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I actually like this set, although I normally wouldn't when it's too glam and posh.

I've downloaded a lot of Chiara's sets, I must admit I like Luca Helios's work, he shows Chiara in a very natural and sensual form and in some really nice surroundings. But here, Chiara pulls off the posh bird look quite well, and looks very naughty, sexual and sensual here. In shots 51 and 53, she looks as though she is waiting to be caressed and spanked, whilst giving a very nice, sweet, slightly guilty and alluring look into the camera.

This set gets a 10 from me!

I say she would be o.k. if she would go back to Luca Helios. Mr. Helios knows how to use her, and knows how to edit his work.

The relevant facts to this set, I first (and last) down-loaded from W4B on 11/12/2010, a set that was originally shot in 2008. Probable thinking - a 5 year gap from its original posting and to a new site....... B/S!! Was and still is.

The posing is okay. I love it when they bend over a table. The question I have is: Why are all the pics out of focus? And why do they publish pics that are out of focus?

Great to Chiara back infront of the camera taking her clothes off, hope thereºs more to come, and some close ups of her open Vagina and Bottom.

Blast from the past? Looks like 70's recycle

I think the "April 1st" comment hit it spot-on; just can't take this set seriously. You don't have to go beyond Images #'s 4 and 5 to see how ridiculous it is. (In my opinion and for my taste only--I'm not saying it's an awful set, just that it's preposterously awful for My tastes--only.) Being a big fan of the stunning Chiara, I've seen probably all of her photo and video sets, here and on Erotica Archives.

For me, she is among the five or six most beautiful and sexy models ever on both sites. But this ..... this just Has to be some kind of joke. A visual parody, maybe? A caricature?

As for her many appearances over the past few years, I'm not aware of any in which the photography/cinematography is not, at worst, fairly good and at best, masterful. Some are much better than others, of course. But This ...?! Imo, it's got to be a joke of some kind .... how to take a stunningly beautiful, classy woman and make her look like ....well, something completely different. Oh well, plenty of other legitimate sets of the gorgeous Chiara to enjoy.

To each his own wood chuck. This set is no joke - it comes from W4B sometime in 2010, I think. It certainly is not the first time it's been aired.

I was only updating her tonight, at E-A first, and spat the dummy there over her Cortina sets with Antea, but what really brought that on was her latest (59 I think) images in her 2nd Guancieale set.

She has done NOTHING even remotely erotic there since set 7, the 2nd half of her Lambada series.

She's not the most over-rated model on site, that crown goes to Iveta B, followed by Jackie D, neither of whom were forth-coming. Chiara at least started with some relish, but has closed up shop over the last several sets.

Chiara is a beautiful girl! However she seems most comfortable with Luca Helios Her sets with him are always good.BTW her stage name Chiara means beautiful' in czech or so I am given to understand. Chiara is Czech

You think so????? His last two sets with her didn't amass 120 images, and sh looked like a bloody robot in each of them!!!

Chiara, you are my top favorite. this is not the quality of your work

Awful! The sad thing is that she is very pretty. She has a beautiful face without the makeup. It is quite a feat to have made her look like the Halloween witch!

It seems Chiara does not like showing her pussy and rear.Her earlier sets were quite erotic but not any more. She is gorgeous but shy,it seems.

i do not agree. i have details of her lovely pussy from all angles. Chiara was not shy to open her legs and allow Erro and Lucia Hilios to give full details of that hot delicious pussy.

the make up is not bad - on a different girl.

I am not a fan of Chiara. Her face, her posing does nothing for me, so I can't be fair about about this set.

With a different girl, with a different face, a different style, this make up and set would probably have worked. But this combination feels not right.

Chiara is one of the top models on met art, see her sets with Erro.

Hot model, fucking awful set.
I would unsubscribe if met-art did this on a regular basis.

LOL Can we "unsubscribe"?? I did not know that!

lmao I'm gonna get kicked off and not have to worry about "unsubscribe" options...too funny..rofl

You ruined a beautiful girl !!!!!!!!!!!

calm down, it's Chiara, not a beautiful girl.

That just happens to be the truth:)

Just for one set. It's not like she's gonna stay in this "condition" forever....lol Calm down....

Call me crazy, but I love this set! I subscribe to Met Art to stir my imagination and create illusions of fantasy in my mind. And this set does exactly that. I love Chiara. She's beautiful and sexy and looks great in this set. I applaud the creative risk-taking that all involved in this set have demonstrated. Chiara's makeup is exotic and what dreams are made of!

one man's dream is another's nightmare! :)

Glad someone enjoyed this mess....

