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For those who fantasize about Chloe MOretz well this is as close as it gets.

Lovely puffy nipples!

I definitely MUST thank her Parents for bringing her to Life........

She looks 14. Not my thing.

"To each, his own."
~ also,
"There's no accounting for taste."

Tremendous Set!! Just so, sooo very good!

And clinches it for me: I KNOW who my #1 fave model for 2014 will be! That face, those beautiful boobs & sweet puffy nips, those hips, that so so pretty & perfect pussy, and those eyes, that mouth, her shy, sweet & demure smile, youthful beauty, and that face!!!

Makes my heart melt & ache with desire at the same time! One more thing: I don't know if it's just me, but Colleen seems to be getting better at modeling, more comfortable with her body, sexier and just more beautiful with each set! I sincerely hope she plans on modeling for a looong time!

Colleen's cute round face is so youthful, I almost feel guilty. Another of Albert's gems. I like this newcomer, all good sets so far. Keep 'em coming out every month, please!

To be fair, Arkisi published her first set here on MA, and also has I believe 3 wonderful sets of her over on EternalDesire.com.

There is a fresh youthful beauty here that makes me feel almost guilty for looking but then because she is here I know it's not robbing the cradle so I can indulge without guilt. Such innocents and such a sexy look is hard to find legally. So we should rejoice that Colleen has agreed to share such a fine young body with us mere mortals. My only negative is that she is so young and tight it is very hard to see her moist pink treasures. Hopefully she will do a set on RA so we can get a better look at what I am sure is a lovely pink flower hidden within that sweet little cleft.

Superstar, matchless in bloom, beauty, and display. A perfect model for producing captivating movies.

Hear, hear! I'd love to see a movie of Colleen, and I bet I'm not the only one!

What an adorable cutie-pie. What a delight to see Colleen here on Met-Art again. Come back real soon, sweetheart!

What a cute little Cherub..........

Horrible shadows... or is that some sort of 'artistic effect'?

Colleen is just too cute to be real. ❤ the mouthful sized tits!

Colleen is absolutely "brick-in-the-face" stunning !

Cute is the word -- but it does not come close to doing this delightful creature justice.

Love those face portraits, she is really beautiful, flawless complexion

I object to having the models wear a full bottom as if it were a thong because it looks neither as good as if it were worn right, nor as good as a thong, since it bunches up unnaturally.
That is a fairly small gripe, however, when one is confronted by an otherwise wonderful set of MA's newest star. Colleen is refreshing, fresh, sweet and adorable and sexy as hell all wrapped up in one delightful package.
It's nice that she is not constraining herself to working with merely one photographer. I hope that she gives several more photographers in addition to Arkisi and Albert Varin a crack at depicting her loveliness.

All you ever do fer_realz is complain....whine, whine, whine!!!
(of course you know I am kidding)

There's some people who need just a little competition! :D

Exquisite! These nipples let me cry. Wonderful slow striptease. A feast for all cameltoe lovers.

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