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About time more girls with natural pubic hair number 10 girl, beautiful girl like to see more

Chloe is not only beautiful and very sexy, She also proves my point that older models are better.Chloe is 26-27 by her bio, the age when a woman gets interesting, I give Chloe a 10++++

Wonderful gallery, beautiful setting, lovely girl!

OMG! I Love Blondes!
Chloe You have wonderful attributes and you present them beautifully!
Well Done!


Artful selection and utilization of filmy gauzy fabric.

Image 2, Peek a boo.

I have been lately an aficionado of the modern well-designed multi-level, multi-textured indoor/outdoor wet/dry multi-purpose carpets now available. So adaptable to different purposes and locales.

42. Boing. (=9.5)

119. Why horizontal landscapes are better.

I can't help it. Though now far, far away from both me and model, Southern Mississippi is what I see in the water shots. I keep nervously looking for eyes and nose of alligator barely breaking the surface. Penelope is in peril.

Without claiming any direct personal knowledge, like the Fox with sour grapes, I have decided there is such a thing as too big. Especially with the lack of a smooth surface. The entire second half of this series is quite chafing to my senses.

This is the first set of Chloe B I have seen, and I will certainly go and retrieve her three other sets. Why? Great areolae, an innie, downy hair, superb bum, tastefully groomed pubes and beautiful labia for starters.

Many thanks to Chloe, Max and K for this gallery.

If you love Chloe and lust can't seem to get enough of her, she is identified as "Rubie" in Femjoy with well over a dozen photoshoots


Thanks for the reminder.

I can't afford another subscription just now, but I did have Femjoy once upon a time. I will check to see if I have any "Rubie" galleries.

- A REAL blond...!! Downstairs too...! It does not get a lot better..!

Chloe is amazing. And I love the set. Natural girl in the natural world.

Chloe B is new to me, mainly because she's been away for three years. (The current Chloe in the catalogue is Chloe D, I think.) That's our loss, because she is a lovely thing with mouthwatering breasts, a beautiful pussy, and a personality that leaps easily off the page. I hope she's here to stay—and I hope she gets better photography in the future. Beautiful girl, mediocre set.

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