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Beautifull girl.
Wish we could see her hairy iin the futur.

I am so happy to have discovered this girl, she's so classically pretty. What a treat!

Catherine finds some of the most beautiful women to photograph. She has a very good eye for beauty.

Oh my, what a cute little ass she has. I just love it.

Another stunning model beautifully photographed through the lens of Catherine. Where do you keep finding these beauties?

Chanice is absolutely stunning with a beautiful face and fabulous smooth rounded body. Perhaps in the next set of this lovely girl we could enjoy those superb buttocks in some full white panties

More soon please 10/10

Thank you Catherine for taking the time to create superior photographs of high technical quality. I often find myself wishing many of the models that others present here would come to you for better representation. I look forward to seeing more of your excellence, and this model.

The first 28 shots went straight to the trash can. Only a few of the rest were saved from going to the trash can. Shots 68 through 74 and 100 through 108 were great. More of these would be appreciated.

The best set of the day. Pretty face.

Very nice.Thanks Catherine.

The Seller

A very beautiful young woman (what a face) photographed very nicely. Not erotic, but soft looking, memorizing. There are quite a few beautiful photos, too many for an individual comment but some of my favorites: #29, jackpot; #100, love it; #107, I'm speechless (love Chanice's kissable butt)!

Great set! Would love to see a lot more of sweet Chanice! Please and thanks.

Chanice is a very beautiful model, perfectly posed and perfectly photographed. Catherine has once again shown why she is a great artist.

Superb Katya!! Another "winner"!! Will we see Xola again soon??

Good tan lines are always a +++++!

Gorgeous face, perfect body, beautiful photography.

Welcome to Chanice and thank you to Catherine! An absolute stunner.

My goodness Catherine, you are on a winning streak!
Chanice is simply lovely. I can't think of another word to describe her...
Very rarely do I look at every single image in a gallery my first time through, but I could not stop myself clicking on every image, wanting to see her lovely face again... such beautiful eyes, lovely lips, perfect contours, etc. etc. And her breasts are perfect. ( :
Don't tell Chanice I want to marry her, I don't want to scare her away... ( : But I hope you have more galleries of her to submit to MA. ( :

...especially in the very beginning of the set, in that white nightgown, Chanice looks like such an angel to me... ( :

A big welcome for Chanice.Another awesome beauty by Catherine.This is a great debut set.Thanks and please come back soon.

A very lovely model indeed. Pretty face and awesome body. Everything is there to make her a great model. It is easy to see that she is new though. Her posing is stiff and she shows very little facial movement. I think she has great potential but she will need practice to look more relaxed. I think this could come with time and I hope she becomes less nervous and more relaxed. Her body is very nice. Lovely firm breasts, Beautiful girl parts and a great back, butt and legs. Very feminine. #70 is a trademark Cathrine shot. From that angle she looks very much like Sabina B and that is a very good thing!

Nice work Katya. A beautiful new girl very nicely presented.

Hi hipshot131) You are all very accurately noticed. This was the first set of model Chanice. She came to photography after his main work. She was a little tired, but in spite of all the work was good. She really looks like a model Sabina B) I hope that in future sets, it will manifest itself very brightly. I can only add, that only a few models have so womanly face. Many thanks for such a detailed and interesting comment)

Tired yes. Like in 92. It gives the shoot a what dreamlike quality. Chanice has a very beautiful face and looks like her thoughts are constantly floating away. Yet it doesn't look like she's not interested in what she's doing, au contraire: it works very dreamy and seductive.

She's also capable of surprising me. Like in 102 - 106 where her soft smile reveals enjoyment as much as arousal and a sense of irony. 107 is very ironic but proves there can be beauty and elegance is very explicit positions.

Kataya, another great new mode. this set is the Catherine style. i am happy you are back to your excellent photography. good lighting and good resolution. but as commented on Leonore's set you omitted the close up detail of Chanices's pussy as you used to see in all your sets.

i am still viewing the set.
i love you both

Hi kkronful) Thank you for your continued love) I am very pleased that you liked this set. I can fulfill your wish the following photo shoots. I certainly will do it.

Catherine, i viewed this set more than 34 times. i enjoyed it very much. the beauty of her face, her beautiful blue eyes and her sweet smile is remarkable. i note also the beauty of her erect nipples that were carefully and professionally captured by Katya. i love that.

in addition to my previous comment about the detailed closeups to her pussy, i request Katya to come a bit closer to the model so that the models fills the frame.

many thanks my sweet love.

i do love your lovely models but i love you much more. you are much more beautiful and sexier than all your models.

LOL You just don't give up, do ya?? ;o) lol It should be obvious by now, even to you..."Kataya" is NOT interested in MEN!! ;o)

@ Rock:

You are old enough to know better!

Many (some?) of us DID NOT join MET to be subjected to so many written "look at me, look at me ~ waves hands in the air" comments.

How about restricting your initial input(s) to the Models and their physical attributes.

Then if you have valid input about the Artists' technical skills - fire away. Speculation about their sexual preferences is just that. Even if your speculation is true, what business is that of ours; and how would that impact our viewing pleasure?

Sorry baggy, but you have no idea whether or not I'm "old enough"...lol (And I would quiry....old enough for what??) Some people "get me"... I'm reasonably sure that you don't...;o) And I can't think of ANY of us that joined Met to read comments at ALL! lol If you have a hard time with any of them, including mine, you have the ability to turn them off...as doug likes to remind us of so often...lol
(Funny that he[doug] was the only one to see that comment for what it was...LOL... I may actually miss his input...;o)(If he ever leaves that is!! lol)

certainly not rachsback. Catherine is not homosexual. i am very certain. i know many facts about her personal life. she is a very normal woman.

LOL I'm sure she would reject that label of "normal woman" regardless of her 'orientation'...!! ;o) But I was just yankin' yer chain because of the way you carry on about her! ;o)

@ kkronful:

Well said!

I choose to believe your statements.

Another great discovery and introduction from Catherine!

Chanice is a beautiful young woman. I especially like her nice eyebrows, multi colored eyes, downy hair, glass cutters, great labia minora, enigmatic smile, and superb butt cheeks.

Kudos to both Catherine and Chanice. I hope this is just the first of many collaborations between the two of you.

Hi Baggy36Pants) I also like the face of the model. She has a very feminine kind face, slender young body. This set is the first set to Chanice. Thank you for your kind comment)

Absolutely beautiful! Welcome Chanice and thank you. Thank you, Catherine fir finding and photographing this stunning lady :)

Hi aesthete2) I am happy to work for you)

You're doing a great job!

Catherine is on a roll lately, raising the bar with each new model. Chanice is an instant favorite.

Hi lember92) I'm glad to see your comment. I agree that Chanice deserves to be a favorite.

Another gorgeous beauty courtesy of Catherine, Chanice is stunningly beautiful and what a delightful display she gives us here, awesome.

Hi bobblehat) I am glad that you like this model. I think that our cooperation with her to continue)

What a treat, Catherine has brought us two new beautiful women in as many days! Great set, keep up the good work.

Hi monkeryma) I tried very hard and spend a lot of time finding beautiful models.

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