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Nice to see a fresh new FACE, BREASTS, BOTTOM, VAGINA and ANUS, hope to see more of this girl, but this set was wasted on her, the white back ground sucked, at times it was hard to see where she ended and the back ground started.

Nice. Very nice.

Nice Holly. It's good to see a model from the USA; attractive and an awesome body. Hope to see another photo set from you and Catie.

WTF is with the thumbs down for the above comment? Who's the a-hole that consistently gives every comment a thumbs down? If you down't like the site or comments stay the hell off of it!

She´s not lacking experience.You can look at her work at Nubiles.Great.She
nearly seems a femme fatale.The model has to be comfortable,and Katie looks the opposite in this horrible work,to call it somehow.

The seller

pretty girl. bad set. i wish she was nude earlier

Very nice set Holly. Very attractive model! I hope I'm around long enough to see more of her.

This set feels like it was shot by her boyfriend while dad was watching TV downstairs. There's an uncomfortable nervous tension throughout the whole thing. This set was OK - not great, not bad, just OK. You're a pretty girl Katie, but I think you need a better photographer and a whole lot more attitude in front of the camera.

I think that rainnwynd and rockhard are both right. It is an okay set, and I like Catie as a model. I'm not a "tit guy" but those are a pretty awesome set.

I like the "dad downstairs" analogy, that's funny. She does look a little apprehensive and it took a while for her to get the panties off. The perceived nervous tension is likely from her lack of experience, and you can't really fault the photog for that. Hopefully, she will shoot again and it will turn out better.

There aren't many "better" photographers, what this girl needs is "experience"...this IS her first set! And not her last! hopefully.

MetArt is doing a great job recruiting such gorgeous models. Ruzanna, Marta and now Catie Parker. This has been a great week for MetArt's fans.

I've never understood women who will dye their hair but then leave their eyebrows the natural color.

Your first mistake is trying to understand women!

One of the sexiest woman I've ever seen was a flight attendant with platinum- blond hair and jet-black eyebrows. She knew exactly what she was doing. And what about pubic hair. Are you similarly baffled when you don't get a perfect color match? Marylyn Monroe tried to bleach her pubic hair and it only made her pussy sore and deepened her depression. Try dying YOUR eyebrows.

INCREDIBLE! Everything is right: Her smile, Her eyes, her breasts, her hips, her legs, her pussy, and that really cute irresistible pink lingerie. Met Art hits another home run! Lets get a video of this wonderful girl soon please! Dying to see her remove her panties in a video!

Welcome, lovely.

One of the curviest, sexiest, most feminine models I've seen here in awhile. Truly beautiful woman.

Pretty girl with a lovely body. Excellent debut.

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