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On second examination, several thoughts come to mind looking at Charlise, especially her grin:
As my grandma used to say, "The cat that ate the canary."
Also, a cat with cream on its whiskers...
Also, the Cheshire Cat's grin.... ( :
Lovely, lovely girl-cream on her labia, I'd love to get a chance to get some on my whiskers.
And her breasts? Beyond lovely. ( :

Truly a wonderful place to present the beautiful Charlise.

I must say that Charlise is a bit more robust than the average Met girl but still retains that perfection of body that we all come for. I like her firm breasts and wholesome yet svelte body. She fills out that basic black dress quite nicely and presents herself quite well for a new model. Good solid photography and her excellent use of the ladder makes for a pleasant Debut for this lovely blond. I think she will develop a good following given the chance to do so. I think the comments reflect a better approval rating than the numbers do? Not surprising though. Seems that is the norm now days.

Hope to see more of this lovely lady in the future.

fer_realz, I like to think it is because we care enough to want to be a part of Metart and to encourage these beautiful young women. Being willing to shed your clothes and inhibitions on an open forum like metart takes a lot of courage and we need to show our support. After all self esteem is a very important thing to any young woman.

hipshot, I don't know a whole lot about the science of statistics, but I suspect that we regular commenters are an unrepresentative sample of the entire body of MetArt subscribers... we're self-selected as it were, and perhaps more motivated, or at least more verbal than the common run of subscribers...

I agree that this is a good start for Charlise, and also wondered why the numbers were so low (7.85@185 votes). I enjoyed this set and hope that the lower ratings don't keep her from coming back.

Boa vinda, bela garota! You fill out that little black dress just wonderfully. And you do even better when the dress is gone. Charlise is, I believe, our only lady from Portugal. I hope she inspires an invasion. Rags25 has described her to a T. I would only add that, since Charlise tickles all my oral fantasies, my approval is three times as strong as Rags'.

Charlise reminds me of a 60's sex kitten, Elke Sommer comes to mind. The hairstyle with bangs, the black micro dress and the over-the-top spike heels. ❤ IT!!!

New to Met she may be, but this model is no amateur. She almost oozes an innate allure and sexuality. Not to mention a knockout body. Could I have some more, please?

Charlise Bella is very beautiful, and Mr helios has handled her perfectly. She is a Met virgin but Mr. Helios makes her look like a professional Met model with her regular photog (If you want to see a Met virgin scared out of her mind, look st Goncharov's "Presenting Sofi ". Poor kid is scared witless in the first few shots, not the calm collected Sofi we have now. My only objection is one I have made before,too much eye make-up.Somebody on mr Helios' team is getting away with murder. Take a look at Danae in Mr Helios' Valorean" and then look at Danae on EA today. Erro's Suzie has done wonders with her make-up and hair,( Suzie is the tall slender girl with black hair that you sometimes see in Erro's movies, handling the reflector and doing physical model care. She is also his make-up and hair technician and offers commentary from the sidelines. )

This is a nice debut. I like Charlise's puffies, downy hair and tan lines.

Welcome to Met-Art Charlise Bella with your tall firm tanned lines of your body charming face perky perky breasts puffy nipples A very nice debute series by both Charlise bella and Luca helios wearing a lovely sheer black evening dress and high heels the soft lighting within the old garage highlighting her black outfit very well in image #7 to #8 squatting on the floor the slit of her dress both showing her back and lovely face her long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders as it rides down her shoulders !! I adored the way Charlise pose's upon the steps of the ladder in very sensual poses the front of her dress revealing the cleavage of her breasts slowly sliding down her shoulders revealing her small breasts puffy nipples her slender long legs slightly spread apart showing her creamy creamy inner thighs and her hidden treasure within the see-though front of her G-string with a sensual look smile on her face :) I simply adore her sexy sensaul poses of Charlise Bella both standing and kneeling upon the rung of the ladder her sheer black dress riding up her back thus revealing her sexy firm round ass~~Her g-string riding up between the cleft of sweet ass ;) Imaages #26-#37 of Charlise magnificent sexy pose's of her wearing nothing but her black g-string and high heals are a real turn on within different angles and views close ups of her lovely body facial features slowly peeling off the g-string until total naked :) images #109-to #115 are truely sensual views of Charlise Bella body face breasts perky nipples.I found Charlise Bella very confident and unhibitered within her debute series one just has to look thru both of her close up images of her spread legged Her charming face breast perky nipples a truely lovely sensual debute series by Charlise Bella and Luca helios and i dare say that some of the guys will adore both a model/woman wearing a black g-string and high heels that's for sure :) :)

Damn Rags, I don't have to look at the photos, just reading your review is enough to get me excited...but I'll still look.

A fine debut Charlise Bella, welcome to Met beautiful lady.

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