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This very young woman is an infant, compared to the longivity of Met-Art. She has much promise; let us hope she will reach the measure by which all true historical women are measured.

Please,please put this angel in a pair of tight, sheer, bikini panties....

Another wonderful site with absolutely no clothes covering up an inch of her hot flesh. Cathleen's body is perfection. She is very flexible, which would be very fun . Her cunt and anus look so delicious, and her breasts are the perfect size.

It's been mentioned before. Cunt is considered a derogatory term and I am sure that the girls don't appreciate being refereed to in that way. Try to consider that the girls do read these comments and gutter talk does not help to keep them coming back. Try to be nice.

Considered derogatory by whom and in what context?

Try to be nice? Everything in the comment above is stated as a verbal superlative and couldn't be any nicer.

What is truly derogatory is the idea that any word in the English language that refers directly to this part of the body is automatically considered vulgar or "derogatory".

And where is it considered non-derogatory to refer to a group of women as "the girls"?

Arkisi - I really appreciate the full standing shots to open the set. I never cease to admire the female form, and I never cease to admire Cathleen and the awesome job you do of capturing her for us. I'm still seeing pink spots, that's a good thing.

Cathleen = 100% genuine woman. Arkisi = 100% downloadable.

It's hard to imagine a face being any cuter than Cathleen, hard to imagine a body being more exciting than hers. Wow, I'm stunned, great work Arkisi- even better than usual. Bravo!!!

Soooo precious!!! Cathleen by Arkisi = automatic 10/automatic download!!

Don't forget,Cathleen has a great update in SexArt

Can you email it to me?

Sadly I can't afford SA 8^(

hipshot, pardon my ignorance, but what is the 8^ thing about?

never mind, I see it now.

I wondered when someone would ask. 8)

Hey that's great!! Got a password???? ;o)

Silver,grey, and red are the perfect colors to set off Cathleen's delicate beauty. Arkisi has produced a real work of art. A 10++++ to all.

Beautiful lady with delightful little boobies. But am I the only one that noticed that her left breast is noticeably smaller then the right? I know this is common in women and her beasts are beautiful regardless.

As humans, we are not always bilaterally symmetrical (say that three times real fast). That just shows she is a genuine woman, as if there were any doubts.

It is very common and in her case suggests she is right handed. The preferred use of the right side leads to that side being slightly more developed as in her case. At least in her case her left breast won't hang lower than her right as it does in girls with larger breasts. 8

We all noticed, we just didn't all think it was worth mentioning because it isn't that uncommon....as you also mentioned.

Cathleen, an "old" sweet, dear friend.
Cathleen naked, a dream from which it is hard to wake up.
Gray all around, a bright red armchair, and smiling Cathleen, naked and without shyness.
Arkisi, so the photo meets the art.
Ten and praise for two.

I only have time for looking and down load great sets like this set and also getting on comment section. Beautiful, appreciate sharing! note that (down load...getting on...lol)

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

It looks like a ++++++ arms race! :-)))

Seriously, 1 through 10 should be enough :-)

...I want an "11" option!

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

I'm kinda partial to a "12" myself :-))

Just like top gun, the best of the best; but one step up is that of top gun instructors; so that, set like this can be example to other future great sets to come on metart in my opinions. That is why I gave additional pluses after 10. ; ))

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

I wouldn't go any further than 10+ in that case :-)

But the thing is if somebody beat ya to it, or used 2 pluses, then you gotta add a plus to make your point.

And then somebody will need to one-up you :-)

I can see in a few months it's gonna look like this:

Cathleen: 10+++++++++ (It's gonna get hard to count all the pluses! :-)

And if somebody gets a 9, or even just a 10, they might as well quit :-)))

Gotta outdo Spinal Tap by one, eh? ( : (Was that Nigel Tufnel who explained the "11" setting on his speaker?)

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

MARD -- mutually assured rating destruction :-)

Oh sweet, pretty, uninhibited Cathleen... Wow. ( :

wonderful and sexy set. i love this model. gorgeous body

Was für ein schöner, schamloser Nackedei, mein Spatz wird sofort ganz steif...

This little doll just turns me on, Red hair dazzling blue eyes and a darling little body and a cute set of breasts. Not to mention the cutest face and sweetest smile I could ask for.

As usual Arkisi doe a great job of bringing out all her endearing qualities.

Definitely a solid 10++++

This little doll just turns me on, Red hair dazzling blue eyes and a darling little set of breasts. Not to mention the cutest face and sweetest smile I could ask for.

As usual Arkisi doe a great job of bringing out all her endearing qualities.

Definitely a solid 10++++

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Solid -- must be! :-)))

Worth repeating I guess! 8^)

A really sexy set. The sweet rose opens wide and blooms before our eyes. The dark, tight rosebud inflames our imagination. What a flowerbed. Thanks, gorgeous!

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