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I think it would be nice to see a return of Cathleen. She has a beautiful face and pretty body too.

Cathleen A has no bad sets. I love every feature of her entire body. Perfect beauty. Sexy. Nice. Playful. Daring. She has all the good things about her. I could spend all day admiring her front, but her exceptional beauty is most accentuated by her alluring backside! I cannot get enough of Cathleen A!!!

Oh, my, my....she is a fine looking little lass. Pretty face, perky breats, fabulous butt, super duper labia minora/clitoral hood, and great legs....UUUUUMMMMM GOOD!

I'm sorry, it should not be perky breats......but instead be perky "breasts".

In every sets I've seen of Cathleen (whether here on MA, Arkisi's site, or any other I've seen her on) I'm always left with the impression that this girl is a real "wild child". To me she just screams "attitude".
She knows she has the "assets"....so she can tease the hell out of men, and probably does.

there is something beyond the (wonderful) game of showing-off, where she excels,something emanating from her type of beauty, and it is that scent of ... love ! One does not cross her show without loving her . I love you, romantic Cathleen !

Cathleen is so damn hot in this set, I had to give her (and Arkisi) one of my reserved 10's. I was so enthralled, I almost had an accident trying to finish the set.

Powerful feminine sexuality from a beautiful, beautiful girl.

Thanks for sharing your power, Cath.

Incredible set of photos, Arkisi ... again.

p.s. loved the cover

Probably the hottest photo in the set IMHO

I focus on the model most often when commenting, as I don't claim to be an expert on photography. I thought the green screen here in this set was an inspired choice that complemented the beautiful model. wonderful. this set was sexy. Cathleen dear, you are absolutely gorgeous. :-)

Would have been better with panties under those jean. Sure hope they don't shrink with the first washing. If they do she will never get then on! Cathleen is gorgeous and that green background really makes that gorgeous read hair stand out. An excellent choice by Arkisi to put this delicious young woman in such a simple yet versatile location. The ornate library steps are an interesting and useful counterpoint. I love her small breasts. They fit her petite body perfectly. She look especially good from the rear with that tight bum and lovely legs. I must say that the one gyno shot was a bit too much though. With is spread open like that it looses it's delicate form. I usually am not adverse to such shots but in this case it just wasn't appealing. Now if I were in the cameras place that would be a different matter totally. ;o)

Lovely set, lovely girl= 10+++

hip, was that 63 that you were talking about? I might agree with you, I don't care for a lot of stretching, but it was only one shot.

Only one but not complementary so why include it? Some girls could get away with it but Cathleen's coloration is pretty harsh and this shot distorted it so that I find it just too much for my tastes. It doesn't ruin the set or anything but I feel it would have been better to leave it out.

Every time you turn around someone is asking the model to please open those lips up, spread em baby, lets see what it looks like in there. So she does and ya bitch about it.
Open it up (the photo) in high resolution and take a good look, nothing distorted about it!

Deliciously sensuous, with plenty of attention paid to a gorgeous bottom that deserves all the attention it can get ...

At the thumbnail view, for a brief moment I thought she might be starting off in yoga pants. I'd love to see a set like that, if someone wants to drop a hint to the photographers. :)

I second that request, Checkers, I find yoga pants endlessly fascinating. ( :

Cathleen is gorgeous, the simple backdrop really highlights the model nicely, nice set.

Very nice set starting with Cathleen with no panty and jeans.Then it's a blast with that amazing body.

The magically exquisite Cathleen. While she makes those blue jeans look good, it is a fortunate thing that they don't stay on for long. ( :

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