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I'm sorry, but I actually like it...because it's different...has that whole primitive /tribal thing going on. The only thing that could have made it better is if they both started going at it.

I like this photo set. Girls from the Stone Age :-)
I wish further photo sets of her previous videos.

I'm sure I've seen this set some time ago. They certainly match the movie currently available from 01/06/2010

chanel is amazing, but this set is as boring as the video, no matter how i want to like it. still, since there's almost no sets with her, this is better than nothing.

Beats the hell out of all those girl on a bed, girl on a couch shoots we seem to be getting more and more of lately. Give the photographer and the girls a gold medal.
The only real improvement would have been if they had not been looking at the camera all the time.

well done, anyway.

When you have the chance to photograph beautiful women like these, you have to respect them. It's really a stupid joke!

I've got nothing good to say about this one. The 6.80 score says what the rest of you think...

Extremely stupid set.

The movie explanation makes a little sense, but then I'd have to say the movie wouldn't be worth watching either! I can imagine if you shoot naked women full-time, you'd rack your brain trying to think of new sets, novel themes, I totally get that. But sometimes a "great idea" flops. This is one example.

Trash. Total waste of our time and an insult to the lovely ladies.

Well... this happened.

Really not a great set. You can do better, far better especially with sofi.

Would have rather see a set of beautiful Sofi alone...she's amazing...

Congratulations, Goncharov. You've managed to take the single most beautiful woman on this site and make her completely unappealing. What the HELL were you thinking smearing Sofi with soot? Bad move, man...

Fast rewind 10,000 years, friends, & let your imagination run wild. Totally naked & the war paint makes them seem even more so.

Sofi and Channel are wasted on this set as the storyline is not believable. They are beautiful models who have worked together before, but this just isn't believable even for a photoset.

This is actually just the photoset from a movie these two appeared together in back in June of 2010.

Will wonders never cease--a Goncharov set with nothing tied around the girls' midsections. And yes, I think it rocks.

I will like to get my prints on these ladies. Are they looking for help in future sets ?

What a total waste of time, effort, two beautiful young women, and bandwidth!! Your parents should take away your toys, Gonch, until you learn to use them constructively, artistically and productively.

Warrior/Amazon woman theme....the ladies seemed to have enjoyed it, especially Sofi. Two very pretty women.

I apologize for responding to my own posts but for those who haven't noticed yet, this set was photographed at least 3 years ago.

Goncharov, are you mad? This is dreadful!

Why put dirt marks on such delicious bodies ? It does nothing.

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