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Always lovely to see Lorena,especially with a friend- however,the setting is wrong- a scruffy old barn is no place for sexy beauty. There is another site close to met especially guilty of placing girls in abandoned buildings and similar,This shows disrespect in my view,and is a practice which should be discontinued

This is a lovely combination: Spanish and Portuguese, black hair and brown, denim shorts and white stockings, shaved and trimmed. And the pictures of the two girls from behind #66-68 - simply sensational.

Very, very bad location.
The worst not imaginable

I fell a little in love with Lorena looking at this set. Checked the bio and realised I fall a little in love whenever I look at her sets. I guess I can't comment as I'm clearly biased.

The site for this shoot is very ugly. It just about ruined the set for me. I do not understand the choice of this site.

...there was a setting for this shoot ~ ?

It was shit.

Yep -- !

And a bit too crowded for my taste.

Lorena is in the "Ava Gardner" class of good looking!

The purpose behind MetArt is to "display" beauty. For that this set is well done. However if a sexual spark exists as it obviously does here then it probably would work better under the SexArt limits. The limitations which exist on MetArt preclude any REAL involvement of the models, IMO. Thus most two girl or more sets lack any spark unless it one like Luca's old "Girlfriends" set with the VW where their "playing" is the point. And I agree with the comment that anything Lorena does is worth viewing. She is one of the biggest stars the Met Family has ever featured. IMHO today's rating as it stands now, below 8 is an insult. And her personal ranking here is below 9 while she is as has been #1 for a good long while on SexArt.

Lorena is the most adorable thing ever! So sweet and beautiful!

As we should know by this time, the hotter sets are on SA or Viv Thomas where Lenora B is Lenora Garcia. I'm just glad they are here in the Czech Republic where they aren't bothered, at least, in Praha (Prague in German) people have mastered the civilized art of minding their own business. I know, two ladies of my acquaintance who used to work for Met art and Met cams both live in Praha, having been lovers since they were 15. They are now married and have adopted 2 children. Charlise Bella lives up to her name and of course the incomparable Lorena is as lovely as ever. I gave both a 10++++ and the same to Mr. Helios,for his mastery of decorating Czech bulidings

Your comment if very interesting. I follow Delta's work closely and most of his girls are also from the Czech Republic, and Prague is his regular location for many of his shoots. Didn't APF come from there also. Why do think it has become a hub for this.

Wasn't the Czech Republic the origin of many of MA's top models for many years? The "Czech Wave" seems to have crested, in deference to the "Ukraine Wave," at least for now, but it preceded DG's career here...

oops Lenora

...I just checked VT, she's known as "Lorena Garcia" there too... did you mean another site, Seadog?

Oops +++

While the gg haters are busy making a sandwich or watching rugby, I'll just keep enjoying this set over and over and over. Sure, there are different ways of handling such things and that potential can be explored in other sets, I thoroughly enjoyed these images, and my thanks to all involved!!

Ditto to fer's comment...

Well said, TW!

If MET would like to add more sets of Charlise, I wouldn't complain.

I agree too, Charlise is very intriguing... I would also love to see more of this lovely lady.

I hear that!! Any playmate of Lorena's is a playmate of mine!! ;o) I hope they have more solo sets of this Portuguee Cutee!! We haven't seen her since late last year and that just ain't right!! *Release Charlise*!!! ;o)

Lorena made this set worth while.

If you're going to use a punching bag, why not have the ladies start off wearing athletic gear rather than lingerie?


athletic gear ~ -
lingerie ~ +++++++

Yeah, lingerie!

If they are so into one another, why do they keep looking at the camera? Another good setting wasted; they might as well have been in a hotel room.

well, the last 20 pics could be boiled down to 5 without missing anything.

For a variety of reasons, I hate MA's two girl sets. Besides, every girl photographed with Lorena comes in a very distant second.

Actually, in this set, Lorena came in a distant second. Charlise Bella is sexier and more attractive than Lorena.


They look awesome together.Maybe a video please.

I would be aroused watching paint dry as long as Lorena was involved.

I would have been more aroused if she had been watching paint dry -- alone!

These women have four of the most beautiful breasts on the internet, and two of the most beautiful smiles...

It's gentle but more genital!!
-Tokyo Sukimono-


'Luscious Deux - an(other) Encore'. Thanks for this little prequel/alternate unfolding of events Luca :) Your photosets are always top quality.

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