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Colleen has an innocence about her that is delightful. She is also very beautiful and sexy. This photo set is exciting and revealing. I love it. Thank you.

Wow ! A heavenly young woman .....That's all, but that's a lot !

Congratulations to you, Arkisi....and THANKS A LOT, Colleen ......

Kisses and hugs :-))

Welcome sweet Colleen, with the child's face and big blue eyes.
Welcome sweet Colleen, with the ​​breasts to be caressed.
A kiss on the forehead.
Very pleasant and elegant ambiance.
Perfect lighting.
Simple (apparently) and suggestive.
Perfect debut sweet Colleen.

Welcome sweet Colleen, with the child's face and big blue eyes.
Welcome sweet Colleen, with the ​​breasts to be caressed.
A kiss on the forehead.

What is very interesting in this set, beautiful color of light and good debut for Colleen . Thanks for model and photographer :)

Awesome set! Colleen is so gorgeous, would love to see a lot more of this cutie-pie!

You will see for sure :)

Arkisi great work with our newest star of MetArt, Colleen is an enchanting teen goddess, thanks for sharing her beauty with us!

A perfect model of beauty, bloom, and blossom. Fantastic photography.

an excellent set for a gorgeous young hot model. a sweet beautiful face with blue eyes and long brown hair. an angelic face.
the body is gorgeous and hot. lovely ass and gorgeous shaved pussy.
thanks to Arkisi who gave us full details of Colleen face and body.

Why can't we all agree that Colleen is a very cute and gorgoues girl. So perfect and so natural. She is once again why I still visit MetArt. The site for absolute perfection in the natural female form. Yes, I'm a romantic but this girl brought me back memories of my youth and love at first site!!

Arkisi brings us another model making her debut at met-art and it is a very nice debut.

I like Colleen's eyebrows, tan lines, shapely breasts, superb bum, innie, downy hair, camel toe and puffy outer labia.

Thank you to both Colleen and Arkisi.

I like Colleen a lot, But Arkisi may be pushing her a little too fast. I don't know for sure, I'd have to be there. She looks like she's ready to cry in shot no 5, and she still seems afraid in shot 20. Maybe I'm reading too much into this. It is a very good set by both Colleen and Arkisi, I give it a 10+

This is her scenic look. She had several sets before that shoot already. Although tears may appear when flash is too bright and too close, especially for sensitive eyes.

I think you might be reading too much into what you think you see in her face. I don't see 100% total comfort, but I'm not seeing imminent tears either. In any case, we are all hoping to see more of lovely Colleen. And despite the "lousy" comment, Arkisi does a fine job, as always.

What a stunningly cute face, nice find Arkisi, hope there is more of this girl soon

... nice.

You can't get any sweeter than this one! Absolutely precious!

Ohmigoodness! What a Face! What a Find! An instant fave!

Sign her up and make her a regular, pleeeze!

I love the shape of Colleen's breasts, and with the right lighting and posing they could be a study in themselves.

Lousy lighting.

Please show a little more respect for our photogs. Arkisi is a major contributor and very popular here.

My initial comment "Lousy lighting" was not disrespectful. It was my reaction to the set, which the "Comment" section was intended for. The photog's reply, using terms such as "retard" and "jerk off" was, on the other hand, quite disrespectful. Amazing to insult the subscribers who are the source of his income.

Link, I could be wrong, but I suspect that if you had elaborated a little and expended some effort to demonstrate that you were complaining about the set, but not trying to insult Arkisi, he wouldn't have taken it wrong.
I hope you can understand why to me ~ and apparently Arkisi too ~ the plain, blunt comment "lousy lighting" would seem just a little insulting in intent.
It seems to me you could easily have eased the sting by elaborating a bit in your initial comment.

To attempt to explain that "Lousy lighting." is NOT personal insult to anyone is completely futile. “Never argue with idiots…they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”—Mark Twain

I've been a professional photographer for over 25 years. I know lighting, this is not "lousy lighting". I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your just having a "lousy day". May tomorrow be better!

Don't quit your day job.

Lousy comment.

...from a lousy photographer.

Xoxoxo, the retards learn typing? Just jerk off and keep calm)))

"Xoxoxo, the retards learn typing? Just jerk off and keep calm)))" posts Mr. IQ/Body Fat Ratio

...less than 1.

This is my favorite thread of the day. Thanks for the laughs (Literally out loud!), Link and Arkisi. ( :

Beautiful Colleen, you look amazing for your debut here on Met. Hope you come back soon.

What an adorable little lady. Small but solid. Such a sweet and innocent look and a small sweet flower that looks delectable. Another lovely debut set for Arkisi. I think Colleen should do well with a bit of experiance and Arkisi's gentle tutoring.

Excellent first set and so sweet and young gives us lots of opportunity to fall for little Colleen. My only problem is that the name for me invokes visions of red hair, green eyes and freckles!

I couldn't help thinking the same thing, Hipshot!

Colleen is amazingly pretty and very, very sexy. Bravo to Arkisi, and a sincere thank you to Colleen, who started my weekend off the right way.
We've got another member of the PP Club, fellas....

Maybe your PP club, but not mine...

Yep, PP Club for sure.

There was no doubt that Colleen was going to make the PP Club.

I totally agree!! (As long as you change that "the" to "my"...;o)

That makes it "personal", not "general", because "my" PP club will NOT include this one...;o)

She is certainly in MY PP club, with note that it need to be spread so we can see it. This type does have it's drawbacks but you know it ain't worn out.


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