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amazing set

Delicious model ! And a wonderful work of Arkisi.

Simply adorable.

Colleen much, much prettier with her ​​hair up in a bun.

Wow...Colleen is now my favorite model on Met Art. She's absolutely adorable and is a worthy candidate for the P.P. Club. What a cutie!

Beautiful young girl. Perfect Body !

If I was viewing Colleen in the flesh, she was fully nude, and I was in front of her; my eyes would note her cute face, significant eyebrows, beautiful eyes, delightful sometimes wrinkly puffies, innie, camel toe with championship quality outer labia, and tan lines.

In the same dream scenario except I am behind Colleen; my eyes would note minimal tan lines, and the addition of superb butt cheeks and not much more.

The perfect scenario would be Colleen standing and facing a full length mirror, I am behind her and could readily see all her lovely features.

Arrrggghhh! Replying to myself; tsk, tsk, tsk. That's one of the myriad of things that happened to me as I aged!

Anywho; Colleen could stand facing toward or away from the mirror, so long as the mirror allowed me to see both her puffies and butt cheeks.

I gather there's reasons certain hotel rooms have mirrors on the ceilings... ( ;

Beauty, bloom of youth, and charm, all combined in one. Best among the rising stars.

I am sooo into Colleen! I've fallen for her Big Time!

Glad to see her back for a third time. I do hope she's planning on modeling for a looong time! Already I have her right up with Milena D in terms of anticipation and what I like best about MA.

Colleen IS one of a kind, and has a very unique look & incredibly sexy face n body. I even see a couple of my fave young Hollywood starlets in her. Without a doubt she's my biggest #1 obsession right now!

TY Colleen! Big Hugs! And TY Arkisi for another excellent, expertly shot set! Well done!

Toward the end when she let her hair down it really turned up the heat. She doesn't look quite as child like and that's good because this is where Arkisi began the really closeup work on that PP.

She is certainly NOT a child :)

I said child like, not that she is one. You'll have to admit that was the general tone of the comments. By the Spanish custom a girl becomes woman at 15. At 18 Colleen is definitely not a child but her sweet innocent look and small size defy age. I would bet that in five years she won't look a day older.

Cute Kiddo

What a war between the "fake ID's"! Emily Bloom and Colleen that is! I know an 'imp' when I see one! So MIRROR MIRROR on THE WALL, WHPO'S THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL?

COOOLLLLLEEEEN! The movie Maleficent is coming to tell you the whole story for those who don't know!

Outstanding shoot Arkisi, how could anyone rate it less than a 10 is beyond me! MASTERPIECE!

Perky mouthfull sized tits!

I have to nominate Colleen for the PP Club. Do I have a second on the motion?

No doubt about it!

And again, pretty face --> pretty pussy, they just seem to go together! And this Colleen, not just The Best New Face of 2014, I'm thinking she has The Prettiest, Most Feminine Face I have EVER seen!

Can't help it! I think every square inch of this girl is AMAZING!

2nded, with bells on.

Motion noted and and approved. Photo#121.... Wow!

She's adorable, but man, she makes me feel like double checking the USC 2257 statement. :)

Colleen is sweet,young pretty and tempting.Is she still in high school?

Mmmmmmmm. Fun size.

What a sweet innocent little doll. She does make me feel a bit guilty leering at at that oh so sweet little body but I'll gladly suffer the guilt for the joy of looking at the petite little dream. I can console myself with the knowledge that if she were that young she wouldn't be on Metart. ;)

Arkisi really knows how to find them!

Consider that she could have been in high school when this set was shot.

There, how's your guilt now? ;-)

I have the same impression - like in past days of my own youth. The unexpected but dreamed of sight of pointing firm small breasts and a little soft slit, so beautiful it almost hurts... A warm tickling feeling below the

Damn this girl makes me feel like a dirty old man .... and I don't mind that one bit

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