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  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

the best excited photoshoot's ever seen ffrom the great Arkisi
pussy/ass spread from the back eye contact to the camera professional !!!!

Cathleen is something else! What a pussy! Image 77....I'd love to go hunting for her clitoris!!! She has a naughty look about her and I bet she is wild in bed. Gorgeous face, perky breasts, erect nipples, great legs, fabulous butt....and oh what a pussy!!!!!!
Cathleen you are most definitely one of my favorites. An exceptionally fine woman!

Not exactly the words I'd use, but I agree with your assessment.

  • 1 year ago:

She hasn't had a bad set yet, on this or any of the other MA sites. Keep 'em coming!

Cathleen always looks great! She has no qualms about spreading (which works out well for us).
She's beautiful, seductive, and a has fabulous butt:-))

My favorite set of the day.

Thank you Arkisi!

With proper lighting, this could have been much better, beyond the last 12 or so shots. I have given up trying to describe what Cathleen's images means to me... Since her arrival, I look at the others differently...somehow... She's simply magnificent. Her sassy persona only adds to her incredible physical appeal. This is a tasty Sunday Delight!!

95 looks like someone spilled coffee on glass. And let the sun shine in a little there, would you please?
96 shows skilled combination of light and makeup. The lipstick helps the eyes shine. As did the robe, but that color was prematurely dropped from the scene.
A cohesive range of poses that gives a sense of the grace of the whole form -an accomplishment with all the close ups.
Some fine curves of the mons. And some misses. I sense this is something of an artistic challenge to do well.
Too little of the back. Many of the side reclining poses might have been followed with "roll over and keep the same pose".

I had to look at #95 a couple times before I noticed (my attention was drawn away), but you are definitely right....something's odd.

Thank you for the robe shots. They're always fun.

What a tight, little hottie! Keep em coming...

Cathleen is totally gorgeous and hot! Nice work Arkisi!

I realize image #3 is just a pose...but I also think Cathleen is the "naughty girl" type by nature too.
In each of her sets here on MA I'm left with the impression that Cathleen is probably a handful not only sexually in the bedroom, but outside the bedroom in daily life also.

She appears to be supremely confident about who she is....and fully aware of the "assets" she possesses.
Cathleen just exudes "sass" to me. It's my guess that this young woman can hold her own against anyone, or any situation, she encounters in life.

This set is every bit as good as any (and all) of her previous sets.
She's beautiful in every way (with an extremely nice derriere).
Nice work Arkisi....many thanks to both you and Cathleen on this Sunday morning.

I tend to agree --

Our lovely seems to be flirting with the camera -- a talent some of the other girls might benefit from.

Wide and luscious rear stretches. Hmmmm !! Wonderful job.

Very stunning up close shots with this beauty.

What a darling little lady. I love petite young things with with small breasts and tight little bodies. Especially when they are as cute as Cathleen. She has a way about her that challenges and titillates and is just downright sexy! I bet this sweetheart is sexually and intellectually stimulating.

Nice work guys

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