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Chantelle Is one elegant and perfectly formed woman. Everything about her is firm, tight, perfectly proportioned and flawless. I want to rave about individual parts but the complete package is so fine it seems like a sin to break it down. Her legs and that butt make for some awesome rear shots and closer in those two perfect pink entrances are so inviting and so tight the mere thought of exploring that lovely valley is ecstasy in its self. Higher up her breasts are exquisite and the face and hair perfect but those awesome blue eyes are like a black hole, pulling me inexorably into here web. Once in there would be no escaping and no desire to even try. Head to toe this is classic seductress and a dream come true.

Chantelle has beautiful blue eyes.

It's been over a year since we had a post of Chantelle. I love her long hair and legs. Chantelle's tall figure lends well to the nice standing frontal shots that Rylsky has provided. A good set today.

Chantelle is one of my long time favs here on Met!!! So nice to see her back again!!! She is pure perfection!!!

A jackpot day for those who like tall, elegant and long legged women. Chantelle and Lolly are slender and graceful goddesses.

It's nice to see Chantelle again. To me, everything about her is perfect--hair, eyes, smile, personality, skin, breasts, nipples, abs, pussy, butt, legs, feet.... Plus, she is almost always totally naked and clean-shaven.

well, I could imagine visiting the Hermitage with her by my side...

Or the NBA playoffs.

Germany prefer soccer :)

Chantelle is a beautiful girl, and is very good at the hardest type of modeling,working a restricted area. The only problem I have is I think the background is a few shades too dark. She seems to me to do better outdoors against brighter greens. I reviewed some of her older shoots,and that is what I come up with.

Welcome back, Chantelle.

15 months between appearances is far too long.

You have always been one of my favorite models on Med-Art.

Great to see you are as beautiful and as sexy as the last time you appeared here.

Hope to see you again real soon.

Chantelle is a girl of incredible beauty.
His whole body seems designed by a great artist.
And then her sweet blue eyes and the legs .... the gorgeous legs.
Immediately naked showing her jewelry with amused effrontery.
"Grazie" Chantelle "Grazie" Rylsky

Chantelle is a beautiful woman. I like her long hair, especially in 30 and 46 to 49. A stretching shot like 63 is nice every now and then.

Thanks to both Chantelle and Rylsky.

Chantelle is one of the certified goddesses on Rylsky's roster, and he always does right by her. She is perfect from head to toe, and on this ravishing creature, that's a lot of perfection. No part of her should ever be left unkissed. 10+.

I used to know a dancer here in the States who looked EXACTLY like Chantelle. Made an absolute fortune dancing in clubs. Same smile, same laughing eyes same dynamite legs & body. Never walked out of a night's work in a club with less than $1500 (and NOT in a big city either). Stayed in "the business" for 3 years and retired and went on to own her own business. Still friends with her. SWORE LIKE A SAILOR - don't know if she did it to increase her tips - but a wonderful girl nonetheless.

Nice to see THIS one's back finally.

a goddess for sure! what a perfect design for us to enjoy....

Having admired Mila's huge, curly labia, I must say this sweet, tight pussy is gorgeous too. What an incitement to gently stretch this angel wide open. What a great Met day it is; what lovely variety.

again, ditto Myshkin. I'm a fan of the variety....

Chantelle A. That is a new name and a new face for me. I see this very pretty lady has posed for Rylsky in the past. At 5ft 10in tall, this beautiful woman has a strong, fit and athletic body. She is very appealing and attractive.

This lady has solid steel abdominal muscles and a rock hard perfectly shaped bottom that any woman would be proud of.

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