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  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

very professional !!!
I wish every set had these poses: MORE PLEASE !!!

I find the fact that they photoshopped away her tattoo distracting.

Stop photoshop.

Herrliche Nah-Aufnahmen von ihrem nackten Fötzchen, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

Simply beautiful.

Cathleen's body is absolutely perfect. As stated above, I agree, the more shots of her ass, the happier I am. She has a very appealing asshole and her open cunt looks very tasty as well !

Time to research the common law penalty for breaking the rule of thong.

I'm still trying to figure out this rule... would you care to elucidate?

Research in progress...........................

Yes, gentlemen, we all see it. To the point of being too distracted to notice what is best captured by our photographer today. The model's face. Look at 101. Enticing in the way mentioned by all, but we then with that smile. Even where we don't see a smile, there is clear hint of the smile to come.

Close ups can be both effective and cold, so we have 75 to gently scold us.

While our focus is clear, that face shows awareness and amusement at our folly.

Half way through for a minute I thought I was on sex art. Wow, a lot of awesome ass shots; made my tongue hard... A few focus issues, but other than that a great set with some beautiful facials, ie, #108, my favorite.
Thanks Cathleen and Arkisi for starting out my day on a high note.

Can't be SexArt. No hands blocking the view.

Great set! Love to see your models lounging in bed, need more of Cathleen please.

As is usually the case, Arkisi does a magnificent job capturing the stunningly erotic Cathleen. Great lighting, great poses, unbelieveably hot body, what more could a man want? Well OK, to be in bed with her, that's for sure. Great job, sets like this are why MetArt gets my money.

Cathleen is simply amazing!! Right from the start, she totally stole my heart! This set however has too many focus issues to be a "typical Arkisi"... I guess we all have our off days. I still give it a ten for some GREAT shots of that gorgeous caboose!! xoxoxoxoxo YUMMY!

The more ass shots there are the better. This set is a classic in my books.

Bedroom set, ass views, can it get any better?

Blistering hot set of pictures, really beautiful model, cover girl face, tight sexy body, and oh boy what a sweet ass

You have brighten my days for sharing your beautiful face, great body, and intimate parts; You add so much for many of us on appreciating female beauty so much greater, and the world is better due to you. Thank you, thank you, more please!

Cathleen is showing her complete shaved pussy in all details. What a gorgeous pussy you have, Cathleen, and what a sexy pussylips, opened a little bit. Sow your puus more time this way Cathleen! Big kisses on that gorgeous pussy!

One could only imagine coming home after a hard day of work to #'s 95-105, or #'s 117-121...what a way to forget the day's troubles that would be!.... I'll keep dreaming in the meantime...

good set. excellent model

A very beautifully shaped pussy. Slip in and feel lucky. Nice to see
the tongue tip - -

This lady is absolutely off the charts in every way.

Oh my, Cathleen you look wonderful.

About half of the first 40 or so photos didn't either make it to the editor, or were only partially edited (moles/tattoos/etc).
Other than that, overall a typical Cathleen set....but not as good as her first set.
She has a pretty face, a cute smile, and nice body.

My impression is that Cathleen is the "wild child" type.

Luscious rear views. Very, very sexy, sweet lips. Thanks!

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