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Awesome set! Cathleen looks so edible! Need more please.

Cathleen, our sweet nymphet, has returned.
Cathleen with her playful and uninhibited sexuality.
In three episodes has become a darling eagerly awaited.
Ovations at open stage for Cathleen.

Bravo! Arkisi
makes the uninhibited sexuality of Cathleen with alluring elegance, without any vulgarity.
Bravo! Arkisi
who broke the taboo of MetArt whereby the girls can not touch her butterfly not even to make it more photogenic.

  • 2 years ago:


Absolutely Gorgeous!
Thank you Cathleen....You are a Peach Hon
Please visit often!


Pity about all the troubles in Ukraine right now. They have a national treasure in the beautiful young women in that country! Cathleen is a prime example, I'd fall for her in an instant. Such a treat to see such beauty unclothed, only thing better would be her warm body in person. (dream on!)


a face I won't get tired looking at.

oh - and I gave it a ten. Because of the face.
And hair colour.

But mostly the face.

That is a very expressive and lovely face. I love how minute changes from frame to frame change the whole feel. From innocent to vulnerable to spicey to down right seductive. :) This one has what seems to be a natural talent for seduction. I have a feeling this could be one very interesting young lady to know.

all I have to say to this:


Warm, moist and inviting! WOW!!!

Warm, moist and inviting! WOW!!!

Well, damn, how did I not pay attention to Cathleen's earlier appearances??? Excellent combination of beautiful face and very hot little body.

Such a pretty young thing I could fall for this sweet little redhead. So petite with a lovely face and beautiful hair and those awesome blue Ukrainian eyes. How do they do that? Every time I see a bewitching new girl she is from the Ukraine. This girl is cute! with a capitol C. Those sweet little titties with their tiny pink nipples are so sexy, her pretty little feet and hands and that hot little butt. Amazing!

Arkisi the master of the Ukrainian beauties has done it again!

9.15 after 150 votes, I think this sweet young thing is going to be a favorite here at Metart!

That's definitely a safe bet, Hipshot!

Oh my! Such beauty is too much for mortal man/woman to resist.

Met art at its BEST! Lovely Lovely set, More of her like this, Please!

cute, sexy

Fabulous! Delicate loveliness combined with totally raunchy, unihibited poses. Many thanks, gorgeous.

Totally agree

Agreed as well. What a beautiful little temptress.... She would get me in alot of trouble with the wifey...

I have to go along with that.

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