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An outdoor set for this petite beauty would provide some interesting variety. More of her please.

Impressed as always in Cathleen's set. She is once again naked for the entire set, which should be standard for the site as well. So many lovely closeup shots of her pussy and anus, which both look so delicious !

Finally someone who agrees with me! The models indeed should be nude throughout.

Emotions become reality, even if fantasy, with Lovely Cathleen. Would that we could, geographical separation impairs actual realization of desire for her. But in spirit, it is true...

awesome spread shots. This should be the standard for the site

It is, for EternalDesire.com, Arkisi's site. If you like this set, you'll love his site.

Cathleen is 5'-4"/106 lbs of young, confident, uninhibited, female sexuality.
I get the impression she has quite a bit of "sass" to go with that nice "ass"-et of hers too:-))

Very nice Cathleen!

Wow, amazing beauty, hot open pussy; Love these! Thanks

Absolutely adorable!! I think it's so cute when the girls flip us off in one or more of the shots...LOL Cathleen has a firm grip on my heart!! XOXOX Nice set!!

You wouldn't think it was so cute in afternoon traffic, my man --

If it was not directed at ME, I sure would still think it's "cute"... ;o)

"afternoon traffic"!!? LOL I won't ask where you pulled THAT from...lol Or maybe that's some kind of code...? Or maybe I'm some kinda dense this morning...;o) Yer makin me think too much dread!!....

I think he meant, "rush hour traffic," Rock! No code there...

"Rush hour traffic"!? I need a better clue...

Damn, you must live out in the sticks, man!
Rush hour traffic is when everyone in the city jams the streets with their cars, trying to get to work at the same time, or trying to go home at the same time. People tend to get very frustrated and their driving skill decreases exponentially in proportion to their frustration.

Throne really ought to be golden for this lady. ( :

Beautiful girl, great set for a bottom lover like me.

Cathleen never fails to impress. Cathleen is stunningly beautiful and has a smoking body. Great photoset.

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