I appreciate your willingness to accept a different point of view. If Chiara showed up at your place, looking like she does in these pictures, would you let her in?

Well...I guess I don't have to imagine...lol You are crazy Moxman! But I applaud your 'moxie'! ;o) You present a few valid points. Like I've always said, we're all looking for something different. And we ALL love Chiara!

I may be crazy, but I know what I like. Yeah, it does take some "Moxie" to go against popular opinion, but as you so correctly state, we're all different. Not only that, look at how much dialogue these pictures have created. The owners of Met Art must be ecstatic about this? And yes,if she came to my place looking like this, I WOULD let her in. LOL

You poor, lonely old soul:) But you're right about the traffic!! And all for this bint!! Sheeesh!!!!

It's no longer April 1st guys! What is THIS!?? A girl this beautiful being made fun of is NOT erotic, or even appealing. We all have different tastes but I can't imagine who THIS was done for...

If this girl tried SMILING she may look a lot more attractive/prettier but as for this set - NO THANKS!!!

I totally agree!! Lots of smiling, and laughing...lots of laughing would have made this set more 'fun' to look at, at least.

This model is very very pretty. However this photo shoot must surely be one big joke! Not only is this shoot far from flattering but it is actually worse than appallingly dreadful. I have seen worse sets on this site, but only about 3 or 4, so I rate this in the bottom half dozen of the most stupid horrendous abysmal photo shoots on this site of all time. It is certainly the most rubbish set in its own right posted on here in the last couple of years. The minimum score you can give is one point, but even that is 0.9 points too high!

Yeah! What happened to the "zero" rating!? It used to start at zero! It still should cuz this is a big one!! As you say...this girl is way too pretty to do this to her!!

Beauty most certainly is - In the Eye of the Beholder. For me, she starts looking good from the neck down. I don't think her face is remotely pretty.

The new shooter is way off on this shoot. More of a poor Halloween joke. The model is a beautiful girl and deserves better. Whatever they were trying to achieve together in this shoot doesn't appeal to those of us who want to see erotic models posing for our pleasure. Take a shower and wash off that horrible makeup and then change shooters and get back on track, you and your viewers deserve much better from you.

Check-out her W4B shoots, about 2010, I think, exactly the same make-up, lighting and most of the poses too, I presume - haven't printed them to compare, but as near as damn-it to identical in all other respects.

The make-up and poses are terrible. Chiara was working almost exclusively for Luca Helios, who knew how to use her. Mark was a terrible photographer until Bijou took him in hand, (all those sets have been deleted from the archives) and he has gone back to all his bad habits that she broke him of, terrible use of over-bright color,uninspired posing, handling of stage and lighting, and lousy use of make-up and hair color.If you want a good example of Bijou at work, watch her in Tim Fox's "Verdure"specially where she stops the shoot and rips someone a new one ,in perfect English. You do not ever screwup around Bijou

really? she does? because of all that shitty music I can't hear any words.

I wish Chiara A could show us more of her beautiful pussy like the good old days .

And There In lies the problem!! She (Like Jenny Gregg), has decided her pussy is too precious for us out here. See Luca's last two sets of her!! Couldn't get 120 images all-up!! She's just another dumb broad, believing in her 'Press' too much.
She's not going into my 'Inactive Model' (models who haven't been updated since 2009), file, she's going into my recycle bin and I'll delete the silly twat from that too.
p.s. She did the same make-up for W4B some time back!!, in a series called 'Hots'. No pussy to speak of there, either!!

I like to see a girl in tights/spandex, but not in a picture gallery, doesn't work.

I can't believe Metart actually paid for this set! This is the worst set I have seen on Metart. the makeup is gross, the set and clothes look like a home shoot. The colors and lighting are terrible and the only pussy shot is the cover. This is NOT Metart quality work.

fully agree

Stunningly awful by suburban photo-club standard.

Yuck! I'll pass on this one! Terrible makeup, bad poses and poor lighting and no intimate closeups.

Don't know who came up with the makeup but it looks like a little girl playing in mom's makeup!

Carneval in Rio?

That's it!!!!! "Carneval del Norte"!!!! Perfect!!! Now I see it!!

Horrible make-up!

That's just the beginning girlfriend...;o)

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