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Nice looking girl. Reminds me of Kei just a bit. Ditch the 'food schtick' PLEASE! Waaaay overdone and not very appealing. Thanks

Pretty girl, boring set of poses and set. Do better next time.

Pretty girl, boring set of poses and set. Do better next time.

Koenart repeats Christel; he should look for better thrilling angles like Rylsky does. Bring Christel into the open, to the country, to the sea, to the mountains!

I love her pubic hair.

It's soft and it invites touch.

And, it tickles your nose.

And it's full of parasites...yummy...

très mignonne et très coquine, elle n' a besoin de s' épiler plus que cela.

It drives me insane, especially as a professional photographer myself, when amateur models like this can't keep their head straight up, no matter how much the photographer tells them not to do it. They think it makes them look cute, but it looks terrible, like their neck is broken. -0- for the model. And the photographer receives a -0- as well.

Wow...that's something I never picked up on, but her head is tilted in pretty much every picture; even when she's lying down! Pretty sure that's going to bug me now.

As a photographer, let me ask you... do you have sex with all of your models?

Gorgeous Girl, Beautiful Face & Lovely Petite Breasts. Don't Shave, Please, Christel. Great Set, Koenart!

Poor set.

A little too thin for me

But very pretty!!!!!

Beautiful, sexy girl!!! More rear view shots and pussy close-ups would have been nice! The apples are a bit cliche.

I agree on the apples. My-breasts-are-like-fruit and my-labia-is-like-this-flower have been done to death.

I saw a labia like an apple once, but that's another story .... sorry to lower the tone :)

Tantalising set.

I agree with you

Just adorable! Lovely eyes and the cutest little breasts. But please show us more of your pussy next time :)

she has the whole girl-next-door thing working for her and she is so graceful

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