to see more of cassie and of Saju I gave Cassie a 10+

Ha! Originally in her bio, MetArt labeled her as Chinese. Are you the one who notified them of their mistake? If so, how did you know ~ i.e., has she appeared elsewhere? Just curious, thanks. ( :

So lets review what is happening here. Cassie in just being presented today and appears to be a totally acceptable new face for MetArt. Which seems to be acknowledged. But the treatment of ARTOFDAN is a shame. So far K has only accepted 5 sets from him. On 26.04.2013 he got his first set published and Presented Saju. His nex set was of Mango, who is a true rising star for the Met Family. He was the first I think other than her boyfriend Vlad to have a set of her here. (And she wasn't on a beach for once.) He gave a us a 2nd and even better set of Saju and then over 8 months before bringing us Cassie. While she is again a model with promise. he gets trashed. Does his work deserve such treatment, IMO NO. Our site will only survive if it renews itself with new model and artists. Will any artist be "really god" in their first several sets? I doubt it. Would costructtive criticism be useful? You bet... Does trashing his/her work? Hell No. Look at the interaction of Catherine, and DeltaGamma with the us on the comment section. Has it "improved" their work? I believe it has. Today's type of, pardon the expression, shit, sure doesn't prompt him to join us here for a real discussion of his work, now does it. Ultimately do we need new artists and models, the answer is obvious, but today's type of comments sure dont help...

Yes, SW, constructive criticism gives the artist something to work with, a goal of improvement (that is, if they accept comments and are not arrogant). Just saying "it is shit" will only piss most people off. What is it you don't like? Tell him!

Here is what I like and don't like about this set, for benefit of AtrofDan and "K":

Like- portrait shots and personality of Cassie exhibited well. Some playfulness shown. Cassie herself is nice model, cute and pleasing to the eyes. A little shyness is expected. Technical aspect (lighting/focus) appear fine. Nice to see an Asian girl for variety.

Dislike- Need better mix of poses, esp. for a Presenting set. Lack of any shots from hehind, nothing explicit or closeup. Dislike covering herself with her hands. Too much repetition, esp. towards the end of the set.

I should have guessed it would be one of our originals, like you, who would pick up on and even then give an example of what is useful commenting. Thank you, swplf

you want 'constructive' criticism?

Well, what about... the low quality of the pics? And I am not talking about the girl or the posing or the setting - those are fine. No, I mean quality. The pics are noisy, grainy and with great loss of detail. Very disapointing.

Trash can.

Very cute girl, but "dan" needs to hone his "art" just a bit more!! ;o) (Actually, "quite a bit"!)

Anybody remember Fabianne from "Pulp Fiction"?

Would that be more interesting than this set???

Only if you've never seen it.

Wish she would actually show something, does she have a rear? A lot of photos showing a lot of nothing

Actually a lot of photos showing a lot of "potential", but it ends right there...

Welcome to Cassie, a girl with amazing eyes, lovely face and beautiful body. I agree however that some shots from behind would be great and I wonder if she/the photographer are trying too hard which has resulted in some rather strange, contorted facial expressions. Whilst it is good to see a model expressing personality, this can be overdone.

Good points, agreed.

When the model lifts up her skirt to show nothing underneath, magic happens.

Oh, there's most definitely "something" there... like the doorway to heaven... LOL

Cassie Lang looks nice, it's great to see an Asian beauty from China (if bio is correct). Thank you K-Content Manager:-)
Ivona Su is another very pretty Asian model here on Met Art that I just discovered. It would be nice to see her again, but seeing as her last set was about 1 1/2 years ago, it's probably wishful thinking. I did notice that Ivona Su was photographed by Arkisi though, so maybe he has more from her on his site? I will need to look into this further.
Thank you once again K-Content Manager:-))

Super cute girl. Wonderfully tight body. And more personality than we usually see in a week's worth of photo sets. So why the under-8.0 score????

You can't be paying much attention if you don't understand why this set scored as HIGH as it has!... "Personality" is fine when coupled with "exposure", otherwise it's just a stroll through the pages of Cosmo or Esquire!

Yes, I know. The "I'm only here for the pussy" guys are very tough graders.

But I would like to know where you find your versions of Cosmo and Esquire.

Agreed, bibblefuss... ( : I've never seen the explicit versions of those mags! Not that I'd want to, MA is much better than a print mag.

Oh my goodness, what a dazzling debut. Glad to see she injected some silliness into the shoot, she looks like she's having fun. Hope to see more soon!

Those were some very nice "candid" upskirts to start the set, and Cassie's reaction to being "discovered" was quite cute. A very nice set ~ Cassie looks adorable as she flirts and dances around. ( :

What a lovely new model (10/10)and
what a poor photographer (2/10)!!!

Such an enormous multiplicity of similar photo shots that's outrageous!

Much to my dismay, I agree with you!

This is a golden monday. A kissing couple and a sensational sexy asian
honey! A feast for the senses.

Amazingly cute, let's have a whole lot more please!.

So excited to see a cute young Chinese girl on this site! It's been too long. She has an incredibly appealing combination of shyness and playfulness. Wouldn't mind seeing a wider variety of poses (including the view from behind) when she makes a follow-up appearance!

she is gorgeous!
but it's a pity that there is no picture of her butt (in a presenting set)

Dog that I am, would have loved to see Cassie on all fours......

Chinese girls have a very small but - but the more lovely perhaps!!

and who did you deduce she is 'chinese'? Are all asians 'chinese'?

When this set first came out, her bio/stats on her homepage said she is from China. Sometime in between yesterday and today they apparently corrected that to Ukraine.

Oh my gosh! Cassie is amazing and so is the photography! Beautiful girl with a beautiful body and a beautiful personality. The perfect girl. I could totally see her as a friend...you know, that hot, fun friend that only sees me as a friend...ha! Thank you, Cassie, Artofdan and MET for making this a happy Monday. =D

Superb! Where did you find this incredibly sexy girl?

China, according to her stats.

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